Monday, September 12, 2011

The American Jobs Act Mirage

I signed up to get e-mails from the White House and that usually means at least one propaganda-gram a week.  Last week I got two.  The first trumpeted the impending performance by President Obama and the second from our own American Goebbels - David Plouffe.  I didn’t read the first, but I was interested in the second because it promised to explain “how the American Jobs Act works.”  Well that is not exactly accurate but then nothing from the White House for the last three years has been accurate. 

There were some slick slides to reinforce the President’s message but no bill.  You might recall that the President said “pass the bill” in one form or another between 13 and 17 times (depending on who was counting).  Mr. President – there ain’t no bill.  There is nothing to read therefore there is nothing to pass.  Pelosi isn’t in charge any more so we’re not going to pass an idea in hope that on the other end there will be something to read and implement. 

I went the “American Jobs Act: The Facts” link – guess what?  No facts.  Apparently the White House can’t distinguish between a “claim” and a “fact.”  However this is very common with Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever) and it’s been referred to by George Orwell in “1984” as “doublespeak.”  We are living in that alternate reality now – “pass this bill!”  This is beyond absurd. 

How about this slick – “Give us a plan not doublespeak.”  

Rules for Radicals      The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party


  1. American jobs act? More like the American disappearing act!

    Watch me make 500 billion disappear!
    Presto! It's gone without a trace and in a few months as with his "shovel ready" jobs he'll say,

    "...whoops hahaha, I guess the jobs act didn't have the jobs we said it did!"

    This guy and his minions are robbing the treasury dry and, only time will tell who's pockets were filled with our money.

  2. -Sepp,

    I'm with you - now that we have them on the run, the calls will only get shriller.

  3. I'll tell you this, If I am ever able to fulfill my political aspirations, Shit is gonna change.....Better hang on to your hats.

  4. This guy is a complete ass. A day or two after he says he's gonna fix jobs, BOA lays off 30,000. Thanks, asshole.

  5. Any politician republican or, democrat who would hand this nimrod another 450 billion after seeing what he did with the last 750 billion should just be allowed to suffocate with their heads burried in their own asses.

    This is reminding me of a crackhead asking for more money after he's burned everyone already.

    "C'mon bro...just another 450 billion so I can gets clean!"

  6. J.O.B., I want to see your platform first - but you might be able to count on my vote.

    Tenth - Obamanation to be sure.

    -Sepp, I started reading that puppy last night. 155 pages. A mixed bag, overly complex, with competing economic policies. This guy is a buffoon.

  7. I read the part about it being illegal to discriminate against those who have been unemployed...a nice little bone tossed in there for the trial lawyers who will no doubt begin running commercials asking...
    "Hurt in a slip and fall? Neck pain from that car accident? Or, were you not hired by that deep pocketed company because you took 99 months off from your last job?
    Attorney Dewey Cheetem can help!
    No fee unless we win and, even if you're just grasping, we can settle a case!