Friday, September 9, 2011

Pass this jobs bill!

I watched President Obama’s Job Speech last night.  I know, I know, there wasn’t anything new in it and he is the world’s biggest teleprompter liar-reader – but I couldn’t help myself.  We are watching history being made as we will continue to look back on these moments and ponder, “How did such an unqualified buffoon ever get to be President?” 

Part of me hoped that President Barack Hussein Obama would get to the microphone, turn to Speaker John Boehner and say what we all know now, “John you guys are right – I don’t have a clue how to fix this and neither does Joe.  You guys come up with something and I’ll sign it.”  However, I was disappointed.   

I focused immediately on what many of the pundits have since pointed out – if you could see my notes I wrote:

“Pass this jobs bill . . . . You should pass it right away . . . . Pass this jobs bill . . . . “

“Pass this bill?” - One commentator said that he stopped counting at 12 or 15 times.  What kind of crap is this?  Do they teach that garbage in Saul Alinsky’s “Chant your way to socialism school?”  Is this some left-wing version of the Pied Piper?  There are fewer and fewer Obama-Zombies out here everyday slick and you had better get used to that.    

I’ve often thought that Obama like most liberals (socialists, democrats, progressives, etc.) get lost in their own rhetoric about the office of the presidency.  The president isn’t a king – much to their dismay.  Look how hard it was for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi with all the cards stacked in their favor to pass Obamacare (and that battle ain’t over yet).  Liberals generally don’t understand that it is supposed to be that way.  They prefer a weak emasculated President when Republicans are in the White House and an imperious and powerful executive when a Democrat attempts to rule over us. 

So to the temporary occupant of the White House, you don’t get to order either our representatives in Congress or “We the People” around.  I would have hoped that we made that clear in November 2010, if not we’re about to deliver another message in November of 2012.  You serve at our discretion and you have already over stayed your welcome.  

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  1. ... can you hear us now?

    Amigo, I skipped the speech at the behest of my sweetie and for the life of my TV. After reading the pundits today it is apparent that I didn't miss anything and that resident zero is permanently stuck on stupid.

    I don't expect any change to our economy until after 2013.

    In the meantime, the screams and insults from the left will get louder which will only grow our swelling ranks.

  2. I have to agree that his orders to pass the bill were laughable. Doesn't he remember what happened when his bully Nancy said pass the bill?

  3. I was at work and was spared from watching the song and dance.

    As for his bill...has it even been written yet?

  4. Those of you that didn't watch didn't miss anything. What Obama doesn't seem to get is that you can't motivate intelligent, independent thinkers with that ACORN-Marxist crap that he employed in Chicago.

    I doubt very much that Congress was his target audience - he was providing the verbal ammunition for the Jimmy Hoffas and Jeremiah Wrights of the Nation. ACORN and enthusiasts probably marched around their TV's chanting "Pass this Bill!" while doing a modified Nazi salute.

    Saul Alinsky would have been so proud of his prodigy.

  5. -Sepp,

    To answer your question directly - there is no "bill." As Senator DeMint forecast - there is nothing but a speech and a few power point slides. To call this guy an "empty suit" is to insult suits everywhere.

  6. That speech was a joke--"stimulus 2" the only "shovel ready" job is shoving the manure coming from liberal run Washington!!

  7. I was certain that there was nothing on paper that we could read and pick through, you know, "to see whats in it".

    I think it's a joke that this clown wants 450 billion to "fix everything" when for 500 million he, couldn't "fix" one solar panel business.

    Obama must really be convinced that the answer to everything is to just give a speech.