Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Conservative Texan on Immigration


  1. I'll bet the dims are crapping razorblades after they see this.

    Every Latino that I have ever known share the same ethics that we all do. I never bought into the narrative that Latinos always supported the dims.

    No doubt that narrative was another demmerhoid lie.

  2. Ok, I'll put my foot in my mouth and take my chances. This video is sending me mixed messages. Oh, I would like to do a full analysis for you but here are a couple of examples:

    Ivan Parra spoke of 'anti immigrant language' - wrong. No conservative or even Republican, I know is "anti-immigrant." Those who are here illegally ought be labeled appropriately as "illegal aliens." Just like those hikers who illegally crossed the border into Iran. We have to get the language straight.

    At the end of the video that guy says, 'put your conservative values to work.' Uh, conservative values, from what I understand, include respect for the rule of law and border sovereignty. Anyone here illegally is by nature violating those bedrock principles, are they not? What's conservative about that?

    IMHO, someone somewhere needs reconfigure this whole debate in a different context.

    Perhaps I am the one with the problem. Perhaps I am out of touch with this whole issue and debate. If so, please feel free to advise me. I thank you in advance for helping me always learn.

  3. H-Nox, Amen brother.

    Mrs. AL, Good point. I'm struggling with all that as well - "What part of illegal do we not understand?" I think that it might help to look at the problem chronologically and the first problem is the failure by the Federal government to secure the border. What stems from that signature failure is that State and local governments are left holding the bag. These governments have chosen a wide variety of solutions from sanctuary cities (Berkley, San Francisco) to actively trying to enforce federal law (Arizona, Alabama). Texas falls somewhere in between.

    The first problem ultimately is the one you have to solve first - secure the border. This isn't something that we can fix overnight, and the government's refusal to deal with the problem is shameful.

    My county in Virginia passed the Rule of Law Resolution in 2007. Since we had both a President and Attorney General at that time that believed in the rule of law, we weren't attacked by our own government as was Arizona. We were however vilified by neighbors. There were of course good points and bad points. Crime rates plummeted. Traffic accidents reduced by 22%. School programs for students who couldn't speak English dropped substantially. There were cost savings across the board from schools, emergency rooms, and government responses. With that said, it did hurt businesses and the rental market.

    Ultimately it worked for us but it wasn't easy and it helped that Republicans out number Democrats 6 to 2 on the County Board of Supervisors (although the vote in favor was unanimous).

    I think that the right answer is that we need to attack the problem from both ends. Local governments doing what we did and a wholesale take-over of the Federal government in November 2012 by conservatives.

  4. I have to agree with Mrs. AL.

    We are nation of laws, not suggestions. National sovereignty is defined by a nations ability to maintain borders. Our constitution requires and orderly process for immigration conducted by our federal authorities.

    It is unlawful to cross our border without approval. It is likewise unlawful to obtain false documents and identities.

    I consider myself to be a solid conservative. I hold no animus toward legal immigrants. My own only son is a Latino immigrant, now a naturalized citizen. I raised him to be an American, not someone with one foot in two countries.

    The federal government has failed us. States have failed us. The result is chaos. As the video clearly shows, that failure is resulting in a complete alteration of Texas.

    La Raza calls it the Reconquista, I believe them.

    Where will people find the American Dream if uncontrolled migration destroys the economy completely?

  5. Sgt Relic,

    I don't dispute anything that you or Mrs. AL presented. We have an existent problem not a theoretical one. Therefore we have to focus on that problem.

    First - close the border.
    Second - apply pressure in the same way that we did here in our county in Virginia and in Arizona and Alabama.

    There is only one Party that is going to do that - it's the Republicans. So what can we do as a practical matter? Support Republicans who agree with us.

  6. CS, I will respectfully disagree with one statement you made after your two-pronged approach to the illegal alien problem: "There is only one Party that is going to do that - it's the Republicans." Given the message of the video, I don't think the RP will do that. Select Republicans, maybe. But the Party has a whole has bought into the "you're a racist" extortion used today. Am I wrong?

  7. Mrs. AL,

    I don't see it that way (surprised?). In our current two-Party system the Republican Party is the only hope. I can tell you that under the right leadership they can make it happen (witness Arizona and Alabama).

    In our county - Republicans made it happen. We are in a fight this year to retake the Virginia Senate as many bills dealing with illegal immigration have died in the Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) dominated Senate. If we are successful - you'll see some real broken field running on illegal immigration issues in Virginia.

  8. Amigo,
    I respectfully disagree that the GOP will end illegal immigration. They blew their chances over a 20 year period kicking the can down the road.

    First, our sainted Reagan blew it. GHWB blew it. GW blew it. All succumbed to the false narrative of an Hispanic backlash.

    If you meant a conservative GOP, then that's a different story altogether.

    As I have said multiple times, strict enforcement of E-Verify along with hefty fines for employers is the answer. The illegals will self deport. Problem over.

  9. Mrs AL,

    You are correct on all points.

  10. Oh, one more thing:

    What part of ILLEGAL does congress not understand?

  11. H-Nox,

    I think that you choose to see the glass half empty while I see the glass half full. I think that we are seeing a tidal wave of conservative action coming. In November of 2010 Republicans turned 19 Democrat (Socialist, Progressive, Liberal, whatever) State legislatures Red. We haven't controlled this many State houses since 1928. That was the real victory in 2010 - you are about to see a conservative revolution that will make the Reagan Revolution look tame.

    Look at our beloved Virginia - there has only been a Republican governor with a Republican House of Delegates and Republican State Senate for two years since Reconstruction. That will change this year and all that good legislation that has been bottled up will be freed. There were 10 bills dealing with illegal immigration last legislative season - only one watered down version got through the Democrat controlled Senate. Even the People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Soviet Maryland is defending a bill against illegal aliens!

    Could you have ever imagined Wisconsin's victories a year ago? After everything that Obama and Holder have put Arizona through over illegal immigration could you have imagined Alabama? Just wait until January 2012 and Virginia's legislative season.

    Reagan blew it because he trusted Democrats to keep their word - we must never do that. They are faithless liars of the first order. Conservatives are the spine of the Republican party - I believe that they are awake now.

    As for the illegal question - what exactly is your point? There are between 13 and 20 million illegal immigrants in this country. This tape above partially dispels the Hispanic backlash theory - that is it's objective. I brought you to the self-deport answer and that is indeed the answer ultimately (only after we secure the border). E-verify and fines are part of the solution. Making English our official language is part of the solution. Democrats are never part of the solution.

    If every loyal American puts down their petty squabbling, picks up an oar and rows - we can make this happen.