Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gov. Rick Perry in Richmond

My wife and I attended a fund raiser in Richmond, Virginia today.  It was originally scheduled to support our Commonwealth elections this year and our quest to re-take the Senate chamber.  Obstructionist Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) Senators are preventing Virginia from being an even better place to live than it is already.  The headliner was Texas Governor Rick Perry and he was on fire when he stepped to the podium. 

There is a good natured rivalry between our Governor Bob McDonnell and Governor Perry as Texas was the most business friendly State last year while we were #2.  This year we are #1 with Texas a close second.  Things like that don’t happen by accident and it never happens under Democrats.   

Governor Perry summed it up in four easy points:

1.  Don’t spend all the money.
2.  Keep taxes low.
3.  Keep regulations fair and predictable.
4.  Tort reform to prevent frivolous and junk lawsuits.

You will note that the key is getting the government out of the way.  Governor Perry promises that if he becomes President Perry he will wake up every day trying to find ways to make the Federal government more “inconsequential” in our lives.  Freedom from government – that’s what America is all about. 

All that goofy crap in the debates about whether Social Security is a Ponzi scheme or not (it is) or whether little girls should have Gardasil shots or not (I think it’s a good idea) are just so much horse crap if President Barack Hussein Obama destroys the country (which appears to be his plan).  I heard a guy talk today that knows how to turn this whole ship around and sail it into a new Golden Age of American Freedom and Prosperity – Governor Rick Perry.  

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  1. Amigo,
    He sure looks more and more like "our" guy everyday. I like his message so far.

    He needs to make his position on Illegals known.

  2. H-Nox,

    Governor Rick Perry on illegal immigration:

    "Equally important, Rick Perry will finally force Washington to fulfill its constitutional duty to secure our international borders. As Governor, Perry has directed hundreds of millions of dollars, manpower and resources to drastically reduce criminal activity along the border because Washington has refused to act. As President, Perry will take decisive action to defend our sovereign border because there can be no homeland security without border security."


  3. Governor Perry has done the same thing in Texas that Huckabee did in Arkansas, allowing illegals to pay in state tuition at state colleges. I have no problem with this as the dependent of a serviceman. Getting in state tuition in the state you graduate high school in should be automatic. The solution we all want to see is getting rid of the illegals before they attend our public schools, but if we force them to go to school (its the law) we shouldn't then discriminate against them for being good enough students to go on to college. Those are the type of immigrants we should encourage.

  4. I just can't get past his position on illegals. He has said a lot about the issue, most of it contradictory. I don't trust him on the issue.

    We are committing national suicide by immigration, just as Europe is doing.

  5. Tenth,

    I have a hard time with it - but 38% of Texans are Hispanic - he is their Governor. The failure of the Federal Government has resulted in as many as 1.6 Million illegals in Texas. I guess you have to ask the question - do you want them in school or do you want them hanging out at the 7-11? Glad it's not my call.

  6. Relic -

    I've combed through a lot of what's out there on Perry - I think he is between a rock and a hard place. But we have to make our choice from the field we have before us - and I'm convinced he's the best of the contenders.

    Every time I looked at the Pre-Perry Republican field I kept rooting for Perry to get in. The only one who stands out on illegals is Bachmann - but she's being graded on her comments - she has no record to run on.

    I would be happier if Governor Perry has a little more Sheriff Joe Arpaio in him - but Perry will probably be different when he is calling the shots instead of asking for help from a complacent and irresponsible Federal government.


    I always thought I was the most left leaning guy commenting on hear. And maybe it's true, but I DISAGREE, wholeheartidly. The only thing ILLEGAL immigrants should be entitled too, is a bus trip home. And yes, that includes anchor babies.

    Seriuosly, immigrating is the only activity that you can "ILLEGALLY" perform, and be rewarded. Am I the only one that sees how f##ked up that is?

    Correct me if I'm wrong. If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 years hard labor. If you cross the Afgani border illegally, you will most likely be shot. If you cross the U.S. border illegally, you can get a job, food stamps, free healthcare, public housing, and education benefits.

    What benefits can I get for robbing a bank? I could sell heroin. I guess I am completely in the middle.....My only acceptable answer, Is send their asses home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and for anyone who wants too call me prejudice. I do know ONE person who feels more strongly about Illegal immigrants than I do.
    That is my buddy George's father Hector. Who immigrated here from Mexico in 1971. He did it LEGALLY.................................

  8. Johnny,
    Rest assured that you are not alone. We were discussing political realities.

    If I had my way I would deport every last illegal alien and their offspring on a way way express.

    Good to know that your buddy's dad has those sentiments. I hope he's not alone.

  9. J.O.B.,

    I completely agree with you in principle. There are a couple of issues here -

    The cheapest, easiest, and most effective method to solve the problem is self-deportation. We need to unequivocally state (Perry has done this) that if you're here illegally you cannot under any circumstances become a US citizen. The only path to citizenship starts in your foreign capitol of birth, Mexico City, Seoul, Rome, whatever. To come back you need a Visa from the US embassy.

    What more powerful message could we send to the people of Zacatecas, Mexico than having their own people come home on their own?

    Having friends and family standing in the Plaza at home saying, "It's too hard. They made English the official language, you can't get a driver's license, you can't open a bank account, rent a home, or get a legal job. If you get picked up by the police they send you home."

    That should be the first goal. You and I know where the illegals hang out - finding them isn't the problem, it's choking the legal system with them that we can't afford. We probably need a law passed that fast-tracks deportation, but you can guarantee that will go all the way to the Supreme Court. But even if it worked - you can't clog the legal system with 13-20 Million cases.

    Maybe we can solve two problems at once by giving every illegal alien who agrees to go home a lawyer to take with them.

    It's a logistics nightmare. We should offer them clemency from prosecution if they report to an airline counter or bus depot and buy a ticket home. (Now that would be a stimulus package)

    Again - I don't disagree with you in principle, I'm simply trying to figure out how we do it without creating new courts, expanding the INS by 5,000%, and expending more money we don't have.

    Secure the border (Perry's plan) and then make them self deport. We don't have to get rid of all of them - that won't ever happen, but we can knock it down to a manageable level.

    My opinion.

  10. H-Nox- I'm sure Mr. Ramos appreciates your thoughts, and I can tell you personally, he's not the only one. I have worked with two immigrants, both legal, who feel the same way. One guy, (TYFUNE) immigrated from Turkey. It took him seven years. He does not approve of people walking across a river,(Creek) I assure you............................

    CS- I'm glad you brought up logistics and cost.
    I do appreciate your opinion, as always. Allow me too retort........................

    I have a view ideas, and you can go ahead and add these to my platform;)LOLOLOLOLO.

    No more money to Mexico. I googled this, but could not find a definitive answer. It seems too range from $450,000,000 too as high as a BILLION! If you ask me, $1 to that government is too much. Who gives the U.S. money? And Mexico's government is more corrupt than ours.
    So we'll go in the middle and say, that the U.S. government will save $700,000,000 annually.

    Self-deportation? It's a made-up bulls##t term. If you are willing to enter another country Illegally, I see only two reasons. Oppresive government, or job opportunity. Either way, I'm guessing that any "Illegal" immigrant would not be willing to jump back over that "FENCE".

    If you can not become a U.S. citizen, that means one thing. You are here ILLEGALLY. That means there is only one place for you. YOUR COUNTRY.

    Having people return to their native land volunteerily will not send a powerful message. That will just make all their friends think that they are idiots. Kicking those people off of a dilapidated bus will send a much more powerful message.

    And I'm sorry, but it is easy to get false identification in this country. And it all starts with the S.S. number. Their were 5 members of my Union that were deported last year.

    My political answer is this. We take the money we give to Mexico. We purchase whatever equipment and necessities is required for this massive deportation. Of coarse that won't be enough, so we will also be selling drug shipments that we intercept, back too the cartel from which it came.

    The best part----Their is no need for new courts, appeals lawyers, or such nonsence. Since they are NOT U.S citizens, the U.S. constitution does not apply too them.....Especially Due Process. Sucks for them.

    What we can do is appoint our elected officials (ATTORNEYS) to represent these criminals.

    As far as stimulus to the economy, that's the best part. We take $ from the drug sales, and savings from no more Mexico money, and we purchase the transportation. Hopefully some used school buses. Jobs will be created making new school buses. Then you have the jobs too be fulfilled by this deportation. This won't be hard. Corporations will be forced to take "LESS" profit by hiring unemployed citizens.

    Let's face it. The quote that "ILLEGALS" will do jobs that American citizens won't do is just plain retarded.(That's a statement I'll use in a presidential debate, BTW) Americans won't cut lawns for $3/HR. Most Americans won't live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 7 other people either.

    Oh, we can also have welfare recipients drive the buses. We will not have to pay them for their service since they receive a wage anyway. Why not have them work for their money?

  11. Now correct me if I'm wrong (which I oft times am, hence the always learning), but we are supposed to have divided government such that one branch doesn't take the bull by the horns and create something gruesome, like we are seeing now. Given that, doesn't it also matter who is elected to the House and Senate just as much as the Presidency?

    Perry's stand on illegal occupation of U.S soil doesn't disqualify him, IMHO. I just need to know that Perry is knowledgeable on the differences between being Governor of a State and President of the United STATES.

    That said, what I am looking for is some concrete evidence that Perry will be up to the task relative to international affairs. From whom will he be seeking counsel? What types of people would he surround himself with -- yes people or those of diverse opinion?

    You have a thoughtful sight here, Common Snse, and those commenting are equally thoughtful. Kudos to all.

  12. Johnny O',

    You got my vote. That is a well thought out plan that can be implemented, and can succeed. Its way better than any of the plans that Mitt and Obama have put out.

  13. I just got back from two days on the road and Johnny O is bending my brain.

    We are on the same side of the argument - we're just haggling over methodology, logistics, and staffing.

    I don't want to have INS be the new TSA and start demanding that every one carry papers. If you give the government the job of tracking down 13-20 million illegal aliens and they will create a bureaucracy of four or five million government agents that will probably end up deporting half the population of Minnesota because they talk funny up there.

    All the illegals know who they are and they know where they came from. Self deportation is the best way and we can make it happen without making our lives miserable. What would you care if all government documents were only printed in English? Or if any person who required a translation or translator was required to pay for it?

    The government would do better to share information with itself so that when thirteen different people start using the same social security number of the same dead woman from Oklahoma - some one goes out and checks on why that is happening. However the government can't find its ass with both hands at the same time.

    Finding illegals isn't a problem - I can swing by Home Depot tomorrow morning and scoop up a dozen of them. I'll put them to work painting my house and when they get started I'll call INS - what do you think INS will do?

  14. Mrs. AL,

    Thank you for your kind words and visit - you lift the level of our discussion by your presence.

  15. Perry has administrative experience from being Governor for so long. That is very important and something you don't get from being a Senator or Representative. I can see myself supporting him but, if Rubio or Ryan enter, I would rethink again. I guess we should keep in mind we may not get the perfect candidate we want but, whoever runs MUST be electable. I like something about each candidate but, several of them are unelectable. Should be an interesting 14 months.

  16. Thanks for the visit Paladin - agreed - while I've had about enough of career politicians, putting a novice in there at this juncture doesn't make good sense either.

  17. CS- I know we're on the same side, but I can not afford a new car right now, so I have to haggle with you.

    I think this country could pull of this deportation w/o alot of the added bureaucracy. We can turn food into fuel, why can we not do this? How about a little racial profiling. Some kind of facial recognition software?

    How much does this country spend on the "War on Drugs"? Why could we not shift some of the already bullshit government jobs towards immigration?

  18. Johnny-O,

    That food into gas is exactly the kind of government solution that I want to prevent. The government decided to send tens of billions of our dollars to create an industry that can't stand on it's own, takes more energy to create a gallon of bad gas that they mandate that you use even though it burns less efficiently in our cars. To beat all - it is driving up the price of corn all over the planet. That is the government version of "solving" a problem.

    I think that we have to demand that our government - like a doctor - first do no harm. There are some very effective methods we could use to make it very difficult to live here if you are not a citizen - we should try that first before we ramp up another great bureaucracy to ineffectively deal with the problem.

    I have been to a variety of countries in my time - I can tell you that if you and I were dropped off in the middle of South Korea - we wouldn't last a day - even were our physical appearance to not give us away - we wouldn't be able to operate without the right language skills and the appropriate documents.

  19. Johnny,
    The answer to illegals is easy. E-verify.

    1) worker has the same SS# as 20 others - they are fired.
    2) employers who hire illegals get fined $50K a pop.

    The problem disappears all by itself without a large government parasitic agency.

    Simple legislation is all that is needed. We have an instant backround check that works for gun purchases the same system can work here.

    Also, no SS or Medicare benefits for illegals.

    Self-deportation WILL happen. Our biggest problem would be having enough southbound lanes.

  20. H-Nox,

    Great point - that is the thing that would make Perry complete in my mind - an unequivocal statement supporting E-Verify.