Tuesday, October 26, 2010

VFW Connolly Endorsement Meaningless

As a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars I was astounded when the VFW Political Action Committee endorsed Congressman Gerry Connolly.  Mr. Connolly very simply does not share either the views or the values of American Veterans that I know.  Apparently it enraged the rank and file of the VFW to such a degree that the Commander-in-Chief of the VFW called for those endorsements to be withdrawn.  When the PAC board (separate from and not financially supported by the membership) refused to withdraw the endorsements – the Commander-in-Chief moved to dissolve the VFW PAC.  

The VFW PAC endorsement of Gerry Connolly is meaningless. 

November is coming.  

The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

VFW Betrayal

Dear VFW, 

I am a life member (#XXXXXXX) though admittedly I have not been an active member of the VFW.  I was scandalized and embarrassed recently when I discovered that the VFW has endorsed Congressman Gerry Connolly (Virginia 11th District).  While it is true that Connolly has done some military and veteran friendly acts, he is one of the many committed socialists who are busy destroying the country.  I can’t even get my arms around the concept of a patriotic organization like the VFW endorsing a lying weasel like Connolly for any office much less Congressman.  Did you guys actually talk to his opponent Keith Fimian?  I understand the single focus of the VFW, however someone up there must have the vision to see what committed leftists like Connolly are doing to the country.  What possible difference can it make that Connolly threw us a couple bones while he was busy torching the country we love?  

Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Look for the Flag

Some of us are volunteering during this season to deliver campaign signs or walk neighborhoods to knock on doors.  While both sides are doing it, my particular experience is in support of Republican candidates.  And yes, it is a lot more fun this year.  Recently those of us who are delivering Wittman, Wolf, and Fimian signs compared notes with the folks who are knocking on doors for those same candidates.  

I turned onto a street the other day guided by my GPS, but the flag pole proudly flying an American flag was a giveaway to which house had requested the Republican sign.  A few blocks later, sure enough, the American flag house had called for a Republican sign.  I did run into an exception recently.  My destination home was flying a Gadsen flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”).  Walking neighborhoods recently gleaned similar results.  American flag = polite Republican.  Talking with my fellow Republicans, their experience mirrored mine.  I’m not saying that people who don’t fly American flags aren’t friendly or proud Republicans – frequently they are.  

Certainly this particular poll isn’t as scientific as Rasmussen or Gallup, but it seems pretty consistent.  It’s hard not to draw some conclusions from that observation.  If a house is flying a Redskins flag you would assume that the occupant is a fan of that football team.  If you don’t exhibit Redskins paraphernalia that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like the Redskins, but the level your devotion might be questionable.   Likewise not flying an American flag isn’t evidence that you don’t love America.  However we also have the phenomena that there are many people who profess love for America but are decidedly bad Americans.  Congress is just over half full of them right now – but not for long.   

November is coming.  

To Save America: Stopping Obama's Secular-Socialist Machine 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Working in a campaign HQ

I am becoming less and less forgiving with democrats be they useful idiots or committed leftists. I was at the Prince William County Republican Headquarters Thursday. A lady called and asked me for the phone number for the Fairfax Republican HQ or the Keith Fimian (our guy for Congress in the 11th District) HQ. I asked her to hold while I looked it up. She said "I don't know who does your commercials, but the latest one said that Fimian isn't a career politician. What do you think he is?" I responded that he has been a businessman all his adult life. She sarcastically responded "Pluuuuuuleeese, and what does he want to be?" To which I said "You know, I don't think I want to help you ma'am." Then she called me a nasty name and started swearing like a demented sailor. She hit a number of buttons before hanging up the phone.

See how much fun working at a campaign headquarters can be?

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Up-date Your Resume Gerry

The Honorable Gerald Connolly,

On Saturday night you and I were at the same church event.  I knew you were coming, but had no plans to seek you out.  You approached me and thrust out your hand.  You can’t possibly imagine what was going through my mind.  The most polite thing that I could think of saying was what I did say.  Yes I am the guy who winked at you, shook your proffered hand and said “Up-date your resume.”  You stumbled through something about that being “impolite especially at a church event” and walked off.  I’m certain you have heard worse and if not you should.  I do not apologize as I know that you haven’t had even a second thought for me throughout your entire time in the United States Congress.  As you have run roughshod over the Constitution, savaged the economy, and pilfered the treasury while mortgaging my grandchildren’s legacy – you have been more than just “impolite” to me, my family and this Nation. 

I would have loved to have the opportunity to discuss economics, public policy, the Constitution, or the blessings of liberty endowed by our Creator instead – all things that you have evidenced no knowledge of or respect for in the last two years.  But we little people don’t get to hobnob with the ruling class of the Democrat party.  We are expected to sit back and take what you dish out.  No doubt that is what you expected Saturday night just another adoring crowd of tax serfs. 

Your 97% voting record with Nancy Pelosi is the reason why you need to up-date your resume.  Time to stop feeding at the public trough and try and get along like the rest of us in the economy you helped destroy.  Now you are painting yourself as an “Independent.”  Why don’t we meet?  You could lecture me on my manners and I could help you out with telling the truth.  Who do you think has more to learn? 

November is coming. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Party of “No”

I am reaching out to the lady who called claiming to be a “life-long Republican” who is now furious at the “Party of No.”  I listened politely to your rant and then you hung up.  I didn’t get to ask you – “What would you have had those Republicans in Congress vote “Yes” on?”   Indeed what would any freedom loving, constitution abiding, fiscally responsible American have voted “yes” on?  

Should Republicans have voted for the failed Stimulus Bill?  You know - the one that sucked the life out of the economy, didn’t create any jobs, and kept us languishing in economic malaise? 

How about that $446 Billion Omnibus Bill that was a leftwing wish list of pork projects that further put our children’s children deeper in debt?  Should Republicans have gotten behind that travesty? 
How about Cap & Trade, a massive wealth-destroying tax program designed to cripple Western economies to solve a nonexistent problem (Global Warming)?  Should Republicans have put more of us out of work for that outrageous measure? 

Then there was Health Care.  Democrats merrily marched that forward while an overwhelming majority of the American people were screaming “No!”  Should Republican legislators have listened to their constituents or the lunatics on the left?  

The only legislation that Americans don’t hate yet is the financial regulation.  No one knows enough about that, but given this administration’s track record, we’ll hate that too.  I guess Pelosi had to pass it before we could hate it.  

For nearly two years our Dear Leader and his henchmen have rammed through one ridiculous measure after another while millions languish in unemployment.  They professed all the time that unemployment was their first priority even though they haven’t done anything to address unemployment.  Should Republicans have supported that approach?  

The fact is that with huge majorities in both houses it didn’t make any difference what the Republicans said because Democrats didn’t have to pay attention.  They gleefully ignored all of the warnings from more mature minds.  Indeed the only meaningful bi-partisan movements within Congress for the last two years have been against the current administration.  Isn’t bi-partisanship the Holy Grail of the liberal?  

Lady, I say “Thank God for the Party of No.”  The economic destruction caused by socialism is only a mystery to liberals – the Republicans who said “No” are now pointing out that they told them so.  Remember in November.  

Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Westboro Baptist Asylum

Dear Chris Plante

I was getting in and out of the car all morning so I only caught  a couple 15-20 minute segments of your Wednesday show.  I enjoyed it as I always do.  Here are some thoughts on the lunatics of the Westboro Baptist congregation (I won’t dignify it by calling it a “church”). 

There is a significant difference between the government suppressing free speech and enforcing basic dignity and humanity between its citizens. 

My freedom to say and do whatever I want is limited by the freedoms of others.  When the exercise of my freedom interferes with the exercise of your freedom we have to negotiate.  My freedom in that case does not trump your freedom.  An example:  I am free to walk around naked in my home to my heart’s content.  My freedom to be naked becomes negotiable when I take it outside to the mailbox in full view of all my neighbors.  Likewise, the lunatics of the Westboro Baptist Asylum are free to protest to their heart’s content until they come into conflict with the rest of us.   Their freedom to spew hate doesn’t trump our freedom to live in serenity.
A military funeral is more than marking the end of a life.  I have officiated at a military funeral and personally handed the folded flag to a grieving widow.  It is an opportunity for the Nation to thank the family of the service member.  It is dignified and it is a once in a lifetime event that deserves to be protected.   We already restrict the free exercise of speech by keeping people off private property, or keeping them back from abortion clinics, or by putting a fence around the White House.  People who disrupt Congressional hearings are escorted out.  Hiding Westboro Baptist hate behind the First Amendment is ludicrous.  

The First Amendment also doesn’t guarantee an audience.  The Westboro knot heads can move it on down the road if their antics disturb freedom loving patriotic Americans in their grief. 

Kindest Regards, 

The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America