Friday, September 30, 2011

Liberalism always goes too far

In Thursday’s The Washington Times R. Emmett Tyrrell writes that “Liberalism always goes too far” and certainly that has been my experience. 

While I encourage you to read Tyrrell’s article, there can be no better illustration of the point than the perversion of our military by perverts.  When I was growing up homosexual activity was illegal in all 50 States.  It got a wink and a nod from West Coast Liberals (Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, whatever) in that it was an open secret that homosexuals were having pick-up orgies in San Francisco bath houses.  However Liberals beat down sensible cultural and health barriers to homosexuals.  They have gone from a tiny, tragic population that most people were embarrassed to talk about, to a protected and advantaged minority.  Absurd.

It gets worse of course.  The day before those two articles above came out, the Associated Press reported that “there are fewer gay characters on network TV.”  How much of a Neanderthal am I?  I didn’t think that we needed any.  Who did a guy have to piss off that he was assigned to determine that there are 650 major television characters and only 19 of them are homosexuals?  That is illustrative of how Liberalism works.  A few decades ago it would have been illegal to present a homosexual on television and now the Left is complaining that there aren’t enough?!?!

The only part of the Federal government that routinely gets high scores for reliability and trust is the Armed Forces.  Well, Liberals just couldn’t stand that so they are going to shoe horn perverts in to level the playing field.  Does anyone really believe that our Nation would be better served by having Barney Frank, Ellen Degenerate, or Sponge Bob Square Pants running the army?  The very thought is ludicrous. 

This is the creeping nature of Liberalism – those bastards never give up.  We shouldn’t deal with them, we should defeat them – every time. 


  1. The sad part is that the gays are only 2% of our population and they expect the other 98% to accept their behavior and attitudes as a "favored status".

    To me that is insane.

    One only needs to view a Gay Pride event for a few seconds to learn what is in store for our future. Caligula anyone? That worked out well for the Romans.

  2. The Founding Fathers should have made a provision that Congress would not establish a minority. Being "gay" is not an ethnic group. Being "gay" is totally immoral and should be shunned, not promoted.

  3. "If we can get this...then we should also get this" never ends. Everytime some leftist agenda is jammed down people's throat, they always return looking for you to take more of their bullshit.

  4. It all boils down to whose morals and ethics rule the day politically. Every governmental system has an underpinning of some sort. Ours used to have the moral/ethical underpinnings found in the Bible. One doesn't need to even be a Christian to benefit from said underpinnings. That's my take on this thing. Oh, and if I were a male in the military, I think I would be finding a way out pronto. There goes the neighborhood.

    And that ends my rambling for the day. Got chores to do. CS, you sure know how to open the door to a lively discussion.

  5. H-Nox, How right you are - we have totally lost the concept of community and the rights of individuals. Their rights don't trump our rights - a Nation catering to perverts, advantaging perverts, and subsidizing perverts is going to be one helluva mess.

    Tenth, It would be interesting to discuss the issue with Madison or Washington. If everyone is free then you don't need advantaged minorities. It probably never occurred to them that we could be this stupid.

    -Sepp, You're right - they will never be satisfied.

    Mrs. AL, You are absolutely right - if everyone lived their their lives according to the Ten Commandments - how bad could things get?

  6. It get's worse. This last Saturday an active Marine buddy told me that the Commandante of the MC has issued a directive for the construction of seperate barracks for gays. The Commandante knows that there will be problems and is nipping this in the bud as best he can early on. Expect the other branches to follow.

    Incrementalism one day at a time.

  7. Hardnox ... so U.S. taxpayers have to spend even more $ accommodating these people? I think I am going to lose my lunch so I will sign off.

  8. Mrs AL,

    It gets even worse, the lefties are pushing for acceptance of the trans-genders into the military.

    Incrementalism again. It just never stops.

  9. This agenda is a slow deliberate attack on this nation that has been going on for decades. Now it is a crime to dare say anything against this garbage. It's a diabolical and methodical plot that appears to be working. They have succeeded to this point in turning the system against itself. No one wants to appear racist or intolerant, so we tend to go along with this insanity by our inaction.

  10. I agree completely, Paladin. The currently flourishing attack on the U.S.of A. has been going on for quite some time. And we won't reverse this mess overnight. One of my concerns is that those of us who understand the implications of this "agenda" are so eager to rectify it that we just might not be willing to move slowly enough to affect permanent change. This is a generational thing, IMHO.

  11. H-Nox, I hope that you are wrong - I have no current knowledge of Marine Corps programs - but a barracks is usually five years out. I'm hopeful that we can turn this abomination around in January of 2013.

    Mrs. AL and Paladin, This is the struggle - good vs. evil and the bad guys have been in charge for too long.

  12. CS and Friends,

    I live close to the barracks of Camp Lejeune, and compared to living conditions when I was living in the barracks, they're all "gay" barracks now. These guys live in the lap of luxury now.