Thursday, September 8, 2011

Republican Debate – the aftermath

I’m not completely sure that having three left-wing knot-heads sparing with eight faithful and successful public servants is an effective way of determining who is the best man or woman to be our next President.  With that said, the discussion appeared to be more substantive than that of the last debate by Fox News.  

Governor Rick Perry was everyone’s favorite target.  I wasn’t particularly impressed with his performance, but he stuck to his guns and looked pretty damned Presidential.  I like the concept: you come to Texas and kill someone, we’ll kill you back.  We need to take that National.  It works here in Virginia too. 

Mitt Romney was pretty polished and slick, but what do you expect from someone who has been running for President for six years?  I still don’t trust him.    

Ron Paul makes a good point once in awhile, but he can’t say three sentences without reminding you that deep down, he’s a lunatic.

Jon Huntsman lost me on his climate and evolution attack.  Neither are “science.”  He’s preaching snake oil to the wrong audience – take that crap over to the liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever). 

Herman Cain made a few points, but the “9, 9, 9” plan sounds too gimmicky to me.   Good candidate for Secretary of Commerce.   

Newt Gingrich hit some long balls and he’s certainly one of the smartest people on the stage.  He still comes off as a professor and I know he can’t win.  I like him playing whack-a-mole with goofy moderators.  Worth the price of admission.     

Rick Santorum hit a ground rule double on the stupid question about poor people.  However he’s out of his league.  I don’t like the idea of a legislator for President.    

Michele Bachmann wasn’t much of a presence.  I like her ideas and her grit.  I don’t think she’s packing what’s necessary to be commander-in-chief.   

I don’t care who “won,” Governor Rick Perry is the guy we need to advance to the ticket.

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  1. amigo,
    Good summary and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  2. CS,

    I missed it because it was on MSNBC. Don't get it and don't want it.

    I like Newt for telling the libs to blow him.

  3. CS- I didn't like Perry at all. I still need too watch some more. I have it on the DVR, but if this guy is the GOP candidate, we better get ready for another 4 years of Obama. I think the Democratic machine will rip Perry apart. I'm going too watch it again, and I'll get back to ya. I am too busy tonight.........FOOTBALL

  4. H-Nox and Tenth - thanks.

    J.O.B., will wait for your response. Remember how badly it has gone for us after electing a slick, poised, and polished candidate without benefit of a resume. We got Barack Hussein Obama.

    I think that Perry will hold his own. The democrat (liberal, socialist, progressive, whatever) machine is a one trick pony they will call Governor Rick Perry a "dumb cowboy." You might recall that they did that through two presidential elections recently - look how good it worked for them. You could feel sorry for them if that was the first two times they tried it - but that was their tactic with Ronald Reagan too - he was a "dumb cowboy" - I encourage them to use it again.

    Americans love cowboys and we are learning again why we generally hate Harvard intellectuals.

  5. Perry started his announcement speech with "Howdy." I like a guy that feels comfortable talking like me. Every time Obama uses a colloquialism it sounds rehearsed. Every time he, (or Willard) rolls up his sleeves it looks proppish. Perry is comfortable being comfortable, and I find comfort in that.

  6. I finished watching it.... I don't mind the fact that Perry is a down too Earth guy. I have a problem with the question of education in his state, and how he went right around it.

    I liked Cain, and his 999 plan. It makes alot of sence to me, regardless of how gimmicky it sounds.

    I also liked Santorum. I thought he did great during the debate, but I will have too do more homework on him.

    I liked Romney, but I don't know too much about him either, except from what I saw on the debate.

    I don't like Bachman. She's a little too radical for me, and I don't like the idea of her and her family being involved with government subsidies. I do agree with her, on exploring this countries energy resources.

    I think Paul is just retarded.

    Huntsman is an asshole for his involvement in the vitamin & supplement bullshit industry.

    I do like Gingrich, but I agree that he'll never get the nod.

    As far as Perry goes, he did stick to his guns. But he also went around the subjects of education and the poverty levels in his state. That doesn't remind me of a maverick cowboy. It reminds me of a career politician.