Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hail to the Capitalists!

I live just south of Washington, DC in Virginia.  That puts me squarely in the Washington Redskins fan zone.  They are 2-1 this year and I couldn’t care less.  It isn’t that I grew up somewhere else and love another team – not at all – I don’t approve of professional sports excesses, so I don’t watch.  I watch college ball and I go to the local farm team baseball games.  I won’t pay the big bucks to support the lavish life styles of the rich and infamous. 

Sam Bradford left Oklahoma and signed a six year contract that is worth at least $78 million.  I don’t have anything against Sam and I’m not envious of his success.  I’m glad he’s doing well. But I can tell you that it is ludicrous that he makes more money than the guy who came in to bail out MCI WorldCom.  Michael Cappellas saved thousands of jobs and steered MCI WorldCom into the successful merger with Verizon.  Which person is more valuable to our society?  By the way, the base pay for a brand new second lieutenant is less than $34,000.00.  Between Sam and that lieutenant, who do we need more? 

What is amazing that Sam Bradford, Michael Vick, and whoever the quarterback of the Washington Redskins is now will make millions and not one Liberal will bat an eye.  However those two-faced liberal bastards are all over the captains of industry that create and preserve the wealth in this country.  If we get out of this Obamanation we are currently in, it will be because the captains of industry grow the economy to eclipse the National debt.  Sam Bradford won’t have helped a bit. 

It continues to amaze me that people expend so much time and effort on the Redskins around here while their country is going up in flames.  If the Redskins were to go to the Super Bowl this year people are going to go crazy but it won’t solve any of their problems.  Maybe this is the same kind of thing that the Romans had going with the free bread and gladiator contests.  I’m steeling myself to have “Hail to the Redskins” as the background music if these guys get better.  However they won’t make my life better.  I say “Hail to the Capitalists” as they will be our salvation. 


  1. Thank you. A subject I have commented on several times myself in the past but I enjoy deferring to those who have the ability to say it better than me. Makes we wonder if we really are in a recession. By the way, my son in the Air Force makes about $17,000/year as an Airman First Class.

  2. Every time that have a conversation with a libmoron about capitalism I always ask them to cite ONE example where a poor man gave someone a job.

    The left always wants to vilify capitalism but can never offer one system that is better. Capitalism has worked since the dawn of mankind whereas every other system has failed miserably time and time again.

    Liberals are stuck on stupid and there is no cure for them. It’s a mental disorder.

  3. My compliments on your sticking to your principles, CS. I have refused to go to movie theaters to support the nasty drivel that often comes to the same theater after a good movie has played. My personal boycott, if you will.

    You wrote, " Maybe this is the same kind of thing that the Romans had going with the free bread and gladiator contests." To this thought I say - BINGO.

    Ted and Hardnox make excellent points as well.

  4. CS- As a football fanatic, I must jump in the fray. If you are trying to point out the hypocracy in anti-capitalism, then you may have a good point. But using the NFL as an example is a bad idea.

    NFL players make the money they receive, because of the revenue that they generate. I agree, Michael Cappellas is more important to this countrie's economy than Sam Bradford. The reason that Michael didn't receive a 51 million signing bonus, while Sam did is simple economics. Noone is going to pay $60 a ticket too see Mr. Cappellas successfully steer mergers. It's that simple.

    Before you start being amazed at people who expend so much energy into their beloved team, remember, that it is an escape. It allows adults too forget about their worries, and problems, if only for a short while.

    BTW- Rex Grossman is the Redskins QB. Trust me, as a Bears fan, he will not take you to the Super Bowl. But I hope you have fun watching him try.................................

  5. Ted, Thank you - God Bless your son.

    H-Nox, The ironies of Liberalism always amaze me and that's what I tried to point out. It's like Michael Moore pointing out the evils of capitalism while praising Cuba. How did he make his money?

    Mrs. AL, Thank you for your kind words. My personal boycotts go beyond pro-football. If we stopped supporting the lavish life styles of people who are destroying our culture we would all be better off.

  6. Johnny,

    Thanks for the comment. I figured I would draw fire from the sports fans. I wouldn't touch the business model (I'm a conservative - we are all about freedom after all) but I marvel that capitalists are demonized while sports celebrities are lionized. However we would be better served if we removed the legal protections of the sports monopolies and busted the player's unions.

    For those of us who don't watch the games and fawn over these people, most of what we hear are about the excesses of sports figures. Rape, murder, drugs, and other mayhem. Sports heroes of my youth certainly had their problems behind the scenes, but as a group they weren't morally repugnant. Contrast the Bobby Bonds of my youth with the Barry Bonds of today.

    I picked football but I could have said the same things about Lady Ga Ga, Micheal Jackson, and The Rolling Stones. Or I could have honed in on Hollywood. The principles are the same.

    Don't even get me started on tax payer subsidized sports stadiums.

    As for Rex Grossman and the Washington Redskins, I couldn't care less. One of the things that I liked about The Washington Times as my morning paper was that it didn't used to have a sports section. It does now under new management - too bad - at my house it goes straight to the recycle bin.

  7. LOLOLOLOLO- CS, you do care about the enviroment. I knew their was something about you that the Libs would like.

    I hope you didn't think I was firing on you. I was just trying to point out why these kids make so much money.

    Oh, BTW. You want to know how Michael "I'm really from Davidson" Moore makes his money. How about charging $30,000 to lecture to a bunch of college kids on the evils of Capitalism. I've always enjoyed the contradictions in the Liberal world.

  8. Johnny,

    Yes I recycle - though I'm not anal about it. I think that it is the height of stupidity to expend water, soap, and electricity to wash something to put in the recycle bin for example. Sort of defeats the purpose - but then liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, etc.) don't think that far. They could ruin anything.

    No problem on your comments - fire away. I think that we would be better served without "professional sports" for a great number of reasons. Maybe the core of a new post.

  9. Sounds like it would be a fun debate, your blog or mine

  10. Johnny,

    Be my guest friend - it will be interesting to see what you come up with on the benefits side. I think that like many things, no one in their right mind would ever design the "system" of professional sports that we have now.