Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you mean to have a war . . . .

With apologies to Captain John Parker (Lexington Militia, April 19, 1775) but if Jimmy Hoffa and the AFL-CIO mean to have a war let it begin here and let it begin now.  

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America 


  1. Ooh Rah! I got something for Hoffa and a couple of his closest supporters.

  2. War? They might not appreciate our response.

  3. I wonder if Obama's army understands that during a "war", they can't quit after 8 hours, get mandatory breaks, will have to work weekends and nights, receive no overtime and, not be able to strike if the "war" doesent go according to contract!
    And make sure you keep those "O" stickers on your cars for easy identification!

  4. H-Nox,

    I think that "war" to them means being loud and obnoxious, graffiti and leaving your trash all over the place.


    Your rules of engagement made me laugh - I'm pretty sure that "war" isn't what they mean.

  5. Amigo,
    Are you sure the libnut sheep know that?

    They are playing with gasoline. Stupid people do stupid things. The left owns the franchise.

  6. CS,
    When a "leader" of moonbats makes a speech "declaring war" and, "taking sons a bitches out", I see it as a direct threat and, I'd bet that plenty of moonbats heard it as a direct order.

    And, when the president and the leadership of the democrat party outrightly refuse to condemn the speech, it isn't rocket science to guess that they not only condone it but, agree with it.

    Mr "Let's tone down the rhetoric's" office stated today that Obama "isn't the speech police for the democrats".

    And, if you skim thru some lefty blogs out there, many of them have been talking about revolution quite a bit over the last few months.

    My hypothesis is that they elected Obama thinking that he would pull off their revolution by decree from the whitehouse and, the populace would just accept it.

    It didn't happen and, an obscure little group of tax protesters known as the tea party grew in numbers as a response and, kicked Obama's minions out of power last November and have stopped their quiet little revolution from within by kicking it out.

    Now they're getting desperate. Assaults at rallies didn't work, race baiting propaganda didn't work, ridicule didn't work...nothing on Saul Alinsky's list has worked and, now they're going to lash out.

  7. BTW, what's your take on this CS?


    The left now has it's own video game where they can shoot conservatives.

  8. -Sepp,

    Nothing those yahoos do any more really surprises me. That is of course beyond the pale and disgusting. Is it any wonder that virtually all political violence is committed by the left?