Sunday, February 28, 2010

Quote of the Week

While speaking about a water conservation group Maryland Republican State Senator Richard E. Coburn said “The river keepers – environmentalists – are watermelons: Green on the outside and red or socialist on the inside.”  

Over Used and Abused Words

There are words that are starting to really irritate me every time I hear them.  I’ve already written about the over use of the word “unexpected” in our daily life.  If the stubborn nature of our economic problems continue to be “unexpected” to the “experts” immediately available to the mainstream media – then they need to get smarter “experts.”  It appears that Barack Obama and his merry band of socialists are going to continue to bedevil and mystify the “experts.”  At least that’s what I expect.
The word that is grating on my hearing of late is “alleged.”  This one is killing me but it is an old problem.  Think about it – Abdul Mutallab ignites his panties in front of a plane-load of witnesses and we continue to hear on the news that he is the “alleged” bomber.  No – he knowingly put on a pair of explosive underwear and executed the sequence that he thought would detonate them.  He is a suicide bomber. 
Now we have this nut-job Amy Bishop who waltzes onto the campus at the University of Alabama and kills three colleagues.  We find out after the fact that these are not her first victims.  No doubt she was considered innocent until she wasn’t proven guilty when she accidentally shot her brother three times.   Personally, the first time you pull the trigger of a weapon might conceivably be an “alleged” accident, but based on the way a shotgun responds to having its trigger pulled, the second and third trigger pulls are most definitely intentional.  But 24 years later we have to pretend that Amy Bishop might not have killed three other human beings.  Absurd – a misuse of the word “alleged.”
Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY) was an “alleged” tax cheat and rule breaker until they confirmed his guilt recently.  Senator Harry Reid is “allegedly” (though not likely) sane and Speaker Nancy Pelosi “allegedly” has a soul, though odds are she doesn’t.  But I digress . . . . .
If you commit a crime – you don’t have the right to a chance of going scot free.  Rather in Amy Bishop’s case, she has the right to a first class trial followed by a first class hanging.  The rest of us shouldn’t be required to hear that she is “allegedly” guilty.  That’s the kind of thing that ends up with a murderer like OJ Simpson spending his life playing golf until he finally gets thrown in jail for something else. 
The Professor Amy Bishop news cycle should be limited to three by-lines:
On page one: Deranged Professor Kills Three Colleagues
On page six one week later: Deranged Prof found guilty on one-day trial
On page eight one week later: Wacky Prof Hung 
 That’s the way justice is intended to be delivered.  That would put a lid on crime. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 480
Days to lighten the Congress of some liberal lawyers – 248

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5th Column – The Union

Our splendid new governor Bob McDonnell is moving to bring fiscal order to the chaos that our previous Democrat governor Tim Kaine left behind.  Each and every time any discussion of budget sanity moves towards our school system, the professional agitators of the Virginia school employee’s union become utterly hysterical.  How can we bring order to chaos if we can’t touch our bloated and inefficient school bureaucracy? 

School funding makes up 40% of the State budget and 50% of our county budget.  How do you fix your budget problems if that much of it is off limits?  I live in a suburban county South of Washington, DC. And I dug into our county government and school system websites to get a sense of where we were:

Population -  395,485 (December 2009 projected 412,000 in 2010)
Number of population employed – 206,797
Households – 132,912
Public school students K-12 – 76,656 (includes some pre-K)
County school employees (full time equivalents) – 9,661
Schools - 88 (55 Elementary, 15 middle, 10 high school)
One brand new $35 million luxury administrative building
Approved Prince William County school budget - $1.135 Billion

Some Analysis:
- There is one public school employee for every eight students
- The school system claims a ratio of 1 teacher to every 16.2 students which means it takes one administrator/support person to put a teacher in the classroom.
- An astonishing 2.4% of the county population or 4.7% of the county’s working population are employed by the county school system
- Less than 400,000 citizens or 206,797 working people or 132,912 households are given an annual $1.135 Billion bill for public schools.  That is $2840 per person; $5500 per working person; or $8500 per household.

I don’t care what your political persuasion is – how can we sustain that? 

If anyone doubts that we are being crushed by our government – just take a look at our school system.  These figures don’t include any private schools or the college campuses in the county.  One small county in Northern Virginia is supporting a school system nearly the size of division of soldiers.  There are 3,140 counties in the United States – how much are we spending on public schools?

In all this we are indirectly supporting the Virginia Education Association (the union) who has become the lobbying arm of the school system to protect them from any hint budgetary discipline.  They are the Fifth Column in Virginia and our county.  No sooner had it been mentioned that the legislature was looking at a modest budget cut, but the union started directly whipping up the teachers and everyone else they could reach.  There were apocalyptic pronouncements by union spokespersons in the news.  A dear friend (and teacher) sent me her concerns – I tracked them right back to the union website hysteria.  As is true in most industries that they touch – unions have become the enemy.    

Our taxes (Federal, State, and local) fund the school employee and they in turn fund the union.  In addition a portion of our debt also goes to maintain our school system.  We are funding our own demise.  It must be brought under control.  Take a few minutes and see if your county is as out of control as ours is. 

Conservative Resistance – Day 478
Our next chance for National sanity – 250 days

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Good News on Consumer Confidence

NEWS FLASH: Experts were caught once again with their trousers around their collective ankles as Consumer Confidence Declined Sharply and it was . . . . unexpected . . . . according to reports on a variety of news outlets. I am seriously contemplating throwing my hat in the ring to become an “expert.”

I admit that we are in uncharted waters here in America. I mean who would have thought that the gleaming beacon of Freedom would be on a rocket ship to socialism after such a promising start in 1776?

After a year of having President Obama and his merry band of Chicago misfits blow happy smoke up our fourth point of contact – America must be waking up to the fact that the man billed as the Messiah might very well be his opposite number. Maybe that contributed to a decline in consumer confidence?  To the “it can’t happen here” crowd – keep sitting on the sidelines watching us descend into a morass of debt, corruption, and slavery. Of course all of the “experts” probably don’t expect that either.

This is a pretty bad year for experts though – I wonder what is next for washed up climate scientists who have been doing this phony “global warming” shtick for a decade?

Has anyone spotted a copy of that book by liberal James Carville: “40 More Years: How Democrats will Rule the Next Generation?” ( Sales rank #144,534) There is another expert who is going to get a pretty substantial surprise this coming November.

If anyone who has an opening for an “expert” is reading this, I’m available and I’m not surprised.  Your next headline could be "Expert Nailed It" - or you can continue to express surprise.  

Conservative Resistance – Day 476
Days until the “experts” are really, really surprised - 252

Friday, February 19, 2010

No more "Stimulus" - Just Say NO

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of the 94% of Americans who know that the first “Stimulus Bill” – the 1984ishly labeled “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” – did not create any new jobs.  Therefore I am also part of the overwhelming majority of Americans who do not want to see another government stimulus bill, jobs bill, or any other bill.  The government under this administration has sucked the very life blood out of the free market – you must stop it.  

We don’t need any new commissions or studies or hearings – just stop spending money.  Our government is too big, it is involved in too much, and it is killing our economy.  This insanity has got to end.  You have to get this President’s attention – he must be stopped before he drives us right off a cliff into international insolvency.  
Virginia’s legislature is moving to prevent this horrible federal government from dictating how we will live our lives – thank God!  Our new Attorney General is moving against the Environmental Protection Agency and Virginians are pleased and proud with our State government. 

You can be part of the solution or you can get run over by the conservative tsunami that is coming.  This isn’t that hard – You could save One Trillion dollars simply by returning the $500 Billion in returned TARP funds to the treasury and stop the ludicrous expenditure of the remaining $500 Billion in “Stimulus” money. 

Finally – the only thing that will truly propel us out of these times of troubles are tax cuts.  I know that and you do as well because we are both old enough to have witnessed the magic of Ronald Reagan.  Lock in the Bush tax cuts and slash corporate taxes and capital gains taxes.  That will help propel us to prosperity.  But you need to stop the spending as well.

Sincerely Yours,

Thursday, February 18, 2010

There’s that word again . . . . . . unexpected

I flipped on the television to catch the beginning of the Neil Cavuto hour on Fox News and there it was again!  New jobless numbers had come out and they were . . . . . wait for it . . . . . don’t ruin the surprise . . . . . “unexpectedly high.”   Neil referred to “experts” who were surprised by the new figures.  What is it that qualifies someone as an “expert” if he or she keeps getting surprised by bad economic news while the mad socialist is in the White House? 

Of course it might not be so bad – some “experts” say that the bad weather may have caused the rise in the numbers.  Is the “Gore-effect” now assaulting our economy with historic levels of snow?  I would like to meet one of these “experts.”  I would ask him how he got to be an “expert” when the economy keeps surprising him even while it performs exactly the way the Congressional Budget Office predicted.  The CBO said that if we passed that silly stimulus bill it would be manifestly worse than doing nothing at all – they were right.  In that event, wouldn’t the CBO be the “experts” rather than the so-called “experts?” 

These knuckleheads are talking about another stimulus package.  They don’t understand what is happening now, yet they want to reinforce failure.  Only six percent of the people think that the stimulus package worked.  Seven percent believe that Elvis is still alive – I think that those two groups of people are one in the same and they consider themselves “experts” on our economy. 

Conservative Resistance – Day 471
Days until we throw the bums out – 257

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rules of Engagement

The Honorable James Webb, Mark Warner, and Rob Wittman,

We have the most deadly and the most capable military in the history of the world. They are also the most versatile. The very same Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coasties who are feeding and tending to Haitians devastated by an earthquake also can turn on a dime and destroy the Taliban or al-Qaeda anywhere, anytime. It turns out that the only force on the face of the earth that can limit their effectiveness is their own government.

I have been scandalized by the news of the restrictive and completely unnecessary Rules of Engagement that our troops are laboring under in Afghanistan. The majority of things that our enemies complain about are designed specifically to undermine the training or technological advantages that our military has over our foes. Ours is the smartest and best trained military ever fielded. They deserve our trust not needless restriction. You can graphically see every day that these exceptional men and women can moderate the level of force to fit the particular situation. Leave it to them to determine on the scene the degree of force required rather than have some bureaucrat try to dictate their actions from Washington.

One of the finest men I ever knew had logged 48 months in Viet Nam by the time I worked for him. He distilled Rules of Engagement down to one simple phrase – “Don’t kill nothing that don’t need killin.” That is breathlessly uncomplicated and takes the decision making out of the halls of Washington, DC and places it squarely into the mind of the man or woman best equipped to make that decision. It is clear and morally sound. It also comes closer to the rules that governed the actions of their fathers and grandfathers in World War II. I would point out that our most bitter enemies in that conflict are now among our very best friends even though they were subjected to nearly unbridled violence.

The very best way to shorten a war and reduce the eventual loss of life is to unleash the deadly power of the American military and let them win every engagement and every battle. One of the other ways to ensure victory is the application of speed on the battlefield. If you make every decision on the battlefield unnecessarily complex, you slow down the operational tempo of military units and diminish their effectiveness. Though this might seem counter intuitive to people without knowledge of military history or military operations, increasing the violence and operational tempo of battle ultimately reduces casualties. Compare the difference between Germany’s invasion of France in 1914 that lead to four inconclusive years of slaughter with Germany’s blitzkrieg attack in 1940. Not only did fewer Germans die in 1940 than in 1914, but fewer French died as well.

The job of our government is to support our service men and women when mistakes are made and cut through the red tape to free them to do their job. If we don’t remove these ridiculous rules, our government will be guilty of marking the capture of every objective, every house, and every courtyard in Afghanistan with an American casualty.

I ask that you do whatever is necessary to eliminate these ludicrous rules that only serve to diminish our effectiveness in combat and protect our enemies.

Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to achieve a recidivism rate of zero

There are probably a large number of things to learn from watching Terrorism Czar John Brennan. The first thing is no doubt that when you have so many damn czars you are bound to have a few bad ones – and John Brennan is probably an example. Given that John Brennan is not elected or vetted by anyone we don’t even know how to get rid of him unless the Obama administration can be shamed into firing him.

The most outrageous thing that John Brennan has said since accusing patriotic American Senators of serving the goals of al-Qaeda is of course his opinions comparing the recidivism rate of common criminals with that of terrorists. Brennan is a career CIA officer but that doesn’t appear to have prepared him for a position in the public eye. It further hasn’t prepared him to address the two very simple solutions that drive the recidivism rate of terrorists to zero.

Solution number one – the preferred solution that guarantees that a terrorist will not return to the terror path is to kill him (or her). The new bands that restrict out military and other government agencies from killing terrorists are among the most serious mistakes of the Obama administration. Brennan should be moving directly to remove these. Return to the relatively unfettered days of World War II – the American fighting man was not unnecessarily encumbered with stupid rules nor were the Office of Strategic Services (Forerunner of the CIA). Some of our Nation’s greatest friends today were our sworn enemies of that day – killing several hundred thousand Germans, Italians, and Japanese didn’t seem to prevent their decedents from seeing the value of our friendship.

Solution number two – while the residents of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility are causing their long suffering American guards much undue misery; they have no chance of returning to a life of murder and mayhem unless Barack Obama lets them go. Indeed, according to the relevant international laws treating the various barbarians that our Nation currently holds as prisoners of war is a higher level of treatment than they would otherwise deserve. There certainly is no law international or otherwise that would require that we let these vicious troglodytes go free. Chance of recidivism – zero.

Brennan – you pick: Option one or option two equals zero percent recidivism. Of course that’s the way George Bush and Dick Cheney designed it to be.

Conservative Resistance – Day 469
Days until we throw the bums out - 259

Monday, February 15, 2010

Why send Joe?

Why does anyone give credence to what the buffoon-in-residence at Number One Observatory Circle has to say about anything? Joe Biden can’t be relied upon to remember the truth about his opposition to success in Iraq and Obama trots him out against Dick Cheney? I pick Cheney with a TKO in the first round.

Biden performs the famous “I know you are but what am I?” trick that liberals are so found of. After rooting against his own country for decades, Biden accuses Cheney of manufacturing his own facts. You have to give old Joe points for chutzpah for claiming that the Obama administration was prosecuting the War on Terror with more vigor than ever before. Really?

At his lowest point to date, why roll out Vice President Joe Biden into the light? What could you possibly hope to gain? I think that Obama learned some valuable things from watching (and attacking) the Bush administration:

1. Punch back – Gentleman George Bush refused to sink to the level of his critics and wallow in the mud with charge and counter-charge. As a result the left wing media and the Democrats were able to paint George W. Bush as ignorant and untrustworthy. Dick Cheney is going to be on the Sunday shows – answer: Defrost Joe Biden.
2. Speed is the key – don’t wait to find out what the facts might be, step up and control the message. People won’t remember what you said later so you can always change your story as the truth emerges. You can never be caught without a confident and articulate response. Joe doesn’t need research or facts to spin a tale.
3. Deny weakness or mistakes – No matter how obvious or public your weakness or your mistake is, deny it. Don’t allow anyone to catch you admitting that you might not be perfect. You will never hear Joe admit to a mistake – he has a perfect record – by his scoring system.
4. Don’t be bounded by the truth – This is the most important reason why Obama rolled Joe Biden out into the Sunday scrum – Joe wouldn’t recognize the truth if it ran over him.

I am certainly going to be happy when Joe Biden returns to Delaware in 2012 and doesn’t come back.

Conservative Resistance – Day 468
Days until Joe Biden becomes even more irrelevant – 260

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Is anyone else getting tired of hearing the word “unexpected” all the time? I am. Housing defaults – unexpectedly high . . . . Unemployment – doesn’t turn around as expected . . . . Retail Sales – unexpectedly low . . . .

Unexpected to whom exactly? Though when the current administration began all this record spending, President Obama says he couldn’t find an economist who disagreed with him – I sure heard a number of them. But against conventional wisdom, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid sucked the life out of the economy. Don’t let anyone tell you that they can’t figure out why there aren’t more jobs, more loans, and less debt. This is exactly what the Congressional Budget Office said would happen. In fact they said before Obama signed it that the Stimulus Bill would be worse than doing nothing at all. Duh . . . .

Conservative Resistance Day – 466
Days until we complicate Obama’s life - 262

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

As long as people without a moral rudder are in power, we are in imminent danger. Increasingly, it appears that liberals are incapable of admitting a mistake. There is no evidence that can overturn their idiotic theories or convictions. That is why we heard for years that a lack of snow was evidence of Global Warming yet now an over abundance of snow, indeed historic levels of snowfall are also evidence of Global Warming. This is reminiscent of the old playground flimflam “heads I win, tails you lose.” Any weather, at any time, in any location becomes evidence of their wacky theory.

There is absolutely nothing that can shake these people from their headlong assault on our liberties and our free market system in the name of their latest manufactured emergency. Listen knot heads – you can’t have it both ways.

There is a core of people who cannot be won over with reason, logic, science, or empirical evidence. The liberal will stand against the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and say “All scientists agree . . . “ and spout an entirely ludicrous assertion about man-made global warming. Those are the ones we shouldn’t waste our time on – they aren’t ever going to learn. However you can bet that Obama knows better and so does the number one snake-oil salesman – Al Gore. Gore has harmed more of us more deeply than Bernie Madoff ever has and Gore deserves to share Madoff’s fate.

Conservative Resistance – Day 465

Days until we vote the bums out - 263

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is he on drugs?

Just about the time that I think that I have seen it all, the Obama administration blows me out of the water. On the Larry King show (Communist News Network) Vice President Joe Biden says (I swear, I didn’t make this up) “I am very optimistic about -- about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration.”

Iraq, the country that Joe wanted to cut up into three different states? The same Iraq that President Obama adamantly refuses to admit was saved by the Bush surge? That Iraq? Or maybe there is another Iraq somewhere?!?

What exactly has the Obama administration done to further the success of Iraq other than have the good sense not to screw with it? Undoubtedly Obama was cautioned to keep as far away from it as he could so that he had plausible deniability – so that he could blame George W. Bush when the time came.

Joe Biden isn’t just a buffoon, I think he is two or three beers short of a six pack.

Conservative Resistance – Day 464

Days until Biden is even less relevant - 264

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

As I was digging out my cars and driveway for the third time this season I couldn’t help but wonder what my government is thinking in pushing forward all manner of things having to do with Global Warming. Don’t play the “climate change” game on me, I’m not that stupid. Last year was the year that the wheels came off the juggernaut that was the Global Warming hoax and your actions and the actions of my government should mirror that new reality. Global Warming has been thoroughly discredited over the past few months:

- The leak of the University of East Anglia e-mails indicated that not only were statistics manipulated and models rigged, but that the increasing chorus of dissenting opinion on the Global Warming hoax is being suppressed.

- The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has not only mishandled data, but has used dubious observations from nonscientific sources to make utterly preposterous and apocalyptical predictions.

- Further, you only need look out your window to confirm what responsible climate scientists have been saying for some time - we have been in a global cooling trend for 6-8 years.

Now we see splashed on the National news that the United States Department of Commerce in conjunction with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is christening a Climate Service?!? The only bright spot in the announcement was the “Gore Effect” where people had to wade through historic levels of snow in order to attend the roll-out. No doubt continued fodder about our entirely incompetent federal government for the late night comics.

Gripped as we are in the worst fiscal crisis that our government has ever created, it is ludicrous to be spending money to continue this hoax on the American people. The Climate Service is tantamount to standing up a Bogey Man Search Team. Rather we should turn the issue over to the Justice Department to prosecute the hucksters and snake oil salesmen who pushed Global Warming this far in the first place. Eliminate all spending on any agency, desk, study, or grant having to do with anything even remotely related to “Global Warming” or “Climate Change.” We should claw back any money that was so foolishly wasted. You might instead study why several hundred “scientists” ran screaming like a bunch of ignorant lemmings for the cliff labeled “Global Warming.” Meanwhile, I’ll get back to shoveling snow and cursing Al Gore.

Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Long Murtha, No Tears From Here

A good friend of mine called me when the news broke – Congressman John Murtha was dead. Like many of the evil men who have died recently (Dr. George Tiller and Senator Teddy Kennedy) neither of us wished Murtha dead, but like the others we will shed no tears that Murtha is finally gone. I wrote Congressman Murtha a letter quite some time ago. I was appalled then and remain appalled at his traitorous statements and actions he had made as a United States Congressman. I pointed out that he fit the exact definition of a traitor from the Constitution. He did not respond.

Once while in uniform I had been sent to Capitol Hill to brief a “friend of the Marine Corps.” I drove to Headquarters Marine Corps where I hopped into a Marine Corps vehicle with a senior officer (I suspect he was there to say “What this young lieutenant colonel meant to say was . . . “ but it turned out that was unnecessary. We were seeking the support of this “friend” whose politics wouldn’t normally place him in the “friend” (i.e. Republican) camp. I had a brief with me and in the car on the way over I found out that we were going to see Congressman Murtha of Pennsylvania. I hadn’t heard of Murtha as this was long before he became mired in graft, kick-backs, and treason. I was a simple Marine on a mission.

I honestly don’t remember much about the meeting other than the fact that Congressman Murtha wasn’t really that interested in a program of critical importance to the Marine Corps. Instead of absorbing the critical nature of this program, Murtha kept trying to maneuver me into a conclusion that had nothing to do with the program of record. I was naive and completely unprepared for the politically charged atmosphere that Murtha kept trying to drag me into. No doubt there was either money or patronage tied to his maneuvering. I never found out whether Murtha supported us or not but I did get a glimpse of Democrat pay to play politics and I was repulsed.

I’m glad you are gone John Murtha and I hope that Bill Russell an eminently more honorable man than you now has the inside track for that seat. You brought great shame to that seat and Russell is just the man to restore the reputation and luster to 12th Pennsylvania district.

Conservative Resistance – Day 462
Days until Bill Russell’s victory - 266

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Please send me another card AALRP - this one got cut up

AARP Membership Center
P.O. Box 93139
Long Beach, CA 90809-9807

Dear Sir or Madam,

Enclosed please find the free membership card that you recently sent to me. You will note that I have cut it up. I was scandalized by the way that the AARP stood up to support the radical agenda of the Obama administration. Your support of hijacking the American Health Care system is the greatest betrayal of your membership and the American people that I have seen in my life. Is Joe Stalin and Mao Zedong on your board of directors? You should be the AALRP for the American Association of Liberal Retired Persons.

I will not give any thought to joining your organization unless you reverse course and publicly apologize to your membership and the American people for the unholy alliance that you made with the band of merry socialists who are temporarily occupying the White House. Please note that while from time-to-time these lying fraudsters might win elections, they cannot govern and we will cast them out in November.

Thank you for sending me the postage paid envelope. The card and the envelope gave me something to occupy my time between shifts of shoveling the two feet of snow that fell on my driveway in the last 36 hours. No doubt your leadership also believes in Global Warming – the other major hoax that this administration is attempting to pass off on the American people.

Please send me another card, I enjoy this game and it depletes funds that thanks to the Conservative dominated Supreme Court, you can spend to promote your liberal ideas. Take care as continuing to support liberals diminishes your freedom and ours – it will come back to haunt you someday.

Sincerely Yours,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Defend Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The Honorable James Webb, Mark Warner, and Rob Wittman,
I spent 22 years of my life in as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. My time covered the change in policy towards homosexuals in the military now known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” While it didn’t alter the makeup of the Marine Corps immediately, it did radically change the way my Marines and I viewed our Commander-in-Chief. All of us took it very hard that President Clinton had so little regard for us that he was willing to jeopardize our welfare for a gesture to the radical left wing of his party. Now another President with no military experience or appreciation for what the military means for this country if floating a pacifier to the radical wing of the Democrat Party. The American military is the finest, most trusted institution of the United States Government and it is the envy of the entire World. Were President Obama to break it for political points with the homosexual community he could be risking the security of all free people everywhere.
The American military may be the last bastion of bedrock American values. Members of the military are uniformly hard-working, patriotic, and truthful to a fault. These are the most loyal of Americans and they deserve to be treated better.
I dealt with the discharge of homosexuals when I was the Executive Officer of a Recruit Training Battalion. The Marine Corps didn’t miss any of the recruits that we discharged; in fact most of them exposed themselves in order to leave training. One other discharge in an infantry battalion was investigated only because the Navy Corpsman concerned exposed himself in order to secure a discharge. In that regard the legal position of the service worked more as a safety valve for homosexuals who wanted to leave the service. We weren’t looking for them and they would have served until the end of their contract had they not made an issue of their sexuality. I suspect that most of the discharges for homosexuality are done specifically with the express desire of the homosexual service member. The other discharges that I knew the particular circumstances of were not merely for homosexuality but rather for inappropriate senior-to-subordinate sexual relationships that just happened to also be of a homosexual nature. So be very careful of the statistics that you are presented on this topic. Many of those discharged for homosexuality are the moral equivalent of a self inflicted wound.
There are absolutely no benefits to the men and women of our military services for them to be forced to serve with homosexuals – none. Rather the government will be trampling on the rights of the majority of Americans in order to satisfy the desires of an exceptionally small part of the population. As such, you owe your allegiance to the service members and not to a tiny potential constituency that happen to be gay and hungry for acceptance.
Your duty is to vigorously defend the United States Military from those who desire to turn it into some big social experiment. They deserve your respect and your best effort to protect them from debasement for political purposes. It ain’t broke and it sure as hell doesn’t need Barack Obama to fix it.
Sincerely Yours,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rahm Emanuel's Recent Problem

I don’t like Rahm Emanuel. I can’t think of a single thing that Rahm and I agree on. However I think that Rahm is needlessly being persecuted by the Politically Correct Word Police. Democrats probably are “retarded” or at least they appear so to Freedom Loving Americans. I don’t say that they are “retarded” to disparage any particular group of Americans that are developmentally challenged. No – I am using that term to distinguish Democrats (and particularly Democrat lawmakers) from normal Americans who go about their day-to-day lives and just want the Federal, State, and Local government monkey to get off their backs.

It seems ironic given Rahm’s life long assault on American freedom, prosperity, and families that everyone finally woke up and is mad about developmentally challenged folks being compared to morons in the Democrat party. Shouldn’t all Americans been infinitely angrier about the part Rahm played in foisting the least qualified Presidential candidate in our history on the Nation? Shouldn’t we be angrier about Rahm bringing Chicago-style politics to Washington?

I think that Rahm Emanuel’s loose lips are the least of our problems of late. I just wish that he would go back to Chicago and take Barack Obama. Michelle Obama, Arne Duncan, Valerie Jarret, David Axlerod, and the rest of those Chicago mentally challenged people with him.

Conservative Resistance – Day 458
Days until we can oust Rahm’s Moron Buddies - 272

Keep Moving to the Right Jim Webb

The Honorable James Webb,

I have been a critic of your time in the Senate for a very long time. However I am very pleased at some of the recent moves that you have made in a very public way. In particular I am referring to:

- Calling on Leader Harry Reid to await Senator-elect Scott Brown before looking at anymore health care legislation. Good move. The American people are overwhelming against this horrible legislation.

- Pushing for oil exploration off the coast of Virginia. All this talk of “Green” energy and “Green” jobs is absurd. The quickest way out of our current energy problems is to exploit our own resources – prices for oil will crater the minute we start drilling.

Government is not the solution to our problems. You should spend all of your time unwinding government from our daily lives. If there are “green” solutions, business will find them – we don’t want to pay for them with tax dollars. If government was not so deeply involved with health care, it would be more accessible and infinitely cheaper. Simplify our lives and reduce the size and scope of government. We can handle things in Virginia if the Federal government stopped taking so much of the wealth and productivity of Virginians to waste it on government programs. Free us.

Having served in the Marine Corps and having heard you speak a number of times, I haven’t been able to understand how you could run with the likes of Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer – it makes no sense to me. This new tack to the right is exactly what Virginians want from you. If you side more with Senator John Cornyn and less with Senator Arlen Specter Virginians are going to be a good deal happier with your performance.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Should we be more like Canada?

In virtually all things political I would shy away from the direction of our continental brothers and sisters to the North. However with our novice President and socialist ideologue Barack Obama savaging the banking industry does anyone recall any Canadian bank failures? While virtually any American problem would ripple up into Canada, the bank failures didn’t. Now I confess that I didn’t really notice until Mark Steyn pointed it out.

Why did our financial industry implode but Canada’s didn’t? What specifically is the difference? Is socialism safer? No, it turns out that Canada doesn’t require banks to make bad loans. Canadian banks don’t make subprime loans. Canada doesn’t have the equivalent of the Community Reinvestment Act (Jimmy Carter) and they didn’t have the adjustments that Bill Clinton made to that act that substantially increased the number of subprime loans as a percentage of the housing market.

Another side note – we had a “housing bubble” but we didn’t have a “commercial real estate” bubble. So real estate wasn’t the problem and lending wasn’t the problem, it was once again sub-prime lending that was directed by, intensified by, and protected by the government. You may recall seeing the clips of Barney Frank furiously defending the Government Sponsored Enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as being entirely sound a couple of months before they crashed.

It made me crazy seeing Barney Frank recently lecturing an international financial body about financial regulation. He and his cronies prevented the Bush administration from heading off our financial crisis with his sanctimonious and entirely false assertions that everything was fine as the sub prime mortgage train was just about to run off the rails. Now the ones who broke it are going to fix it?!? I can hardly wait.

Massachusetts – save us from more Barney Frank . . . . . Please.

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