Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your eyes are off the ball

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

Please help me out here. I keep hearing that Senator Max Baucus has established his goal of passing some kind of health care bill. As you know, all this activity is happening against the express will of the people of the United States. I always thought that you and the rest of congress were sent to Washington to act within the boundaries of the United States Constitution in the best interest of the citizens in your respective States. If you accept that premise and given that more than 85% of the American people express satisfaction with their current health plan – then the very last thing that Congress should be messing with is health care.

What you all should do is focus on things that have worked. Tort reform and allowing individuals to shop for insurance outside their respective States would save huge sums of money. If President Obama is right (that hasn’t happened yet) and the government can save money by eliminating waste and fraud – then do that too. You don’t need some giant monstrosity of a bill to save us money – carve that piece out and implement it.

You guys are taking your eye off the ball (we your constituents) in focusing on some utopian socialist paradise – we don’t want that. You know that.

Best Regards,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Commander-in-Chief: Shuttling off to Copenhagen

One of the most critically important functions that the President of the United States is responsible for is that of Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. Imagine the agony of concerned Americans not to mention the mothers, fathers, wives, children, and friends of the 68,000 American servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan. For days now President Obama has waffled on General McChrystal’s request for additional troops. This is unconscionable. If that wasn’t bad enough, I open my beloved Washington Times this morning to be greeted by: “Musharraf: Afghan debate shows U.S. weak.”


We are getting lectured on toughness by the French! Who would have thought that day would come?

At some point, President Obama becomes specifically responsible for the deaths of men and women who might have been saved by the introduction of additional the requested combat power into Afghanistan. General McChrystal no doubt agrees with Napoleon Bonaparte who said that “God is on the side with the bigger battalions.” No doubt that the Taliban would get that message as well were they to face 108,000 Americans rather than 68,000 Americans in Afghanistan.

President Obama might hearken back to the Battle of Mogadishu during our ill-fated intervention in Somalia. The American general on the scene had requested that he be reinforced with tanks. President Clinton’s had appointed liberal moron Congressman Les Aspin as his Secretary of Defense. Aspin vetoed the general’s request. Not long after that a failed snatch of a high level operative of the warlord Adid resulted in the battle memorialized in “Blackhawk Down.” How different might that battle have been had the relief force been lead by M1 Main Battle Tanks?

What liberals don’t understand is that lives would have been saved on both sides – that’s why they shouldn’t be trusted with anything important. We lost that lesson – now we are faced with it once again.

Listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday I was heart-sick when a woman called to say that her son had just gotten called up to deploy to Afghanistan – you could hear the pain in her voice. She acknowledged that he was proud, even eager to go (I know how he feels), but she has doubts largely because of the lack of commitment by our current administration. That also is unconscionable.

But the Commder-in-Chief is busy - he's off to Copenhagen with Oprah.

We must fix this. The long road back starts in 2010 with the elections – we must wrest control of our country back. Then in 2012 we must end this disastrous experiment by kicking Obama to the curb with his soul mate, failed President Jimmy Carter.

Conservative Resistance – Day 330

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You Benevolent Government

All day this past Friday I was on the road through Virginia, West Virginia, and into Ohio. I saw a number of signs that proclaimed that the work being performed was courtesy of the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.” They were large signs, quite catchy. There were also forests of “Work Zone When Flashing” signs. This must be those “shovel ready” projects I thought. The fly in the buttermilk was that the signs weren’t flashing and there wasn’t any work being done. Perhaps that was a metaphor for the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009,” aka. Porkulous Bill. Well at least the sign makers cashed in.

Conservative Resistance – Day 329

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Be Careful Beck

Glen Beck,

I confess that though my wife and I are regular viewers, I’m not always sure how to take your antics. However I had a chilling feeling this week as I watched you at the blackboard. I felt we were in Wheeling, West Virginia and it was February 9, 1950. Let me explain.

Sometime ago I read Ann Coulter’s fine book, “Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism.” As a product of the public school system I started to squirm a little as she started to rehabilitate Senator Joe McCarthy. I was schooled in all the standard liberal mythology about McCarthy and like most people I misidentified the activities of the House of Un-American Activities with those of McCarthy’s Senate work. However, Ann Coulter planted the seed and I was ready when “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies” by M. Stanton Evans hit the book stands. “Blacklisted” was fascinating and after reading it I realized that the only victim of “McCarthyism” was Joe McCarthy himself. So now that I am properly steeped in the actual history of that era, it is chilling to see the parallels between 1950 and 2009. It is also why I think that your evening call to wake up is very much like the speech that Senator Joe McCarthy delivered in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1950. Further, it is essential that you keep speaking out.

You must proceed with some degree of care as with Joe McCarthy, liberals cannot allow you to continue to speak out. They will first try to discredit you and then they will try to destroy you, just as they did Joe McCarthy. These are the things to watch out for:

- Trivial or tangential issue. Liberals will try to pin you down when you make a mistake or miss-speak on an issue regardless of how trivial or tangential that issue might be. For McCarthy the media and his foes in Congress railed against the number of communists that McCarthy alleged were in the State Department. No one knows what the actual number was even today. But whether there were 192, 205, 220, or 2 – the point was that there were communists who were bent on the destruction of our country with access to our most important secrets and who were advising our leaders who were making policy. The liberals who attack you don’t ever have to be right – but you have to be right all the time.

- A Senate or House investigation at this time may not spell victory. Senator McCarthy made so much noise that the democrats in power could no longer ignore it. You may be painting the Obama/Pelosi/Reid axis into a similar corner. But the Tydings Committee (named for Maryland democrat Senator Millard Tydings) that followed was one of the more despicable chapters in the history of the United States Senate. Empowered to investigate the charges of communists in the State Department, Tydings allied himself instead with the Truman administration and the State Department to defeat McCarthy. The Truman administration suppressed the release of evidence, invented evidence, and viciously attacked Joe McCarthy throughout the entire episode. Were Senator Reid to do the right thing and hold congressional hearings on the criminal enterprises that you are exposing, it is unlikely that that the puppets will shine the light of truth on the puppeteers.

- Don’t attack an American icon. One of McCarthy’s biggest mistakes was to attack General George C. Marshall. As Secretary of State more of the world fell under the domination of communism than during the tenure of possibly any other Secretary of State, but Marshall was not a communist. One could argue that he was easily duped and extremely ill advised, but he wasn’t a communist. You may have already erred in this area by attacking Senator John McCain. He is also easily duped and he may be a Teddy Roosevelt Progressive, but you should lay off. No personal attacks on people who are just ignorant.

- Don’t attack a beloved American institution. McCarthy’s other big blunder was to take on the United States Army. Certainly as we look back, there were communists operating within army communications facilities, but open warfare with the United States Army lost the guy who should have been McCarthy’s biggest ally, President Dwight Eisenhower. You are certainly safe exposing ACORN unless liberals are able to turn this argument into an attack on the poor or minorities. ACORN, Tides, and the Apollo Alliance are certainly criminal enterprises and should be safe targets.

The liberals are going to come after you with everything they have. The Republican fair-weather warriors abandoned McCarthy because he made some serious tactical errors and his principle subordinates got caught up in some unsavory antics. Your friends will abandon you as well if you appear petty, hateful, or too casual with the truth. With that said, McCarthy’s work enabled the Republican landslide victory in 1952. As the media and his enemies increasingly painted McCarthy as a lunatic and characterized his tactics as savage and unfair, McCarthy found himself alone and it destroyed him. Does any of this begin to look familiar?

You do need to cultivate friends in this pursuit. The American people were buoying McCarthy in the beginning, but as you know they can be very fickle. When President Eisenhower abandoned McCarthy that was the beginning of the end for him. You do need high cover. Perhaps you get that from News Corporation – I hope so.

Your Friend,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm an Embarrassment to President Obama

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored 13 on the Obama Test

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


My wife and I each made a small donation to Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina. It was Representative Wilson who shortly after President Obama smoothly and expertly lied about illegal aliens and health care said “You lie.” As is often the case, we are now diverted by Joe Wilson’s insult rather than the fact that Barack Obama lied. Amazing.

Even if you don’t feel like contributing to Wilson’s campaign, please go to:

Sign the petition that you stand with Joe. We feel better about that. We are also thinking about taking our next vacation in his district in South Carolina. Instead of flaying each other in the news, why doesn’t President Obama host Representative Wilson for a beer in the Rose Garden? Isn’t that how we resolve this kind of stuff now?

Conservative Resistance – Day 316

Sunday, September 13, 2009

God must be a Republican

I was manning the Republican Headquarters in Prince William County, Virginia last Friday. I had my laptop with me and the local field director for the Republican Party of Virginia asked me to help him put together route books for the door knocking to be done on Saturday. No problem --- except this required me to print maps through the wireless printer in the office. I worked on linking my laptop with that printer for about an hour and half. We paused and went to lunch. Once back I went right back to work on solving the problem of my computer communicating with their printer – no joy. While I was battling on, a lady came into the office to volunteer. She said that she didn’t have much time and the field director put her to work putting yard signs together. She wasn’t far from me, close enough to see what I was doing. At some point, the field director put me on the phone with the party geek and he worked with me to talk me through a different path to load the wireless computer. He didn’t have time to wait for me to perform all the functions however, and not long after we hung up, I worked my way through and that method failed as well. No doubt sensing my rising frustration, the volunteer putting signs together asked me my name. I gave it to her. Then she asked if she could say a prayer for me and I told her that I would be happy for her to do that. We all paused what we were doing and bowed our heads. She prayed that God would give me the wisdom to find the solution to the problem. Ten minutes later she had to leave – just minutes before I cracked the problem and printed a test page. God must be a Republican. I pretty much thought he would be; now I have proof.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Friend from Sierra Leone

Today the Orkin man came by to treat the outside of my house (we’ve had trouble with ants). He had that lilting accent that made me ask him where he was from and he replied “Sierra Leone.” While he was treating the garage he asked me what I thought of the Health Care crisis – an opportunity? I told him that nothing that was on the table currently in Congress or proposed by the President would positively affect the problem. He asked me how they could fix it. I explained to him how we needed to stop jackpot justice in the courts and drive down medical malpractice abuse. I explained to him how John Edwards (yeah – the marital cheat) had almost single handedly driven up the number of Cesarean births through an utterly ridiculous lawsuit. I told him that we had to sort out the 5 to 15 million people who truly needed our help and cover them, but that the best way to solve the problem was to get the government out of the mix and drive down cost.

His response: “Don’t the insurance companies bear some of the responsibility?” I told him that the insurance companies were caught in the middle. “Imagine that you own 1,000 shares of stock in Nationwide, who should the company be loyal to?” A good company needs to make a profit regardless of the climate. So the insurance company is responsible to everyone. “But why do the company leaders get paid so much?” he responded. “Well I chose to live in a country where you can make $10 million and there are people in this country who are worth that much.” I told him the story of WorldCom and how after the bankruptcy they brought in a guy who stabilized the company and put it up for sale. He saved tens of thousands of jobs, prevented turmoil in thousands of companies and tens of thousands of homes that didn’t have to change service. “In a company that made $30 billion that year, is it hard to imagine giving that guy $6 million in salary and bonuses?” He agreed that it was “chump change.”

I’m not sure that I made a convert of him. As he finished, I asked him if he wanted a soda or a bottle of water. He accepted a Coke. I told him to help save the country and vote Republican. Guess who he drug out? He didn’t trust us because John McCain chose Sarah Palin for a running mate. I told him that Palin represented more people than Joe Biden and had more executive experience than Barack Obama. I don’t think he saw the point. Well at least I tried.

Conservative Resistance – Day 311

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How much damage can a few liberals do?

One of the things that got lost recently in the all the screaming over health care was the rebuff of the lawful government in Honduras by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the State Department. Essentially, the government of Honduras pointed out that since President Zelaya was forbidden by law from running for President again, the upcoming elections in November would solve the crisis. Pretty sound logic particularly in light of their invitation to international monitoring of their election. Secretary Clinton - who has met with the lawfully ousted Zelaya – refused to support the decision to allow the people of Honduras to resolve the crisis.
You see Zelaya, emboldened by other dictators in the region – particularly Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez – decided to violate his oath and his constitution and float a resolution to run for a forbidden second term. As required by their constitution, the Supreme Court of Honduras and the Legislature acted by empowering the Honduran Army to serve an arrest warrant and pack Zelaya off to El Salvador (a much better ending than many would-be South American dictators have received).
The Obama administration continues in the fiction that this is a “constitutional crisis” – it wasn’t, the constitution was followed and the natural checks and balances it put in place worked just fine. Much of the mainstream media insists on referring to this as a “coup” – it was not. One of the key elements in the definition of coup is that it is “illegal” this action was not. Note to President Obama if you violate our constitution (and many say that you have and are) the Supreme Court and Congress of the United States are required to get rid of you. No doubt that is why you picked Joe Biden as your running mate – he is insurance, as bad as you are – Biden would probably be worse.
In his superior book “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy and his fight against America’s Enemies” M. Stanton Evans points out just how dangerous it is having Liberals in power. Witness the treatment of Yugoslavia during World War II. We now know that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration was riddled with communists – not hyperbole but fact that is easily proven by the release of Venona project communiqu├ęs and other historical documents to include those of the former USSR. Ground zero for their campaign was the United States State Department. Yugoslavia became an important theater for communist disinformation almost immediately.
After the German invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941 two major groups of partisans arose. There were the Chetniks who organized to fight the German invaders and then there were the Communists who organized a few days later and who principally fought the anti-Nazis Chetniks. Even today, the Communist Josip Broz Tito is the hero of the resistance. Communist misinformation caused the Allies at the time to reinforce and supply Tito rather than his pro-Western counterpart General Draza Mihailovic. As a result of Allied support, in the waning days of World War II Tito’s Partisans “liberated” Yugoslavia which became part of the communist empire, firmly ensconced behind the Iron Curtain. Chalk one up for the communists. Ever wonder why so much of the world fell under communist domination under President Truman who now has such a great reputation as a commie-fighter? Where did the buck stop Harry?
The State Department became the ideal place to help bring hundreds of millions of people under communist domination. Asia “experts” in the State Department undermined Chiang Kai-shek and slowed and eventually stopped US support to his anti-communist efforts. Ultimately Mao Zedong was able to defeat Chiang bringing one billion Chinese under the heel of communism. The efforts of the Truman State Department were so disastrous that the West nearly lost what many believe to be the cradle of democracy – Greece.
Now we have a government dominated by a guy who thought it was a good idea to put a self-described communist in his administration. We have an amateur Secretary of State who is willing to abandon nearly eight million Hondurans to a wannabe socialist dictator – why exactly? This appears to be another very dangerous time for the people of the World who depend on us for protection and support. Be wary Israel, Colombia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other freedom seekers – we might not be a reliable partner for freedom for the next three and a half years.
Conservative Resistance – Day 310

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome Back

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,

Welcome back from recess, I hope that you had the opportunity to hear your constituents. No matter what poll you read, no matter how the question is phrased we the people of Virginia are without a doubt opposed to any of the government health care options currently in the Congress. We aren’t stupid and we aren’t ignorant of the facts. We want you to scrap all of the current plans – don’t try and tweak them – trash them, all of them. Then start over with these issues:

1. Tort reform to end the health care jackpot game that costs all of us money. Do two things – limit the size of court awards and make the loser of the case responsible for the legal fees of both parties.

2. The Constitution allows you to “regulate commerce . . . . among the several States” and you should therefore remove all barriers established by States to prevent individual Americans and corporations from shopping for insurance across State lines.

3. Establish medical savings accounts for individuals where money can be deposited pre-tax and grow tax-free for use to purchase medical insurance or be spent for the purchase of medicine or medical care.

4. Stop the top-down, one size fits all approach to medical care and release the States to deal with health care the way they see fit.

If you can’t do any of that, then do nothing. The President is absolutely wrong when he says “doing nothing is not an option.” Were Congress to leave health care alone it would make the overwhelming majority of Americans happy. Try focusing on defending our borders and enforcing our immigration laws (that would materially reduce health care costs). Try balancing the budget by eliminating unnecessary programs and regulation (to include medical regulation) and that will have a positive effect on health care costs and personal wealth. Challenge the President on his appointments of a vast staff of questionable characters who are running around with absurd titles, drawing absurd paychecks, and doing unauthorized, unregulated, and largely unnecessary damage to our Republic. Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States again and govern your actions and activities accordingly. Require everyone in the government to read them and act accordingly – including the President.
Kindest Regards,

Monday, September 7, 2009

Presidential Economics 101

Dear President Obama,
It is time for you to pause and realize that you have exceptionally bad instincts. Witness Van Jones – who told you that nut-job would be a good pick for anything? But the purpose of my letter today is to explain some very basic facts to you about the economy.
You can’t “fix” the economy by decree or edict. As should be fairly obvious to you by now – Congress isn’t very good at that either. Making a law without understanding the downstream results of that law can be disastrous – witness Sarbanes-Oxley – no matter how well intentioned, it was an utter failure and burdened companies with useless requirements for documentation. The long term effects are still unknown. A boon to accountants and lawyers, it has certainly retarded business growth and employment.
Your Saturday, 5 September proposal to allow workers to convert unused vacation and sick days into 401K deposits is another great example of an idea that seems kind or benevolent, but it is far too easy to see the flaws and ultimately the disaster that would result. I think this is because until recently you have never been a boss or supervisor.
First – as a manager, I don’t want employees looking at sick leave as bankable assets that belong to them. Rather, I want employees to take sick leave and stay home when they are sick. If they look at that sick day as cash in the bank and come into work, they generally do a substandard job and there is the risk of making everyone else sick (think H1N1 Flu). Use sick days for what they were intended for – government butt out.
Second – again as a manger I want my employees to take vacation. When they are at work, I want their best effort all the time. However I want them to play hard too – that’s why we give them vacation time. It is good for them. It provides relief and distances them from the daily grind. I don’t want them burning themselves out at work while harboring vacation days so they can get paid for them later. Use vacation for what it is intended for (like going to Martha’s Vineyard or Camp David) – government butt out.
Finally – if you were to talk to a Human Resources professional in any large company, you would probably find out that they could approximate how many sick days or personal days end up not being used. Conscientious and healthy employees don’t use sick days or employees leave their jobs for any variety of reasons without using them. If you allow those employees to roll those unused days into a 401K you have levied yet another unfunded mandate on businesses large and small. It isn’t your money, it isn’t the employee’s money, leave it alone – government butt out.
I know that this is foreign to your DNA, but most companies have a responsible and benevolent attitude towards their employees. That isn’t completely altruistic on the employer’s part, rather employees who are happy, properly compensated, and generally valued do a better job. This is still a free country, so employees who feel that they aren’t valued leave. Having employees constantly leaving is very expensive and disruptive for a business and businesses get that message. Any employee who remains at a company that doesn’t value his service is exceedingly foolish. Bottom line – the very last thing that employers and employees need is for a rookie manager like you to get involved – government butt out.
I recommend that you read the constitution again and stick to those things that you are authorized to do rather than branching out into places where you and the government do not belong.
Kindest Regards,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vetting Problem or Ideology Problem?

I love this public discussion about Van Jones the racist communist clown that the Obama administration named to be the head of “Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation” at the White House Council on Environmental Quality – or – Green Jobs Czar. Who is surprised by this? Barack Obama sat in the pew at racist communist nut-job “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and now we are surprised that Obama picks a guy who is right at home with that crowd?
Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Ann Coulter, and the list goes on, and on predicted exactly this kind of move starting nearly two years ago. This is not news folks. Van Jones is just another in the long line of bad actors that Barack Obama has chosen to associate with. That is the operative word – he chose them, he chose to associate with them, and he chose to seek their guidance.
The question now isn’t “How did Van Jones get through the Obama vetting process?” He made it because Obama and his cronies don’t consider a communist to be “radical.” The real question is “Why did Americans ignore all of the danger signs that candidate Obama set off?” Certainly if Karl Marx and Barack Obama could sit down at the picnic table for a beer in the Rose Garden, they wouldn’t find anything to argue about – they would agree on all major points of governing philosophy and economic theory. Obama isn’t going to answer any of our problems – he is the problem. Tell you congress critters to get rid of all these damn Czars.
Conservative Resistance – Day 306

Friday, September 4, 2009

Founder's Daily Quote

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers." --John Adams, Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law, 1756

From the Patriot Post:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

How a Town Hall Meeting Ought to be . . . .

Tuesday my wife and I attended a Town Hall style meeting held by Republican Representative Rob Wittman of Virginia’s First Congressional District. United Virginia had a table outside the meeting location and their people were handing out professionally made signs that read “Health Care for America Now.” I asked them if they were associated with ACORN – they said “No they are too radical.” However the signs looked identical to those available through “Health Care for American Now” and they are associated with ACORN,, and other radical organizations. I think they lied.
You may be surprised that my Congressman actually read the bill that is in the House of Representatives. A copy of the bill was perched on a stool in the center of the stage – it was huge. Wittman admitted to skimming through some of the technical medical jargon as it was not germane to the implementation of the “government option.” He explained to the crowd at the Dodd auditorium in Mary Washington College why he was not going to support it. That brought about two thirds of the crowd to its feet in a sustained standing ovation. His listed three principles that will govern his support of a plan: (1) Lower the overall cost of health care, (2) Don’t mess with what works, and (3) Cover several million chronically uninsured. Standing ovation.
On entering the venue we were encouraged to fill out 3X5 cards with our name and home town if we wanted to speak or ask a question. Though I did, I wasn’t called upon. I was moved by one woman who told the story of fleeing California for her kids. According to her, California is so overwhelmed by illegal aliens that schools stopped offering programs that her special needs children required. She fled to Virginia. California is a beautiful State, rich in natural resources with a diverse, talented, and resourceful population. Bad government has utterly squandered all of it. There are no bad States, just bad governments.
One knot head stood up and detailed all the democrat talking points including the assertion that the US was number thirty in health care on a list of nations in the “World Fact Book” compiled by the CIA. I just looked that up – actually we are 50 of 224 countries (many of which I have never heard of). The overwhelming majority of them are in Western Europe including all the tiny ones – Andorra (2), San Marino (5), Guernsey (12), Gibraltar (20), Monaco (21), Lichtenstein (22), Jersey (25), Faroe Islands (28), Malta (29), Luxembourg (31), and Isle of Man (39). Does anyone honestly think that it is worth moving to Bosnia and Herzegovina (43) in order to scratch out another 0.39 years of life?
It is probably debatable whether or not government health care contributes to European longevity. Europeans might live longer because we have been protecting them for over 60 years. Maybe they live longer because they don’t work very hard and take insanely long vacations.
It is interesting that the greatest practitioners of socialist medicine, Russia and Eastern Europe are not represented in the top 50. Albania is 51 and Michael Moore’s health care paradise Cuba is 55. Russia, the crucible of Obamacare comes in at 162.
In Korea (# 40), the compound word that is used for America is “Mee-Guk” and literally means “beautiful country.” They call their own country “Han-Guk” for the river Han that bi-sects their country. Imagine if we called our country “Mississippi Country” and referred to Switzerland (#11) as “beautiful country.” How would that affect your psyche? The visa section of the US embassy in Seoul was the busiest in the world when I was in Korea not long ago – I wonder how Koreans think our health care stacks up.
People like that knot head don’t appreciate the uniqueness of America. If President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, or Leader Reid screw this country up ----- there is nowhere to go.
Conservative Resistance – Day 303

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In the “you can’t make this up” category for today, check out The Washington Times for two stunning revelations:
1. Close Kennedy friend Ed Klien spilled on the air that Ted Kennedy liked Chappaquiddick jokes. What a pig. Check out “Ha Ha” at:
2. Hillary Clinton messed up and said in public that it was wrong for women in China and India to abort female babies and she referred to the practice as “infanticide.” Is it a baby or not? – see “Aborting Girls” at:
Bet neither of those makes the NBC evening news with Katie Couric.
Conservative Resistance – Day 302

Patriot Post

"[O]f those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants." --Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No. 1

From Today's Patriot Post -