Friday, September 2, 2011

Bring Your Kids Up Right

Yesterday I heard Chris Plante (WMAL) speak to the furor in the Muslim community over a coloring book – yes a coloring book.  This book memorializes the vicious and unprovoked attack on the United States by Muslim Terrorists.  I just purchased two copies on-line.  Given the intolerance of the Muslim community these folks at are taking a significant risk.    

The coloring book has been called “anti-Islam and intolerant” by the main stream media (did I mention I bought two?).  I’ll tell you what I’m getting intolerant of and that’s murder and mayhem at the hands of Muslim fanatics. 

For those of you that have kids, know kids, or run into kids, this would make a great gift:

We Shall Never Forget 9/11; The Kids’ Book of Freedom” coloring book for kids. 

However they have an entire Patriotic section that included:

And if you really want to send your left-wing Aunt Mabel through the overhead at Thanksgiving, leave a copy of “The TEA Party Coloring Book for Kids; Leadership, Freedom, and Jobs” lying around. 

This would be a good way to shield your children from the corrosive and debilitating effects of a public school education.  A collection of these coloring books would be perfect for a niece or nephew living with your lunatic Obama-zombie brother-in-law. 

America : A Patriotic Primer          We the People: The Story of Our Constitution


  1. How about your great-nieces living with your anti-Obama/socialism nephew? I'll take 4 of each.

  2. Amigo,
    Very funny!

    I hope they come out with a "shoot a terrorist" coloring book.

  3. It odd that they would complain since middle east television has it's own version of "Hate the Jew" Romper room...which is the picture of tollerant behavior!

    The coloring books just plainly state an ugly truth and, instead of actually doing something to correct the problem...they would rather just suppress the truth.
    "It's racist" (because they said so) so, we're not allowed to address it?

    Perhaps if THEY had addressed it a long time ago, they're religion wouldn't be associated with terrorism.

  4. Tenth, you might get a surprise soon.

    H-Nox - I haven't gotten my copies yet, but according to the radio account one page does depict Osama bin Laden hiding behind one of his wives before the SEALS capped him.

    -Sepp, the followers of the "Party of Peace" came boiling up out of the desert in 632 AD and have acted like barbarians ever since. I doubt we're going to reverse that trend any time soon. I think it's beyond the time to call them on it.

  5. You're a bigot and stupid; nice combination. And isn't it special that you want to start the kids off young hating.

  6. Bob,

    Since you are new - this is your only opportunity to be a decent human being. You are welcome to discuss or add facts or items of interest at my blog. If you are a typical drive-by hate-filled liberal who only wants to insult and make unsubstantiated accusations - then this will be your one and only comment posted to this blog.

    No one forced you to read my entry or visit my blog. I won't provide you the venue to be rude and ignorant.

  7. "Bob" seems like someone we know with a brand new name and the same old crap.

  8. -Sepp,

    I think you are correct - but who knows? Twenty percent of Americans are lost liberals (socialists, progressives, democrats, whatever) and they are furious watching their dear leader going down in flames.

  9. Yeah but, it's unlikely that 1 of that 20% created a profile in the last 24 hours, struck gold and, "found" 3 blogs out of the millions that exist to "randomly" say something stupid on each of them.

    Ol muddy / jeffio must really miss us since his traffic has been cut down to 2 regulars and a fake.
    Keep in mind, muddy actually does like some arguement and, he can't get that when a circle-jerk of moonbats post there who will always agree with whatever he has to say.
    So, he comes to us to fill the void.

  10. -Sepp,

    LMAO - It must be hell being Mud_Sling.

  11. I can't believe its a "newly minted moonbat", its Mud or one of them. Last time I checked out Mud's site I read a comment by "Jeff" about using his real name. I'd bet his middle name is Robert.

  12. I think Jeffrey Dalhmer's middle name was Robert:)

  13. One of muddy's more moonbattish types used to go on tirades where he would ask idiotic questions, and then post again to answer himself.
    I mentioned that it was a sign of mental illness and voila...some new and out of the blue name popped up to answer the crazy rants in the same crazed manner...and oddly enough the nutcase poster suddenly stopped answering his own posts.

    His imaginary friend from his youth had returned.

  14. Well - if they were normal - they wouldn't be liberals.

  15. Sepp,
    That would be four. The comment was deleted.