Friday, September 30, 2011

Liberalism always goes too far

In Thursday’s The Washington Times R. Emmett Tyrrell writes that “Liberalism always goes too far” and certainly that has been my experience. 

While I encourage you to read Tyrrell’s article, there can be no better illustration of the point than the perversion of our military by perverts.  When I was growing up homosexual activity was illegal in all 50 States.  It got a wink and a nod from West Coast Liberals (Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, whatever) in that it was an open secret that homosexuals were having pick-up orgies in San Francisco bath houses.  However Liberals beat down sensible cultural and health barriers to homosexuals.  They have gone from a tiny, tragic population that most people were embarrassed to talk about, to a protected and advantaged minority.  Absurd.

It gets worse of course.  The day before those two articles above came out, the Associated Press reported that “there are fewer gay characters on network TV.”  How much of a Neanderthal am I?  I didn’t think that we needed any.  Who did a guy have to piss off that he was assigned to determine that there are 650 major television characters and only 19 of them are homosexuals?  That is illustrative of how Liberalism works.  A few decades ago it would have been illegal to present a homosexual on television and now the Left is complaining that there aren’t enough?!?!

The only part of the Federal government that routinely gets high scores for reliability and trust is the Armed Forces.  Well, Liberals just couldn’t stand that so they are going to shoe horn perverts in to level the playing field.  Does anyone really believe that our Nation would be better served by having Barney Frank, Ellen Degenerate, or Sponge Bob Square Pants running the army?  The very thought is ludicrous. 

This is the creeping nature of Liberalism – those bastards never give up.  We shouldn’t deal with them, we should defeat them – every time. 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hail to the Capitalists!

I live just south of Washington, DC in Virginia.  That puts me squarely in the Washington Redskins fan zone.  They are 2-1 this year and I couldn’t care less.  It isn’t that I grew up somewhere else and love another team – not at all – I don’t approve of professional sports excesses, so I don’t watch.  I watch college ball and I go to the local farm team baseball games.  I won’t pay the big bucks to support the lavish life styles of the rich and infamous. 

Sam Bradford left Oklahoma and signed a six year contract that is worth at least $78 million.  I don’t have anything against Sam and I’m not envious of his success.  I’m glad he’s doing well. But I can tell you that it is ludicrous that he makes more money than the guy who came in to bail out MCI WorldCom.  Michael Cappellas saved thousands of jobs and steered MCI WorldCom into the successful merger with Verizon.  Which person is more valuable to our society?  By the way, the base pay for a brand new second lieutenant is less than $34,000.00.  Between Sam and that lieutenant, who do we need more? 

What is amazing that Sam Bradford, Michael Vick, and whoever the quarterback of the Washington Redskins is now will make millions and not one Liberal will bat an eye.  However those two-faced liberal bastards are all over the captains of industry that create and preserve the wealth in this country.  If we get out of this Obamanation we are currently in, it will be because the captains of industry grow the economy to eclipse the National debt.  Sam Bradford won’t have helped a bit. 

It continues to amaze me that people expend so much time and effort on the Redskins around here while their country is going up in flames.  If the Redskins were to go to the Super Bowl this year people are going to go crazy but it won’t solve any of their problems.  Maybe this is the same kind of thing that the Romans had going with the free bread and gladiator contests.  I’m steeling myself to have “Hail to the Redskins” as the background music if these guys get better.  However they won’t make my life better.  I say “Hail to the Capitalists” as they will be our salvation. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have to stop bashing our Core Strength

I’m tired of hearing about “Establishment Republicans.”  They are a core of people who have been contributing to conservative Republican causes ever since I can remember – they brought you President Ronald Reagan.  Yes, they knock on doors, festoon their vehicles with bumper stickers, and put up yard signs.  They are the reason that the Washington Monument hasn’t been painted red by Comrades like Obama and his fellow travelers.  For those of you who haven’t been part of the process before we are delighted that you woke up or grew up – we need your help. 

We have to stop beating each other up and focus on the prize.  Mark Levin was doing his RINO rant this evening – and you know what?  We’re going to need some RINOs as well.  We can’t waste this opportunity by running another Christine O’Donnell or Sharon Angle.  That little TEA tantrum in Delaware and Nevada cost us dearly and cannot be the way we conduct our elections going forward.  What would you give today to have Harry Reid tending to his pomegranate trees in Nevada while the Republican caucus had 49 Senators in it?  That was possible in 2010 and we blew it. 

President Barack Hussein Obama is so bad that we may very well have another historic opportunity coming in 2012.  We need to all get on the same sheet of music and win.  2012 will be a hollow victory if we don’t have 60 Republicans in the Senate in January 2013.  Push the people with the best opportunity to win to the front. 

That works for Presidential candidates too – four or five of you are just wasting our time. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Debate Nonsense

The news, radio talk shows, and the blogosphere were all atwitter Friday after the Republican debates.  I am getting more than a little tired at the quest for the magic sound bite that will result in the coronation of our next presidential candidate.  I for one refuse to make a decision based on a stage performance.  If that was how we picked Presidents we would end up with some ridiculous figure like . . . . . well Barack Hussein Obama for President.  As with the last two debates, I don’t care who “won.”  I find a record infinitely more important than glibness. 

As a supporter of Governor Rick Perry I have to admit to cringing a couple of times during the debate.  If I were advising him I would tell him to fire his debate coaches.  Governor Halley Barbour is quoted as saying “The main thing is to remember to make the main thing the main thing.”  (He probably said it “thaang” but you get the point)  Governor Perry – the “main thing” is President Barack Hussein Obama.  Ignore Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann – they don’t matter. 

I remain extremely uncomfortable with Mitt Romney.  Yes he is a good debater – he’s been on the campaign trail for longer than Barack Obama.  If you had been running for President for as long as Mitt Romney has – you would be a gifted orator as well.  He’s the “country club Republican” that conservatives pushed aside to win with Ronald Reagan – we need to do it again. 

Congressman Ron Paul hits a long ball every now and then.  But down deep – he’s just a crazy old man. 

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is a little scary now.  She has this Gardasil thing stuck in her craw and she can’t get it out.  She has been repeatedly burned in public but she won’t let it go.  It is disgraceful that she continues to try and portray Governor Perry as being bought by a drug company when the governor sleeps with the most passionate anti cervical cancer advocate in Texas – his wife Anita.  That’s a great story – why not tell about the First Lady of Texas who wants to eliminate cancer?  Congresswoman Bachmann is wasting all of our time. 

Herman Cain is a likeable guy and unlike Barack Obama he is learning a great deal and he seems to get better every time I see him.  Secretary of Commerce in the Perry administration. 

Rick Santorum is trying too hard to hit a long ball.  He is rude and ignorant.  Like most legislators he hasn’t really been in the arena as a governor has.  Legislators vote for crap and the rest of us bare the consequences.  Rick doesn’t understand immigration as Pennsylvania has a border with Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Delaware (yes and a little bit of water up in the Northwest corner with Canada).  When Governor Perry speaks to dealing with illegal immigration Rick’s only response should be “Thank you for your insight Governor.”  I didn’t like his answer about homosexuals in the military as we do treat with the issue of sex in the military.  It’s just that we deal with it the way God had intended sex to be – not in a perverted way.  But he’s right – the United States Armed Forces exist to fight and win the Nation’s wars – they are not a jobs program or a social experiment. 

Gary Johnson – court jester in the Perry administration.  If Gary needs a job, he should offer to scoop his neighbor’s dog crap. 

Newt Gingrich is probably the smoothest debater and most towering intellect but I don’t think that he could motivate most Americans to get off the couch and go vote.  If we have to relive his marital problems it will be like the bad old days with Bawdy Bill Clinton. 

John Huntsman (I nearly forgot he was even in this race) should fold up his tent and go home.  Think about it – when was the last time you said “Utah is so well managed, I think I’ll move there.”  Really? 

I do think that debates are part of the process and that process has a long way to go.  I’m still pulling for Governor Rick Perry. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It’s Not Funny Anymore

The unemployment figures came out today and they were “higher than economists expected.”  Really – who are these rocket scientists and where is the brain-trust located?  Maybe they should be unemployed as well since their collective predictive powers aren’t worth spit.  Here’s something to help your calculations for next month morons: European socialist tactics will breed European socialist results.  It is no coincidence that the average unemployment rate in the European Union is 9.5% - that seems to be where President Obama is headed.  Given his public statements recently it appears that he isn’t through wrecking the economy.  

This has been a helluva week.  President Barack Hussein Obama declared war on success in America and then on his own Armed Forces.  President Abraham Lincoln wondered aloud whether our Nation “conceived in liberty . . . . can long endure.”  I really don’t know.  We seem to be slipping deeper and deeper into chaos. 

I’m going to redouble my efforts to get Republicans elected in Virginia on 8 November 2011.  After that I’ll focus on the getting Governor Rick Perry into the White House, Governor George Allen back in his Senate seat, and to defend Congressman Rob Wittman’s House seat.  We’re taking our country back in 2012. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hey White Malibu – Thanks

To the guy driving the white Malibu,

You were driving South and I was headed North at the speed of heat.  Fortunately I caught your flashing headlights and understood their meaning.  You saved me a bundle buddy.  That local cop just around the corner would probably have had a good time at my expense.  Thank you. 

The “Gardasil Problem”

A good friend sent me an e-mail asking about whether Governor Rick Perry could overcome his “Gardasil Problem.”  My first thought was that he had missed the “optional” part in this “mandatory” order.  It turns out that he’s too well informed for that and his question was really whether Perry could overcome the perception that this was wrong.  I don’t know.   

The only problem that I have with Governor Perry’s action was the executive order part. However I think that if any of us had the power to end a certain type of cancer with the stroke of a pen - it might be hard to restrain ourselves.  But as a governor we would have the bully pulpit to sell a program and a legislature to put it into action.  Even Governor Perry concurs that it would have been better to go that route.  He knew then and we know now that there are women in Texas who will suffer through cervical cancer or die from the disease because that effort failed. 

There are so many things in our life that are “mandatory” that it’s probably hard to count them.  You can’t drive without a seatbelt or get on an airplane without taking off your shoes.  However the key part for the Libertarians seems to be the "mandatory" part which of course it was not. There was an opt out that was as difficult as saying "I don't want my daughter to get that shot." I don't know how many other shots our children get, we've all allowed it as a matter of course. You don't hear Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann beefing about polio, measles, small pox, etc., etc. so I find it a little disingenuous that she and others are beefing about Gardasil.

I don't have a 12 year old daughter right now so it is easy for me to say this, but if I could get her a shot that would eliminate the fear of cervical cancer; and if 35 million shots had been given with only 1800 reactions (minor-major); I would get her that shot.

I suppose there are some who say that every life is too precious to chance an adverse reaction.  I find it hard to square that with 12,280 women per year that get diagnosed with cervical cancer (latest CDC numbers were 2007) and the 4,021 women who died (again 2007) from the disease in the United States. Aren’t their lives precious?  Perry, and for that matter everyone else, knows that if all 12 year old girls were vaccinated this year, it would reduce deaths from cervical cancer in out years by over 4,000 women. That would be true each and every year we do it - we probably save fewer lives than that with mandatory seat belt use.  I suppose that they have to die of something.  However I choose old age for them rather than cancer.

I think that if Gardasil is a “problem” for you, then you haven’t thought it through.  If the Honorable Michelle Bachmann has a “Gardasil problem” it seems to me to come from her willing ignorance of the issue and that’s sad.  

President Barack Hussein Obama is ripping the guts out of our country.  It would appear that Gardasil is the least of our problems.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry in Richmond

My wife and I attended a fund raiser in Richmond, Virginia today.  It was originally scheduled to support our Commonwealth elections this year and our quest to re-take the Senate chamber.  Obstructionist Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) Senators are preventing Virginia from being an even better place to live than it is already.  The headliner was Texas Governor Rick Perry and he was on fire when he stepped to the podium. 

There is a good natured rivalry between our Governor Bob McDonnell and Governor Perry as Texas was the most business friendly State last year while we were #2.  This year we are #1 with Texas a close second.  Things like that don’t happen by accident and it never happens under Democrats.   

Governor Perry summed it up in four easy points:

1.  Don’t spend all the money.
2.  Keep taxes low.
3.  Keep regulations fair and predictable.
4.  Tort reform to prevent frivolous and junk lawsuits.

You will note that the key is getting the government out of the way.  Governor Perry promises that if he becomes President Perry he will wake up every day trying to find ways to make the Federal government more “inconsequential” in our lives.  Freedom from government – that’s what America is all about. 

All that goofy crap in the debates about whether Social Security is a Ponzi scheme or not (it is) or whether little girls should have Gardasil shots or not (I think it’s a good idea) are just so much horse crap if President Barack Hussein Obama destroys the country (which appears to be his plan).  I heard a guy talk today that knows how to turn this whole ship around and sail it into a new Golden Age of American Freedom and Prosperity – Governor Rick Perry.  

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Do Not Pass This Bill

The Honorable Jim Webb, Mark Warner, and Rob Wittman,

Like you, I am working my way through the President’s “American Jobs Act of 2011.” 

The first thing that jumps out to me is that the “Act” refers to or qualifies other laws, plans, or documents such that this bill in places can’t really be understood.   Please demand that the President submit a clean bill that stands on its own so we can understand it.  We shouldn’t ever pass bills full of bureaucratic nonsense like this again.  

Second this “Act” is far too complex and will no doubt keep armies of lawyers and tax accountants busy all year trying to figure out how this effects individuals and businesses.  Cut taxes across the board, make it permanent, and do it without qualification. 

Third this “Act” extends the government’s destructive practice of picking winners and losers.  As a retired Marine I appreciate the attention on veterans, but they will do just fine if we stop this harmful practice of targeting groups the government deems worthy.  As President Kennedy said “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  He was talking about tax cuts, but it goes double for jobs. 

Lastly this is a toxic mix of things that will work, might work, and won’t work.  In short the list is ridiculous.  The President has had his way with us for three years and the result has been catastrophic.  He is the very last person in government who we should be taking economic advice from.  Slash spending, cut taxes, eliminate regulation and we can start getting some traction on recovery. 

What ever you do – Do not pass this ruinous “American Jobs Act of 2011.”

Sincerely Yours, 

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

I personally was unaware of the scope of this event until it was brought up by a retired Coast Guard officer who attends my church.  From his e-mail:

"The CG Commandant mentioned this film to a couple of my CG Academy classmates at the CGA/MMA (Kings Point) football game on Saturday (CGA Bears lost in the last 7 seconds). The video tells the little-known story of the boatlift on 9/11. We all know about Dunkirk when 330k soldiers were evacuated in 9 days from France during WW2.  On 9/11, almost 500k people were evacuated from Manhattan in 9 hours!! Very well put together film...only 12 minutes long but worth seeing and sending out to others. Good for the spirit..."

I agree - that is good for the spirit.  Sailors of every stripe were American heroes that day. For all you knee deep sailors out there - you never shined any brighter than you did that day.  God Bless you. 

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Monday, September 12, 2011

The American Jobs Act Mirage

I signed up to get e-mails from the White House and that usually means at least one propaganda-gram a week.  Last week I got two.  The first trumpeted the impending performance by President Obama and the second from our own American Goebbels - David Plouffe.  I didn’t read the first, but I was interested in the second because it promised to explain “how the American Jobs Act works.”  Well that is not exactly accurate but then nothing from the White House for the last three years has been accurate. 

There were some slick slides to reinforce the President’s message but no bill.  You might recall that the President said “pass the bill” in one form or another between 13 and 17 times (depending on who was counting).  Mr. President – there ain’t no bill.  There is nothing to read therefore there is nothing to pass.  Pelosi isn’t in charge any more so we’re not going to pass an idea in hope that on the other end there will be something to read and implement. 

I went the “American Jobs Act: The Facts” link – guess what?  No facts.  Apparently the White House can’t distinguish between a “claim” and a “fact.”  However this is very common with Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever) and it’s been referred to by George Orwell in “1984” as “doublespeak.”  We are living in that alternate reality now – “pass this bill!”  This is beyond absurd. 

How about this slick – “Give us a plan not doublespeak.”  

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Today is a day to honor both the heroes of 9/11 and those that have gone on to serve this exceptional Nation in the cause of liberty.  We should morn the loss of fellow citizens both on that day and in the subsequent battles around the world. 

Tomorrow we need to redouble our efforts to overwhelm the barbarians who would do this again were they to have the opportunity.  They are evil and they must be destroyed. 

I awoke unusually early this morning expecting a solemn day that would start with a church service.  I was greeted by a “News Alert” that a truck bomber had successfully attacked our service men and women in Afghanistan.  The last alert indicated that 77 are wounded.  The fight goes on. 

Never forget.  

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Pass this jobs bill!

I watched President Obama’s Job Speech last night.  I know, I know, there wasn’t anything new in it and he is the world’s biggest teleprompter liar-reader – but I couldn’t help myself.  We are watching history being made as we will continue to look back on these moments and ponder, “How did such an unqualified buffoon ever get to be President?” 

Part of me hoped that President Barack Hussein Obama would get to the microphone, turn to Speaker John Boehner and say what we all know now, “John you guys are right – I don’t have a clue how to fix this and neither does Joe.  You guys come up with something and I’ll sign it.”  However, I was disappointed.   

I focused immediately on what many of the pundits have since pointed out – if you could see my notes I wrote:

“Pass this jobs bill . . . . You should pass it right away . . . . Pass this jobs bill . . . . “

“Pass this bill?” - One commentator said that he stopped counting at 12 or 15 times.  What kind of crap is this?  Do they teach that garbage in Saul Alinsky’s “Chant your way to socialism school?”  Is this some left-wing version of the Pied Piper?  There are fewer and fewer Obama-Zombies out here everyday slick and you had better get used to that.    

I’ve often thought that Obama like most liberals (socialists, democrats, progressives, etc.) get lost in their own rhetoric about the office of the presidency.  The president isn’t a king – much to their dismay.  Look how hard it was for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi with all the cards stacked in their favor to pass Obamacare (and that battle ain’t over yet).  Liberals generally don’t understand that it is supposed to be that way.  They prefer a weak emasculated President when Republicans are in the White House and an imperious and powerful executive when a Democrat attempts to rule over us. 

So to the temporary occupant of the White House, you don’t get to order either our representatives in Congress or “We the People” around.  I would have hoped that we made that clear in November 2010, if not we’re about to deliver another message in November of 2012.  You serve at our discretion and you have already over stayed your welcome.  

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Debate – the aftermath

I’m not completely sure that having three left-wing knot-heads sparing with eight faithful and successful public servants is an effective way of determining who is the best man or woman to be our next President.  With that said, the discussion appeared to be more substantive than that of the last debate by Fox News.  

Governor Rick Perry was everyone’s favorite target.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with his performance, but he stuck to his guns and looked pretty damned Presidential.  I like the concept: you come to Texas and kill someone, we’ll kill you back.  We need to take that National.  It works here in Virginia too. 

Mitt Romney was pretty polished and slick, but what do you expect from someone who has been running for President for six years?  I still don’t trust him.    

Ron Paul makes a good point once in awhile, but he can’t say three sentences without reminding you that deep down, he’s a lunatic.

Jon Huntsman lost me on his climate and evolution attack.  Neither are “science.”  He’s preaching snake oil to the wrong audience – take that crap over to the liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever). 

Herman Cain made a few points, but the “9, 9, 9” plan sounds too gimmicky to me.   Good candidate for Secretary of Commerce.   

Newt Gingrich hit some long balls and he’s certainly one of the smartest people on the stage.  He still comes off as a professor and I know he can’t win.  I like him playing whack-a-mole with goofy moderators.  Worth the price of admission.     

Rick Santorum hit a ground rule double on the stupid question about poor people.  However he’s out of his league.  I don’t like the idea of a legislator for President.    

Michele Bachmann wasn’t much of a presence.  I like her ideas and her grit.  I don’t think she’s packing what’s necessary to be commander-in-chief.   

I don’t care who “won,” Governor Rick Perry is the guy we need to advance to the ticket.

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