Monday, September 5, 2011

He Might Not Be Completely Incompetent

I know at this point it is hard not to conclude that President Barack Hussein Obama is completely and utterly incompetent.  Defending his intellect is a daunting task given his refusal to learn from mistakes and his dogged determination to pursue a bankrupt ideology.  However, I am reminded of the story of General George C. Marshall who British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the "organizer of victory" after World War II.  Six years later as country after country fell under Communist domination Senator Joseph McCarthy actually commented that "If Marshall were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that part of his decisions would serve this country's interest."  The occasion of that comment was the victory of the Chinese Communists over the Nationalist Chinese who were allies of the United States.  The implication was that General Marshall was helping the Communists expand their influence around the world. 

I don’t resurrect this issue to imply that Marshall was a traitor or stupid – neither is true.  What we know now with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight is that Communists were wildly successful in infiltrating our government.  In particular infiltration of the State Department where Marshall was serving as Secretary of State surrounded Marshal with communists who provided absolutely terrible advice – unless you were rooting for Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union.  Given the revelations of the Venona Project and the vast amount of intelligence that is still streaming in after the fall of the Soviet Union, this is irrefutable today.  Inside Washington, DC leftist political hacks undermined Marshall’s confidence and trust in Chiang Kai-shek (a bit of a rouge to be sure) that lead to the withdrawal of US support.  Inevitably that lead to Mao’s subjugation of over a billion Chinese and the death of as many as 70 Million at the hands of the Mao’s Communists.  Probably the most successful espionage effort in the history of the world. 

The ghost of Chiang must have whispered to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak “I could have told you this would happen.”  Now we have a President whose experience can’t even compare to Second Lieutenant Marshall much less the architect of victory in World War II.  While the various departments of the US government are probably not riddled with communists controlled and directed by a foreign power, our government is riddled with leftists (Liberals, Socialists, Progressives, Democrats, whatever).  This leads to the dangerous group-think that has produced the incremental socialism creeping constantly forward from the Departments of Education, Justice, Energy, Health and Human Services, etc. etc.  Couple that with the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with people of little accomplishment harvested from the Nation’s leading socialist factories (Harvard, Princeton, MIT, etc.) and we have the recipe that has resulted in the current disaster. 

Therefore to paraphrase Joe “If Obama were merely stupid, the laws of probability would dictate that part of his decisions would serve this country's interest."   Of course, they have not.  Getting rid of Obama is important, but slashing the Federal Government is absolutely essential as they are supporting Obama with advice and continuing to move the socialist ball down the field.  You could fire 100 people at random in the Department of Education and nearly all of them would deserve it.  The same is true of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

One of the positive results of slashing the Federal Government under President Perry will be firing tens of thousands of people who richly deserve it.  

Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies        The Venona Secrets, Exposing Soviet Espionage and America's Traitors


  1. I look forward to that too. Hundreds of thousands would suit me better.

  2. You're correct in thinking that our government probably isn't filled with communists who are acting under the direction of a foreign power.

    The communists that Obama has emplaced within the government are just foolish idealists who ignore the human failings of communism and focus on the "looks good on paper" version of communism that would work if every human were robotic and, programed exactly the same.

  3. -Sepp,

    I don't mean to imply that there aren't communists in the government - of course there are - it is like a magnet for them. They didn't convert and we didn't kill them all - so they went somewhere. The "Green" movement sucked up a lot of them, outfits like ACORN others, and of course they are the anchor of the Democrat Party.

  4. Obama seems to have filled the government with communists.

    Seriously, for a guy who claims NOT to be a socialist / communist, Obama seems to know damned near every one of them on a personal level.

    How many actual communists / socialists do you know or, associate with? Maybe one that you've met someplace or, grew up near?

    That circle of comms / soc's is a pretty closed up clique that doesent associate with folks who don't support their ideas...yet Obama knows them?

    Birds of a feather...