Saturday, September 24, 2011

Debate Nonsense

The news, radio talk shows, and the blogosphere were all atwitter Friday after the Republican debates.  I am getting more than a little tired at the quest for the magic sound bite that will result in the coronation of our next presidential candidate.  I for one refuse to make a decision based on a stage performance.  If that was how we picked Presidents we would end up with some ridiculous figure like . . . . . well Barack Hussein Obama for President.  As with the last two debates, I don’t care who “won.”  I find a record infinitely more important than glibness. 

As a supporter of Governor Rick Perry I have to admit to cringing a couple of times during the debate.  If I were advising him I would tell him to fire his debate coaches.  Governor Halley Barbour is quoted as saying “The main thing is to remember to make the main thing the main thing.”  (He probably said it “thaang” but you get the point)  Governor Perry – the “main thing” is President Barack Hussein Obama.  Ignore Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann – they don’t matter. 

I remain extremely uncomfortable with Mitt Romney.  Yes he is a good debater – he’s been on the campaign trail for longer than Barack Obama.  If you had been running for President for as long as Mitt Romney has – you would be a gifted orator as well.  He’s the “country club Republican” that conservatives pushed aside to win with Ronald Reagan – we need to do it again. 

Congressman Ron Paul hits a long ball every now and then.  But down deep – he’s just a crazy old man. 

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is a little scary now.  She has this Gardasil thing stuck in her craw and she can’t get it out.  She has been repeatedly burned in public but she won’t let it go.  It is disgraceful that she continues to try and portray Governor Perry as being bought by a drug company when the governor sleeps with the most passionate anti cervical cancer advocate in Texas – his wife Anita.  That’s a great story – why not tell about the First Lady of Texas who wants to eliminate cancer?  Congresswoman Bachmann is wasting all of our time. 

Herman Cain is a likeable guy and unlike Barack Obama he is learning a great deal and he seems to get better every time I see him.  Secretary of Commerce in the Perry administration. 

Rick Santorum is trying too hard to hit a long ball.  He is rude and ignorant.  Like most legislators he hasn’t really been in the arena as a governor has.  Legislators vote for crap and the rest of us bare the consequences.  Rick doesn’t understand immigration as Pennsylvania has a border with Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Delaware (yes and a little bit of water up in the Northwest corner with Canada).  When Governor Perry speaks to dealing with illegal immigration Rick’s only response should be “Thank you for your insight Governor.”  I didn’t like his answer about homosexuals in the military as we do treat with the issue of sex in the military.  It’s just that we deal with it the way God had intended sex to be – not in a perverted way.  But he’s right – the United States Armed Forces exist to fight and win the Nation’s wars – they are not a jobs program or a social experiment. 

Gary Johnson – court jester in the Perry administration.  If Gary needs a job, he should offer to scoop his neighbor’s dog crap. 

Newt Gingrich is probably the smoothest debater and most towering intellect but I don’t think that he could motivate most Americans to get off the couch and go vote.  If we have to relive his marital problems it will be like the bad old days with Bawdy Bill Clinton. 

John Huntsman (I nearly forgot he was even in this race) should fold up his tent and go home.  Think about it – when was the last time you said “Utah is so well managed, I think I’ll move there.”  Really? 

I do think that debates are part of the process and that process has a long way to go.  I’m still pulling for Governor Rick Perry. 


  1. I agree on Cain. He at least seems to learn from his mistakes. Bachman has to go. She is too hung up on unimportant issues. Perry needs to get better.

  2. I like Herman Cain. The guy kicks some major ass where it counts and, he doesent come off as a "made for TV" type guy.
    And, I would get a kick out of hitting liberals with the "yer a racist" retort and seeing their heads explode trying to deny it.

    Romney is a snake oil salesman...too polished...too political and, too willing to shitcan principle for political points...we already have that in the WH.

    Perry, I like him but, mandating medical decisions or, anything else...we already have that in the WH.

    Paul, I love the guy. He sincere, not full of shit, won't change his principles to fit the crowd, believes in the constitution but, since 2008, he has become that grouchy old guy telling me to get out of his yard.

    Bachman...she had something good started and then, lost it someplace. guy but, if he's willing to screw his wife over for something strange, what would stop him from screwing Sepp over who he doesent know?

    Santorum...forget it.
    The guy from New Mexico who isn't even worth remembering? Forget it too!

    Palin...VERY nice to look at, very principled but, carries too much drama in her baggage.

  3. Tenth,

    Well Cain got his moment in the sun after the Florida debates. We'll have to see how long it lasts. I recall that Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll and she got 1% of the Floridians.


    I oppose Perry's executive order on the Gardasil issue but the more I read about it, the more I get comfortable with it.

  4. -Sepp,

    I hit "Post" before I was done.

    The "mandatory" vaccination had a simple opt out. But more importantly -it had to be required vice optional in order to be covered by standard medical insurance in the State of Texas. Now that sort of opens another issue (unfunded mandate) but at least he didn't open the Texas Gardasil Injection Service and Police Force as Obama would have.

    I still have a problem with the executive order and I'm joined with Governor Perry in that.

  5. Good comments.

    Sadly, these debates are nothing but soundbites that are scored with gotcha statements.

    I'm a fan of Perry for many reasons. He didn't do well because I believe that he was over-coached. That said he and the rest of the candidates have taken their eye off the ball. They need to BASH zero on his record instead of each other.

  6. H-Nox,

    There is so much misinformation floating around about Rick Perry - he must have the left terrified.

  7. Looks like fat-boy is likely to jump in the race.

    He's a RINO. Better than Romney but still a RINO.

  8. Well, CS, everyone's take on the "debate" in Florida certainly is interesting. As for me, I am still not convinced that Perry is the guy.

    And Hardnox, I assume you are talking about Christie when you refer to the RINO. Why do you label him a RHINO? Am curious.

  9. Does anyone think that after we secure our border, we are going to send home 12,000,000 people? After all we have not been enforcing our laws since Preasident Reagen's Amnesty bill.
    It somehow does not seem right to me to send all of them home. How about a permanent Green Cards for adults and citizenship for dependents of illegals who are allowed to stay in the USA, all of which have been individually vetted. Do you think that could work?

    Gov. Perry has been choice for President;since I read his book "Fed Up". He seems to me to be our best hope of returning our country back to the Consitutional Principles that will return us to freedom from tyranny over time.

  10. H-Nox,

    I haven't really been paying that much attention to Governor Christie - he would certainly liven up the discussion.

    Mrs. AL,

    I understand. If I had to vote today, I would vote for Governor Rick Perry - hands down. I'm not sure that I see anyone else on the National stage who is better. I think Governor Bob McDonnell would be superb - but we Virginians aren't ready to share him just yet. I would love to see where General David Petraeus would come down politically. Other than those two - I don't think we have a National figure who could pop up and capture the lead.


    Thanks for the visit - the regulars here bashed each other over that issue before. President Reagan made the concession for amnesty on the condition that Congress secure the border. Conservatives at the time were screaming to secure the border first or you would just encourage the problem. We see now who was right.

    We need to secure the border and make an unequivocal statement that no one who is in the United States illegally can get in line for citizenship - period. Then we would only have to make life a little more difficult through things like E-Verify, making English the official language, and scaling back on services. Then the problem would begin to resolve itself through self deportation. I don't think that we could get everyone to go home, but we would scale things back to a manageable level. To drive the number to zero would give birth to a Federal bureaucracy of massive proportions and we don't need that.

    My opinion.

  11. Mrs. AL,
    Christie is a RINO in my opinion for several reasons:

    1) he did not oppose the Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero
    2) he does not necessarily support the 2nd Amendment
    3) he has not come out against Sharia law in NJ
    4) he has not come out against illegal immigration

    He has a lot of good points especially in fighting the unions in his state but the above will kill my support for him.

  12. Mrs. AL and H-Nox,

    It looks like Governor Christie may have an association with an Indian-born American Lawyer Sohail Mohammed who Christie appointed as New Jersey's second (I wouldn't have thought they needed one) Muslim Supreme Court Judge. I heard a clip about on the radio and found many references to it - here's one:

    I'm not sure how serious this is.

  13. Well, CS and Hardnox ... this is serious enough to warrant my looking into it for sure. The absolute last thing we need is someone who can't differentiate between U.S. law and sharia law. Egads. To even use those two terms in the same sentence makes me a bit ill.

  14. Mrs. AL,

    I doubt that Governor Christie would endorse Sharia - but he did play to a constituency in New Jersey. He has Pam Gellar on his case now.