Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We have to stop bashing our Core Strength

I’m tired of hearing about “Establishment Republicans.”  They are a core of people who have been contributing to conservative Republican causes ever since I can remember – they brought you President Ronald Reagan.  Yes, they knock on doors, festoon their vehicles with bumper stickers, and put up yard signs.  They are the reason that the Washington Monument hasn’t been painted red by Comrades like Obama and his fellow travelers.  For those of you who haven’t been part of the process before we are delighted that you woke up or grew up – we need your help. 

We have to stop beating each other up and focus on the prize.  Mark Levin was doing his RINO rant this evening – and you know what?  We’re going to need some RINOs as well.  We can’t waste this opportunity by running another Christine O’Donnell or Sharon Angle.  That little TEA tantrum in Delaware and Nevada cost us dearly and cannot be the way we conduct our elections going forward.  What would you give today to have Harry Reid tending to his pomegranate trees in Nevada while the Republican caucus had 49 Senators in it?  That was possible in 2010 and we blew it. 

President Barack Hussein Obama is so bad that we may very well have another historic opportunity coming in 2012.  We need to all get on the same sheet of music and win.  2012 will be a hollow victory if we don’t have 60 Republicans in the Senate in January 2013.  Push the people with the best opportunity to win to the front. 

That works for Presidential candidates too – four or five of you are just wasting our time. 


  1. The problem with those RINO's is that their principles are too easily purchasable by the democraps.
    What we can't afford is a conservative on the campaign trail who becomes a democrat in office.
    Electing a guy who will just be Obama "lite" isn't going to solve the debt problem or, put anyone back to work.

    Certainly we as conservatives should have a united front but, unless we can agree as to what we all expect from our nomineee, we're going to end up running the next unelectable McCain.

    From what I'm seeing from the crop of candidates, Herman Cain seems to be the only one who's principles remain intact and, so far seems to have no history of bad decisions, gaffs or, snake oil for sale.
    I like Perry but, he's beginning to crack.
    I like Paul but, every time he says something good, he follows up with something odd.

    Romney should just focus on an acting career.
    Bachmann keeps making Ron Paul style mistakes.
    Santorum...hell no.
    Gary Johnson...yeah right!
    John Huntsman...he's a liberal democrat and endorsed by Michael Moore...nuff said!

    Seriously, I think Cain is going to start beating the others up with some business logic and shine a light on the fact that most of the other contenders have only as much experience at running a business as Obama does.

  2. -Sepp,

    I agree that RINOs are a problem - but the Delaware example is illustrative. The population that keeps sending Joe Biden to Washington isn't going to turn on a dime and elect a rabid conservative (not that we ever knew what O'Donnell was) and I reject those who would say that Bob Castle is worse than what we got - that's just silly.

    Now we are saddled with a Socialist (Democrat, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) for six years. On election night in 2012 that seat is going to be critical to the future of the country. With a democrat ass in that seat it makes the bar that much higher to get to a filibuster-proof Senate. Castle would have been unreliable - I concede that - but Senator Chris Coons (Marxist-DE) is going to stand in our way each and every time.

    I concur with your presidential handicapping. Although I don't think that Rick Perry is road-kill yet and I'm not sure Florida's straw poll is anything other than a footnote - time will tell.

  3. Your frustration is clear, CS. To some degree I share that frustration. What appears to be missing, IMHO, is a SINGULAR concept around which we can ALL agree. The liberal/leftist/progressives have that issue -- more government, less individual initiative. Short, to the point. The "Tea Party" appears to have that singular issue, taxed enough already. And Republicans???????

    Am I wrong (again)?

  4. Mrs. AL,

    You wrong? Never! I like the way we lay it out in Virginia - here is our Republican Creed:

    "We Believe:

    That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

    That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

    That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

    That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

    That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

    That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the
    moral fiber of the Nation."


    Everything flows from that. Short, concise, and unquestionably American. I think we can all circle around that.

  5. Sepp ... I tend to go along with your analysis. I have been leaning toward Cain from the beginning. He is not a lawyer, he is not a career politician and given his past, I have the sense he would know those with whom he needs to surround himself in order to govern effectively. Many disagree and that's ok. Would I agree with him on every single thing -- NO. I am not an automaton (least ways not last time I checked).

    And CS, while I appreciate what you posted from rpv.org, I need to ask again ... what is the singular core idea around which we can all rally? The most effective ad campaigns (from my past life) are those that are summarized in one sentence. It isn't easy to identify a lot of the time, but is exceptionally powerful when it is. (am I dangling a participle?)

  6. Mrs. AL,

    Given that both Governor Bev "Adolf" Perdue (Moron-NC) and former White House adviser Peter "Stop the Vote" Orzag seem to think that we have too much democracy around here - perhaps "Freedom" is the one word answer.

  7. Problem with the concept of "freedom," CS, is that it's a generalization. It has multiple meanings and plays into the hands of the libleftgressives. They preach "freedom" also, just from a completely different angle.

    Good thought though. And re: Perdue, et al, gotta' say what I have said on other sites -- wouldn't Chavez be proud!

    Sorry to be so contrary today.

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  9. Amigo,
    Good post as always.

    As I have said many times before the candidates need to take the fight to zero directly and articulate what they would eliminate or do differently. They need to stop dancing around beating each other up.

    I believe you meant to say freedom FROM Obama?

  10. H-Nox saved me from myself:

    Mrs. AL,

    Freedom from Obama?

  11. CS - you and I and those who visit here would probably respond well to "Freedom from Obama." That said, though I have zero, zippo, nadda research to back up this opinion -- "Freedom from Obama" might tend to communicate a personal attack rather than a benefit. The most powerful concepts are those that communicate a benefit (what's in it for me) and, if possible, an end-benefit (what I can do as a result/feeling good about oneself, etc).

    There I go blathering away again. Hope I haven't hopelessly ruined your thread!

  12. Mrs. AL,

    No problem. It's a funny discussion. I have a black Republican friend and we frequently discuss the appeal of our Party to the minority community. He and I set up a Republican booth at the African American festival last month. During that time he pointed out how the Democrats (Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, whatever) buy the vote of the Black community.

    He asked me what Republicans could offer them and "Freedom" was my response. He didn't buy that either - he thought if we had a free Bar-B-Que picnic that might help.

    Maybe we need a neat bumper sticker:

    "Obama Lied; Freedom Died"

    It is the defining concept of the two Party system - one wants Freedom from government and the other wants the government to run their lives and determine the outcome.

    If it weren't so nauseating to talk with them, it might be interesting to have a Liberal define freedom. You are right - they probably wouldn't roll out a definition that we would recognize.