Sunday, May 30, 2010

Didn’t they have a mother?

Watching the media follies over the Obama-Sestak job offer is falling into a pattern that makes me wonder if any of the left-wing pundits, moderators, talking heads, and politicians ever had a mother.  When the applicable laws are explained it is clear that the Obama Administration violated at least the spirit if not the letter of the law in trying to dissuade Representative Joe Sestak (D-PA) from knocking out traitor Senator Arlen Spector (D/R/D – PA) in the recent primary election.  The only real question is if that violation rises to the level of a crime. 
However the only defense the left seems to have is that “everybody does it.”  I laugh every time I hear that.  Where is their mother to say “if little Johnny jumps off a cliff would you do it too?”  Why didn’t Scooter Libby point out that he was being jailed for a faulty memory while we are building a library for serial liar Bill Clinton?  Would the “everybody does it” defense work for that?  No doubt the Obama administration pulled Clinton into the maelstrom of Obama-Sestak because Ole Bill can be reliably counted on to lie. 
It makes one wonder if disgraced South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) should have used the “everybody does it” defense in fending off attacks over his indiscretions.  Could he have pointed to Bill Clinton and said “Hey guys, lighten up.”  Shouldn’t he point to the Clintonian alliance between Bill and Hillary and ask wife Jenny Sanford – “What happened to until death do us part?” 
Someone should get to former Representative “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) who is behind bars and have him point out the “everybody does it” defense.  Congress Jack Murtha (D-PA) got to die in office even though he was possibly the most corrupt politician ever in a Party riddled with corrupt politicians.  Duke should lobby Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to be returned to Congress and have all his bribes and Congressional privileges returned.  After all, Charlie Rangel (D – NY) still has a job. 
The “everybody is doing it” defense didn’t work on my mother, why are we letting these scumbags get away with it?  Does Obama think that Chicago-style politics should be imported into the rest of the country?  A civil society is utterly dependent on the rule of law.  It isn’t predicated on the ability of people to mince words (As in that depends on what the definition of “is” is) or dodge responsibility by pointing out that someone else broke the law.  Maybe I should try that the next time I get pulled over for speeding – “Didn’t you see that red Charger officer?  She must have been pushing 90 mph!”   
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 High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton

Friday, May 28, 2010

What could President Obama do?

In watching the Deepwater Horizon disaster unfold I am amazed to find out that I actually agree with far left liberal and full-time verbal assassin James Carville on the administration’s response to the growing ecological disaster.  The President could have chosen to be presidential which may have boosted his sagging ratings, but of course he didn’t do that.  While I realize that I now have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight from which to evaluate his performance, being presidential doesn’t take a PHD in political science, it just takes a bit of operational experience, a healthy dose of common sense and a willingness to put Country over political advantage. 

I would also point out that there are many crises exploding all over the World and in the United States – crises that the President seems to be either blissfully unaware of or unwilling to take head-on.  The perceived weakness that tin-pot dictators, financial markets, and even our friends now see were of course widely predicted during the run-up to the election of our rookie President.  “I told you so” doesn’t help at this point, but those of you who ignored the warning on November 4th 2008 may keep that in the back of your mind on November 2nd 2010.  Democrats never fail to disappoint, never. 

However it isn’t hard to find a good example of emergency response – Haiti.  I actually thought that the response to Haiti was overblown, but the response of the Obama administration to Haiti does show that he and his cronies know what it means to be on top of something from “day one.”  While the loss of life in Haiti was higher (92,000 vs. 11) the economic impact of even a moderate spill on the Gulf Coast is many magnitudes greater than the most severe earthquake in Haiti.  Further, the overwhelming majority of folks who live along the Gulf Coast are Americans.  So those people (as well as the people of Nashville, TN) deserved at least as much time from their president as the people of Haiti got.  Further, Michelle Obama was all over the airwaves with commercials for Haitian relief . . . . . and for the Gulf Coast?  Obama solicited the support of both former President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush for Haiti – who did he send to the Gulf Coast . . . . . . . Looney-tunes Secretary of Energy David Chu. 

Why doesn’t Obama appeal to the environmental Nazis to be eco-tourists in the Gulf Coast?  Instead of baking themselves on the beach, they could swing through and clean up an oily bird or pick up some tar balls.  A couple of appeals for “eco-tourists” to the Gulf would do one helluva lot more than all the insults thrown at BP in the standard Washington blame game. Micelle could do a touching commercial encouraging folks to support Gulf Coast businesses and tourism. 

What if President Obama and the administration had embraced British Petroleum from the start instead of placing their boot on their necks?  What possible good is done by hauling the various executives in front of ignorant Congressmen to mug for the camera?  Businesses are not by their very nature evil.  No doubt they don’t have the same goals and motivation as the Sierra Club, but they are repositories of technical know-how and wealth that can be leveraged for good under nearly all circumstances.  Obama’s response was “Just plug the damn hole.” But who exactly has the expertise to do that?  This default setting of the Obama administration that banks, Wall Street, the Boston Police Department, Arizona and now oil companies are all evil is beyond stupid.  I hope that all the would-be campaign contributors from industry are watching this – if he needs a bad guy, you are going right under the bus.  Hear that Goldman-Sachs?  Further, if the administration screws up – they will lie about it and the press will help them with the story. 

While you can’t blame the oil spill on Obama, he doesn’t seem to understand what “number one priority” means – of course he never had to do that before. 

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The Obama Nation 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who exactly is responsible?

I am really getting tired of all the attacks from both sides about the Gulf oil spill.  As with most discussions that go political this one has lost focus.  In the end we will probably learn nothing from the event.  If the recent mortgage crisis is any indicator we will punish the innocent and the hapless bystanders.  Congress will pass a flurry of useless laws and we will be no better off than we were before the 22 April explosion.  No doubt that sounds cynical, but the evidence of just such a reaction is in the current Financial Reform Bill that is wending its way through Congress now.  It does nothing to restrain or reform any of the problems that actually caused the mortgage melt-down.  No doubt the government “solution” will also include ridiculous and embarrassing Stalinesque show trials. 
However, this is how I handicap the current players in the Gulf Oil disaster:
President Barak Obama.  As much as I would like to heap all the blame on Obama, he is only responsible at this point of lying about the level of participation of his administration and looking helpless.  The truth is that there isn’t that much that the Government can do.  There are no experts in the government in deep water oil well repair and they certainly have no equipment to do what British Petroleum is currently doing.  Further – we are a Nation of laws and not of imperial decrees.  Energy and Climate Czar Carol Browner looked ridiculous when threatening to take over from BP.  The last person we want in charge of a huge and complex undertaking like this is an environmental wacko and socialist buffoon like Browner.  Rather than continue to flay BP for political points, the government should work cooperatively with them to solve the problem.  Everything doesn’t have a government solution. 
British Petroleum.  While it is popular these days to hate corporate entities of every stripe, BP might only be responsible for a tragic accident.  No doubt there will be accusations of cutting corners, missed or failed inspections, and a cozy relationship with regulators.  While that will be painted as particularly heinous in light of what is happening now, there may not really be any bad guy in this drama.  BP along with drilling contractor Transocean was drilling the deepest oil well in history to a depth of nearly seven (7) miles.  This is a technological marvel pushing the very limits of industrial capability.  It is quite possible that the folks in BP and Transocean who are working to cap this well are members of an exceptionally small group of people who are the only ones who can fix it.  Right now the very best friends that we have in this crisis all draw a paycheck from either BP or Transocean.  Rather than continue to issue stupid decrees, threats, and accusations, the government might see if there is actually a way that they might help.       
Water Melons (Green on the outside, Red on the inside).  These are the only people who have escaped criticism even though they own a substantial amount of the blame in this drama.  Environmental Nazis have stood in the way of every reasonable effort to solve our energy requirements.  There is a nearly endless list of possible drilling sites that would not require the driller to sink a hole seven miles deep into the Earth.  Drilling closer into shore or on land or in the Arctic is nowhere near as challenging as what oil companies are being forced to do to find oil.  The point is that oil isn’t particularly hard to find, what is hard to do is navigate all the ridiculous rules, regulations, and road blocks to get at it.  It would be safer to drill off the coast of Virginia than it would be to haul tankers of oil from across the oceans.  Generally speaking operating oil fields has not had any of the negative effects that the hysterical water melons typically predict.  Several hurricanes have swept through the hundreds of oil rigs in the Gulf without so much as a leak.  This problem while dramatic is not the industry norm.  Again – oil and gases under pressures generated seven miles under the surface of the ocean is much more dangerous and technically challenging than drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge but the crunchies don’t want that to happen.  As a result eleven men died to prevent us from inconveniencing a few caribou. 
Bottom line – Get the government behind British Petroleum and stop bickering you pompous windbags.  
Power Grab: How Obama's Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have our boots on their necks . . . .

Listening to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar say that “We have our boots on their necks” when speaking of British Petroleum sent a shiver down my spine.  The governments of free people just don’t talk that way.   And he wasn’t the first to use the “boots on their necks” metaphor. 

I can see Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez saying that they “have our boots on the necks of (fill in the blank: free press, business, church groups, etc.)” but not the government of the World’s greatest Republic.  You have to wonder what the press in particular would have done if anyone in the Bush administration had claimed to have their boots on someone else’s neck.  They would have been flayed alive. 

If the Federal government can put its boot on the neck of BP who else can feel the boot?  BP hasn’t been convicted of anything yet.  They may only be guilty of a tragic accident.  They have been tried and convicted in the court of the main stream media largely by politicians looking for another emergency to take advantage of or looking to deflect blame onto someone else. 

Climate and Energy Czar Carol Browner kept up a banter about “taking over” from BP and how the Obama administration was “in charge.”  Really?  The only good guy thus far is the Coast Guard Admiral who pointed out that if the government “fires” BP, who the hell is going to clean up the mess?  Hello – Carol, what planet are you on?  We didn’t elect you and you weren’t confirmed.  You are an ADVISOR.  Shut up. 

It is time to start asking what the hell is happening to our country.  These actions by our government are specifically what the Constitution was designed to protect us from.  The representatives of a free people just don’t act like this.  You were sent to Washington, DC to represent us – not lord over us.    

Conservative Resistance Day – 567
Days until we cast the vote heard around the land - 161
Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fix for Illegal Immigration

The Honorable Mark Warner and James Webb,

Despite what Presidents Obama and Calderon say, our immigration system is not broken and Arizona’s new law (SB 1070 – please read it before you comment) is not discriminatory or racist. Only a true racist sees racism as a motivation lurking behind every law and measure. Rather than a “fix” for immigration by routing illegal immigrants to legitimacy, I suggest the following:

Make English our official language. Eliminate the use of any foreign language in any United States Government brochure, website, or publication that does not specifically target legal foreign tourists in possession of a visa. Immediately remove the funding for translators and any printing done in any language other than English. This will save untold millions of dollars and cost nothing to implement. It will make it more difficult to hide in this country illegally. Make “press one for English” a thing of the past and replace it with English all the time. If translations are required the free market will step up to fill the gap and put the financial burden on the people who should shoulder it – those who don’t speak English.

Finish the damn fence. Arizona’s current troubles were exacerbated by effective measures to eliminate the flow of illegal immigrants elsewhere. Every place where we have focused efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants – it has worked. Close the border. Don’t get conned into any fancy and expensive virtual measures, build the fence. Ditches, walls, and concertina wire work.

Make an unambiguous statement that the only path to citizenship is through a United States Embassy or Consulate abroad. Reinforce that without a valid United States Visa to enter the country a person regardless of desire or circumstance cannot begin the path to citizenship, work permits, or residency documents. That is our law – there will be no exceptions. A person here without a visa would have to leave and go home to get one. You see we have good laws; you just need the courage to enforce them.

Eliminate all government funding to “sanctuary” cities, counties, or States. If local governments can’t follow our laws, they don’t deserve to get any of our money. This will save money as well as these cities tend to be infinitely needier than law abiding communities. The Federal government has done this for other issues in the past, this isn’t anything new.

Don’t get lost in arguments about what to do with the millions of people who are here illegally now. If you do the things that are recommended above, that problem will take care of itself. Those people will tough it out waiting for us to do the unthinkable and provide them with amnesty, however if you remove that hope most of them will go home.

Don’t fall prey to the arguments that these people do work that Americans won’t do. For many that is just a matter of motivation. If there is no one around to make hotel beds or pick strawberries, one of two things will happen: (1) Compensation for hotel workers and fruit pickers will rise, or (2) Some entrepreneur will figure out a way to eliminate the need or automate the process. You probably stay in much more lush accommodations than I do – but I would love to have the option to reduce my daily rate at a hotel by making my own bed or folding the last piece of toilet paper into a little diamond myself. If the cost of strawberries rose to an unbearable level, I would switch from strawberry shortcake to apple pie. If picking strawberries becomes too expensive, someone will invent a machine to do it cheaper.

If you need any help with this, contact the Prince William County (Virginia) Board of Supervisors, they passed the Rule of Law Resolution in 2007 to fix our illegal immigrant problem and it worked splendidly. Enforce our laws and I guarantee that the rest will fall into place.

Best Regards,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Clapping for Calderon

The Honorable Mark Warner and James Webb,

I would specifically like to know if you were one of the Democrat legislators who stood up and clapped when the President of Mexico insulted our country. Please confirm or deny this. I don’t need all the Democrat open border nonsense and talking points about illegal immigration. I specifically want to know if you stood up and applauded President Calderon as he slandered our country.

Kindest Regards,

I encourage you all to write to determine if your elected moron joined in the Anti-American demonstration.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To the President of Mexico

Dear Mr. Calderon,
Despite what the temporary occupant of our White House said today – our Immigration System is not broken.  Our border is broken because Mexican citizens do not respect our laws (or their own either) and we don’t have an effective barrier.  Our laws are clear and specific in what is required by our citizens and our government with regard to people who over stay their visit to our country or sneak in illegally.  Our laws are equally specific in how a Mexican citizen can become a resident and ultimately an American citizen.  Mr. Obama will gratefully be leaving the White House in January of 2013 and as you will see this November, the American political party of appeasement and surrender will be leaving as well.  Though you chose to insult us by attacking the law of the sovereign State of Arizona (an immigration law less stringent than your own) the American people overwhelmingly support that law and increasing numbers of our States are moving in that direction.  If you want to understand the future direction of America, check out the Republican Party platform.    
During your welcome to our country you were honored with an opportunity to review members of our armed forces.  You might not have known it at the time, but understand that the flag that was held in front of the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps units included battle streamers that you should understand and heed:
The Marine Corps Flag has two battle streamers representing service in the Mexican War 1846-1848 and one for Mexican Service in operations against Mexican forces between 1911 and 1919.
The army flag is decorated with battle streamers for all the major battles of the Mexican War (Palo Alto, Resaca de la Palma, Monterey, Buena Vista, Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Contreras, Churubusco, Molino del Ray, and Chapultepec – all American victories) and a streamer for the Mexican Expedition 1916-1917. 
The navy has one battle streamer for the Mexican War with 4 bronze stars representing the Veracruz landing, Riverine operations, the East Coast blockade, and West coast blockade and operations in California.  A second streamer represents Latin American campaigns from 1906-1920 with one star representing Mexican service.   
The air force doesn’t have any Mexican service streamers  . . . . . yet.  Don’t screw with us.  Both the Mexican War and the Operations against Mexico in the twentieth century were required because Mexico failed to respect our border.  Don’t make that mistake again.  We may appear weak and fearful now, but that will change in November of 2012.    
Without a strong and prosperous United States, your country is nothing more than another international basket-case.  Without our support, our business, and American visitors your country would be starved of capital.  Fully 65% of the illegal immigrants within the United States are estimated to come from your country – you should be ashamed.  You should have come to this country with your hat in your hand to thank us for propping up your miserable, corruption infested, and largely ineffective government.  You should be thanking us for the humane manner in which we have treated your criminal citizens who have invaded our country, burdened our social systems, and flooded our schools.   You should have called them home – but you didn’t – you insulted us.  You proved to be nothing more than the chief criminal in a nation of criminals. 
Go home you miserable wretch and don’t come back until you fix your wretched country. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ich bin ein Arizonan

I was very taken by Governor Sarah Palin’s comment that “we are all Arizonans now.” Her statement couldn’t help but remind me of President Kennedy’s stance against communism in Berlin in 1963 (“Ich bin ein Berliner”).  It could be that it was her intent – regardless I think that she is absolutely right – all Americans are affected by the costs of illegal immigrants among us.  We in Prince William County, Virginia feel a kinship with Arizonans because our county like many in America was under siege by illegal immigrants until our Board of Supervisors generated the Rule of Law Resolution.  Like Arizona’s law, our law did nothing other than clarify the requirements for establishing legal residency before turning a criminal or criminal suspect lose.  Most importantly, it also clarified how to qualify for certain taxpayer funded benefits.  That is far short of marching illegal immigrants off to gulags.  Gee, wasn’t it the left that built the gulags?    
As for the law, I have done what the Attorney General of the United States has not – I read it.  Unlike the Attorney General I am qualified to make remarks about it – even though Eric Holder didn’t let that stop him.  You can read it too at: “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act"
When I printed it out, it came to 19 printed pages that included a cover page and a smidgen of print on the last page.  It totals about 750 lines of text.  I didn’t label each and categorize every line, but my sense is that a small fraction of it deals with the actual implementation.  A large part deals with exclusions and cautions.  Another large section deals with rules for businesses and how violations will be handled (again – No Gulags!).  There are robust sections about limiting entrapment and cautions about the profiling by law enforcement officers.  The Arizona law references Federal statutes throughout.  It was a quick read even with the tortured legal language.  I recommend that if you have any concerns about the law – don’t depend on the judgment of someone (to include me) with an agenda – but rather read the bill.  In my opinion, there isn’t anything inflammatory or discriminatory in the entire bill. 
While left-wing pundits and open-border morons claim that it is a problem – probable cause to stop or question a suspect is well understood by the overwhelming majority of the community and all law enforcement officers.   Thus the new Arizona law doesn’t provide new instructions or legislative cover for those that would violate our principles.  Anyone who says it does either hasn’t read the bill or they are a liar. 
No one has an inherent right to come to America – no one.  A Nation, its government and particularly its President and Attorney General must act in the interest of that Nation.  The number one priority for those people is the security of the Nation’s border and the protection of its citizens. Rest assured that JFK would be supporting Governor Jan Brewer and her Arizonans. 
 Conservative Resistance – Day 559
Days until we can vote out the open borders morons - 169

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Now here is a great idea.  Support your brother and sister Americans fighting the good fight in Arizona.  Counter the boycott of lunatics like Los Angeles and Highland Park by supporting Arizona-based businesses.  Checkout  
Instead of sending your sweetheart flowers, send her some fresh oranges from the Arizona Fruit Company.  
Break your Ben & Jerry addiction (they are commies anyway) and support Arizona based Cold Stone Creamery.
Make Father’s day special for Dad with some Pecans from the Green Valley Pecan Company.
Look for special gifts of Arizona produced products like fruit, art, and salsas at Unique Arizona Gifts - and get the wife some lovely Topaz jewelry at Arizona Indian Jewelry.
Check out all the companies that have been targeted by the open border crazies and throw your support their way – See BUYcott Support.   
Best of all – for all the useful idiots who haven’t a clue why we need to defend our borders and support Americans in Arizona, point them to the Facts & Links section.  
Finally, check out the Boycott the Boycotters section and send your hate mail to the open border whackos.  
No one has a right to enter our country.  We have rules and a path for those who do want to come to our country.  We don’t need “immigration reform” – we need a fence and we need to defend our borders.  We don’t need to deport 12 million illegal immigrants, we simply need for the other 49 States to do what Arizona has done and the flow of illegal immigrants will stop and those here illegally will go home.  Support Arizona. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 555
To Paraphrase Joe Biden, send the left a big F***ing message in 173 days 
Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our ShoresState of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Global Warming/Climate Change Hysteria

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

Senator John Kerry is pushing forward a bill that is deceptively labeled: “The Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S.1733).”  I ask that you reject this foolish and ridiculous affront on our liberty and our pocketbooks.  Don’t try and fix it, the entire bill is based on junk science and lies.  The recent revelations about the quality of the science supporting Global Warming, reduces anyone supporting this narrative to the realm of charlatan or snake oil salesman. 

You would be well served to read Wednesday’s The Washington Times.  Check out “Tree Ring Circus; Global Warming Hysteria might be a Crime” by Steve Milloy and don’t miss “Desperately Seeking Arctic Warmth” by Paul Driessen and Willie Soon.

Virginians want government out of our lives.  If you want to serve your constituents well, reduce the cost, size, and scope of government.  Start with the Department of Energy.  A Jimmy Carter era creation, they have completely failed to do anything except unnecessarily burden American companies with needless regulation and the American taxpayer with an ever-expanding and completely ineffective bureaucracy.  This isn’t hard.  Halve their budget and signal your intention to do the same next year.  That will get the job done and focus their efforts on their core mission.  After you do that, take the same bead on the Department of Education.  Get off the Obama bankruptcy express and slash government spending. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bush 1; Obama 3

America’s terrorist wake-up call occurred under President George W. Bush on 11 September 2001.  Islamo-Fascists had been waging war against America since 1979 (Iranians stormed US embassy in Tehran and Pakistanis burned US embassy in Islamabad) but it really came home on 9/11.  We should never forget that day nor should we forget the success enjoyed by the Bush administration in preventing further attacks on our homeland for seven long years,  In all the Bush-bashing that followed his election and the misrepresentation of the facts of his administration we tend to lose track of how wildly successful President Bush’s strategy actually was.  While the attack under his administration was terrible, it was the only attack and then Bush took the war to our enemies.  I love Carlos Mencia’s line that “they took down two buildings and we took down two countries.  That’s the way we play the game b**ch.” 
Now under a new administration, one that has reached out to the Islamic community – there have been three successful terrorist attacks.  Eight years of George W. Bush – one attack.  One-and-a-half years of Barack Hussein Obama – three attacks.  Who would you say is the more successful President?
I reject the narrative that both the panty bomber and the Times Square bomber were “failed attacks.”  Both Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and Faisal Shahzad along with their associates successfully mounted an operation that succeeded in placing a bomb in an extremely sensitive location, endangering hundreds of Americans, and they initiated their devices.  The failure was in the construction or chemistry of the device utilized.  If only Nidal Malik Hasan’s weapons had have been as defective at Fort Hood, but he completes the triumvirate of the three successful terrorist attacks.  President Obama fails the single most important Presidential test - that of keeping us safe. 
Time to get rid of hope as a strategy for our protection and to change the guardians of this Nation. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 553
Days until we have genuine change - 175
Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Riddance Representative Obey

Dave Obey (D-WI) the author of the failed and reckless Stimulus Bill has decided not to run again for Congress. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. While that makes for a great day, one must be alert for the Democrats to follow him up with someone that is not tainted by the most egregious excesses of the Reid-Pelosi Congress. Even if that happens – remember the Coulter principle:

“While there is such a thing as a bad Republican, there is no such thing as a good Democrat.”

That must be etched into our consciousness if our Nation is to recover. I have had my differences with the Republican Party, but I have never found a Republican so bad that I could ever vote for a Democrat – talk about cutting your own throat. Wisconsin, you had better wake up or you will turn into Michigan.

There is no Democrat prescription for the Nation that has not ended up in disaster. Even those things that seemed like a compassionate or good thing at the time (Medicare, Social Security, Welfare . . . the list is endless) have in time resulted in catastrophe. Further – regardless of what the Demagogue-in-Chief says, there were plenty of sage people around at the time who predicted as much. Liberal solutions do not work – period.

Conservative Resistance – Day 549
Days until the adults come back - 179
Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical AgendaHow Barack Obama is Bankrupting the U.S. Economy (Encounter Broadsides)