Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome to my world

Throughout my time in the Marine Corps I was generally treated in US Navy facilities by US Navy doctors, nurses, and Navy Corpsman (the “ps” is silent Mr. President).  These people were principled and dedicated professionals and the care they provided was generally pretty good.  Now that I am retired and with most of the Navy medical staff focused on active duty sailors and Marines, the clinic where I am seen is staffed by civilian contractors or Federal employees.  While some are pretty good, today I was struck by the words of an editorial writer who penned that government health care would have the efficiency of the DMV and the bed side manner of the IRS.  I came face-to-face with that reality today. 
Arriving at a government health clinic is more like walking into a combination Bingo Parlor and Department of Motor Vehicles.  I’m often offended to find the Communist News Network (CNN) on the single television in the people warehouse.  For people who receive a prescription, they go to a desk where they receive a number.  The number is preceded by a letter – A, B, or C.  So the air is punctuated every few seconds with “A376” or “C765” or “B776.”  Just to keep us from getting complacent, every once in awhile a bored voice will come over the loudspeaker with a real name – “Michael Jones window three.”  I have always been a “C” – I don’t know why.  Given the amount of time that I routinely wait, “C” must be the lowest priority.   
A sign at the entrance announces that Thursday afternoons are for training and you can damn well take your problem somewhere else – “No Exceptions.”  A second sign points out that long waits for appointments are actually the patient’s fault as 6-7% of appointments made result in “No-shows.”  If that is true, one would think that they would plan for that – the airlines do.  Then you turn the corner to be greeted by the medical Gestapo with a 100% ID card check – at least they said “Thank you.” 
There are no uniformed members there today – they are all either in Afghanistan, Iraq, or some other post or station throughout the world.  There are retirees, wives, and children.  A lot of them.  I go through initial screening with a minor but pleasant bureaucrat.  The process is always the same.  Though they have been trying to go to an all electronic health record for several years, they still haul out the heavy brown folder, now thick with pages that was started for me in 1975.  At every visit they add at least one more page. 
Since I had time and needed to pick up an old prescription, I stood in that line and drew “C598.”  Then I looked for somewhere to sit.  Nearly every chair in the dozen or so rows was filled.  I sat down in a row next to a kid.  I didn’t pay much attention to who the kid was attached to.  As I opened my book, his mother appears and declares “You popped for Strep.”  Now there’s good news.  I thought - Why did you park the rug-rat in the middle of all of us older folks if you thought he had strep?  Mom rushed off – I don’t know where – I moved.   
Then I got called for my appointment.  No matter why you are there they always weigh you, take your temperature, and blood pressure.  I wonder if the strep kid had a temperature.  Then I was deposited in a examination room to wait.  My appointment was routine and didn’t take very long.  I noted that my appointment was for 1:00 PM but we are always told to arrive 15 minutes early – perhaps that is so I can sit with sick people longer.  I didn’t see the doctor until at least 1:15 PM.  On my way out I went to present tab “C598” to window three.  I gave my most radiant smile and said “You probably called this while I was gone.”  The 25ish chunky chick behind the counter gave me the petty bureaucrat frown and said flatly “Next time you will have to get a new number.”  I know I am getting more tolerant with age because I didn’t launch myself over the counter and require a surgeon to get my foot out of her big butt.  Either that, or I’m getting used to government health care – I hope all of you will enjoy it as much as I do. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 511
Days until we disinfect the halls of Congress - 217

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 2010 Census

I filled out my US Census form this morning and will put it in the mail.  I have never had such a bad feeling before about releasing information to my government nor do I remember being so annoyed at the use of this information.  The Constitution directs that citizens be counted expressly for the purpose of determining the apportionment of Representatives.  In that vein, it doesn’t make any provision for how old we are nor whether we own or rent our residence.  While it might be useful to avoid double counting, it also doesn’t require our names, our age or birthdates.  In particular, with the adoption of the 14th Amendment there is no reason to determine the race or ethnicity of individual residents.  All that is intrusion of government into my household – but then the Constitution doesn’t allow for income taxes (until the 17th Amendment), the registration of fire arms purchases, or any number of other affronts on our freedom. 
My first inclination was to scrawl a big “2” on the form and send it back.  However I knew that would only result in some poor knucklehead showing up at my door to do a census in person which would cost us all additional money.  I thought of answering the race question by marking “Other” and then penning in “American” as some e-mails have suggested or “Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian Mix” – but again, I figured that would trigger some other knucklehead to call me to figure out what that meant.  So as a generally obedient Obama serf I dutifully filled out the form for mailing. 
Earlier in the week I received one of the mass e-mails from the Chairman of our County Board of Supervisors encouraging me to send the census form back because the Federal government would distribute more than $400 Billion next year based on the results of the census.  Imagine that.  It begs the question – what if the Federal Government hadn’t taken that money from us in the first place?  Then they wouldn’t have to maintain offices and people (101,000 in the IRS alone) to first steal our money and then redistribute it.  But then as a proper serf, mine is not to reason why, mine is but to pay and die (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling).
 I am offended that we have been inundated with commercials on television and radio about “getting our fair share.”  I had my fair share because I worked for it, I earned it.  However the Federal Government took my money and now I have to surrender information about my family in order to get a portion of it back.  I helped pay for the commercials, the mailing, and the knuckleheads that will be walking around asking more intrusive questions.  The only information that the government is entitled to have is: “2” 
I am offended that my government is so race obsessed when they should be colorblind.  What possible difference could it make to the government what flavor Hispanic a person is or whether they are white, brown, black, red, or yellow?  What will Barack Obama put on his form?  Black?  White? Or Other?  If there is a potential benefit to there being an extra white person in America, then I want him to mark “Caucasian.”  If the District of Columbia gets more of my money if it has an extra black person in it, then at a minimum I want Obama to record his white half on the form somewhere.  In that Obama is from Chicago, I would like to know how many times he and his family is going to be counted there. 
I’m particularly interested in what possible difference it could make to the Federal Government whether a person of Hispanic extraction is Puerto Rican, Cuban, Mexican, or other Hispanic.  Why would Venezuelans, Colombians, Hondurans, and a host of others be lumped into the “Hispanic – other” category?   There has to be more Brazilians around than Cubans – but then they speak Portuguese – does that make a difference?  What if my mother had believed in freedom and fled Castro’s Cuba and my father had believed in freedom and fled Chavez’s Venezuela.  Would I be a Cuban, a Hispanic-other, or “Some other race?”  And again – what possible difference could it make to the Federal Government?  Why isn’t the government that curious about people of Asian dissent?  Isn’t it every bit as important to know if someone was Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Pilipino, Tibetan, Vietnamese, or Laotian?  Would someone benefit somewhere if I marked “Other” and penned in “Australian Aborigine?” 
The only question that the Federal Government should have asked – and they didn’t – is “Are you a legal resident of the United States of America?”  Then the next question should be, “If you marked “no” then when are you leaving?” 
Conservative Resistance – Day 509
Days until we can refocus our government - 219

Saturday, March 27, 2010

When in the course of human events

The topic that is endlessly being bantered about after the health care monstrosity was forced on the American people is the accusation that some Americans have responded aggressively or even violently towards the elected morons who perpetrated this outrage. The most egregious behavior alleged by pantywaist Democrats apparently didn’t happen. Andrew Breitbart has offered to donate $10,000 to the United Negro College Fund if anyone can produce video of Tea Party activists spitting on or calling Black Congressman the “N” word. Imagine, a Liberal Democrat lying. However there is no doubt that real Americans are mad, really mad. Hell – I’m mad. So I decided to look back on that magnificent document that led to our break with Mother England and real anti-government violence. Read the Declaration of Independence again today and see if that magnificent document speaks to you of our current situation.

When one compares how King George treated the Thirteen Colonies with how President Obama is treating us – it makes one wonder – what do these power grabbing bastards expect? Indeed the Declaration of Independence points out that in the face of a “long train of abuses and usurpations . . . . it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.”

Conservative Resistance – Day 508
We throw off this government in 220 days

Friday, March 26, 2010

My Recent Road Trip

I was driving much of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week.  Coming on the heels of the historic health care vote that lurched the United States further into socialism, I was interested at the analysis that would be expressed on Talk Radio.  Monday I started my day with Laura Ingraham, switched three hours later to Rush Limbaugh, then to Sean Hannity, and ultimately to Mark Levin.  You might say “Hey, that is only Conservative Talk Radio!” and you would be right.  Of course I’m not the only one that doesn’t like to listen to Liberal lies and whining, so there isn’t a commercially available Liberal alternative since Air America crashed and burned.  There is National Public Radio, our tax funded Liberal alternative – but they have too much really goofy crap on the air.  One minute you have lefty news and the next you have the folk music of some obscure tribal group who play gourds.  No wonder they can’t make it without our tax dollars, but I digress. 

As you drive across country attempting to listen to Talk Radio you by necessity have to hit the “select” button a great deal as to lose stations.  Advancing through the stations I was amazed by how many of them are devoted to sports and the number that habla espanol.  Hearing that Kansas didn’t make it to the sweet sixteen (Darn) or that Tiger Woods was going to play again (Oh Goody!) I couldn’t help but wonder if any one listening to that knew that Nancy Pelosi just blew up the country.  You know Ben Roethlisberger may or may not have sexually assaulted a young coed in Milledgeville, Georgia.  Whether Big Ben did or didn’t, Barack Obama surely just pushed us all into socialized medicine last weekend. 

The stuck-in-the-sixties nitwit next door told me that they had endured eight years of George Bush and that the country and I would be just fine after Barack Obama.  Really?  George Bush didn’t fundamentally change the Nation.  George Bush received it, removed the Clinton tarnish and handed it off clean to Barack Obama.  However, in fourteen short months, Obama has violated bankruptcy laws undermining the very financial system.  Obama nationalized two car companies and is working on the banking industry.  His takeover of the health care industry also included the socialist nugget of snatching the $70 Billion student loan industry from banks and financial institutions. 

My head is spinning – but then I’m sure that is the intent of the Obama administration.  We need to redouble our efforts to get rid of every Democrat that embraces Obama and his administration.  There might be a Sam Nunn democrat out there somewhere, but I don’t think so.  We also need to excise any Republican who just wants to get along with Democrats.  The battle lines are drawn and November elections are the solution. 

Conservative Resistance – Day 507
Days until we start taking back our country - 221

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama puts the “Bully” in Bully-Pulpit

I am so used to hearing President Obama lie that it really doesn’t affect me much anymore. Watching his 500th speech on Health Care today I was struck by how un-Presidential he really is. In addition to being a brazen liar, he is petty and he is a bully. One might be able to say that in a Presidential address the Minority Leaders of the Senate and House of Representatives are fair game to take a shot at – but not so private citizens. For President Obama to take a cheap shot at Karl Rove is completely unacceptable. I’m glad I bought Rove’s book, I am enjoying reading it, and I suggest you buy it as well.

Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Read the Bill

This Health Care fiasco is going to give me an ulcer.  To be honest I hadn’t read the Senate bill which by our Constitution is the only legislation that could be passed by the House and forwarded to the President to be signed into law.  Enter the Republican Party of Virginia who wanted to put together a string of volunteers to read the bill on-line in 30 minute chunks.  I was forced to read part of the bill. 
The thing is atrocious – it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  It is impossible to understand what is being proposed because it is a series of changes, deletions, and additions to the language of current law.  A friend who preceded me told me to bone up on my Roman Numerals before my turn.  We laughed about the Latin phrases used that are meaningless to anyone who isn’t either a lawyer a practitioner of that ancient and largely dead language. 
You can read it yourself at - www.rpv.org/hcbill  I think that you owe it to yourself to read a few pages just to get an idea of how absurd it really is.  Or go to www.rpv.org/readthebill  to listen to regular people struggling through the tortured language of the bill.
Conservative Resistance – Day 498
Days until we can vote the garbled language loving bums out - 230

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tom Hanks is ignorant

I have watched a number of Tom Hanks movies.  Some of his movies are among my favorites.  I am particularly appreciative that Tom Hanks produced “Band of Brothers” the superb story of paratroopers in World War II based on Stephen Ambrose’s best seller “Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.”  Now Hanks finds himself in the in the middle of a self-made controversy as he promotes a new series “Pacific” about Marines in World War II based on the novels “With The Old Breed” by Eugene B. Sledge and “Helmet For My Pillow” by Robert Leckie.  Most likely Hanks developed his views on World War II in America’s public school system.  Hanks paints our war against the Empire of Japan as one based on American racism.  Apparently he was absent the day they covered the attack on Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Guam, and The Philippines.  Rape of Nanking ring a bell Tom?  In one interview he points out that Americans had to “kill them all” as they island hopped their way toward the Japanese home islands.  No doubt he missed the part about the Samurai code and the suicidal actions of Japanese troops throughout the war. 
Then Hanks and others drift to the internment of Americans and resident aliens of Japanese decent during World War II as proof of American racism.  This is couched in term that we excluded the internment of Americans and resident aliens of German and Italian decent.  Again – that conforms to the public school system version.  However, it is false.  Large numbers of German and Italian Americans were rounded up and interned.  The Germans have even set up The German American Internee Coalition to bring attention to their internment.  Indeed the Germans were even kept longer than their Japanese counterparts. 
I suppose that the policy was unevenly carried out – but hey – it was a government operation.  What do you expect?  Of course George W. Bush didn’t push for the internment of Muslim- Americans after 9/11 – but you wouldn’t expect that from a member of the Freedom Party anyway.  It was after all Democrats led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt who interned tens of thousands. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

American Lionesses

On Saturday my church hosted a breakfast and the speaker was a Navy Chaplain (Catholic Priest) who had done two deployments to Iraq with Marine units.  It was fascinating and he was a superb speaker.  However one of the things that amazed me was a tale of Women Marines who were making a enormous difference throughout Iraq.  They were part of the “Lioness Program.”  Lionesses were volunteers originally assigned to put Women Marines on the scene where Marines were to encounter culturally sensitive Iraqis.  Their primary function in the beginning was to find female bombers.  According to the Chaplain Lioness employment has been expanded to empower Iraqi women and kick Iraqi men in the ass to move real change, honest change in the cultural mores of Iraq.  What a fabulous story – why isn’t it front page news? 

There are very few stories about these courageous women though I did find a few:

First Person Account of Iraq’s Lioness Program (America’s North Shore Journal)

Lionesses of Iraq (Seattle Weekly News) Details the army program through the eyes of an embedded reporter – very compelling. 
God Bless these Warrior Women

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Coming of Spring – Welcome back Mojito

Since we turned our clocks forward last night, it is with the hope that we are finally thawing out that I focus today on the return of a refreshing warm weather libation. A rest today from politics.

During a business trip to a conference in Miami I stumbled across Bongos Cuban CafĂ© (originally Larios on the Beach) in the South Beach district. I had gone in search of authentic Cuban food and I found it as well as a delightful drink called the “Mojito.” This was long before Mojitos were cool in the rest of the country. Upon my return to Virginia I decided to master that particular drink and I believe that I have.

If you have tried a Mojito in a bar or restaurant somewhere and been disappointed – please try making one yourself. With fresh ingredients and the proper tools you can beat the hell out of the commercially prepared variety and certainly any pre-mixed fare.

Special Tools – you need a Muddler (looks like a small baseball bat) to release the juice from the limes and the essence from the mint. I don’t recommend that you use a metal muddler. You should be able to find one where bar supplies are sold – if not you can get one here: 8” Muddler

The rest of the tools that you need are common – a long handled drink spoon, highball glasses, and a knife. Ingredients:
Fresh Limes (rinsed)
Fresh Mint
Sugar (some recipes call for “simple syrup” which is sugar water)
Light Rum – Bacardi Light will work, Cruzan Aged Light Rum
Club Soda

Preparation –
Cut a lime in half and drop one half in the bottom of a glass. With your muddler press the lime to release the juices but not so firmly that you break up the rind releasing that flavor. Now add two or three sprigs of mint – this is important – don’t smash the crap out of the mint, simply crush the stalks to release the mint aroma. Most places crush the leaves so badly that they are suspended as a pulp in the drink – you don’t want to have to strain the mint out with your teeth. That was the hardest part. Now add ice to fill the glass and then sprinkle a small amount of sugar on the ice cubes. Most bar tenders make the drink too sweet – if the drink is too tart for your taste, you can always add more sugar. Now the Rum, pour it over the ice to bring the glass about 1/3rd full and then top off with club soda. Mix a little with the spoon and then garnish with a sprig of mint. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reverse Lobbying

A by-product of expressing my opinion to the White House is that I am now on their e-mailing list.  To judge from what they are sending me, they aren’t reading my letters.  A host of recent e-mails are coming from Nancy-Ann DeParle, Director, White House Office of Health Reform.  She is the “Health Czar.”  She is a lawyer – go figure. 
One of the e-mails claims that 625 people lost their health insurance every hour in 2009 (5,475,000!), and then another pointed out that 8 people were denied health care every minute (4,204,800!). I don’t think I believe that.   Another told me that the average monthly health insurance premium for a family is $1,115.  Another e-mail told me how neat it was that the President was actually going to talk with Republicans about health care and yet another told me about what a train wreck health care in the United States is – hell we are becoming regular pen pals.  And if that wasn’t enough, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius even weighed in with a missive about how we have to do something now! 
Should our government be able to lobby citizens incessantly to try to change our minds on unpopular measures?  Is this information?  Or is it propaganda?  SPAM maybe?  Since most of it is patently false, what are the moral implications of having our government lie to us day after day? 
I don’t know – but I don’t like it.  We have President Obama giving speech after speech on the topic, making demands, and setting deadlines – yet he can’t get the overwhelming majorities that he has in Congress to pass this horrendous affront to our freedom.   That brings up another question.  Who is picking up the tab to fly him all over the place to talk to handpicked audiences? 
All this must cost a ton of money.  I wonder what Comrade DeParle spends to pump out all that drivel about health care. 
I wrote President Bush to oppose amnesty for illegal aliens and the Troubled Asset Relief Fiasco.  I don’t remember Karl Rove sending me any e-mails to set me straight.  I think that is because President Bush believed that I had a right to have a different opinion than he did – I’m pretty sure President Obama doesn’t share that view. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 492
Days until we throw out the propagandists - 236

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rove vs. Rhambo

I often can’t believe the irony that is life in and around Washington DC.  Just as his book hits the stores and Karl Rove is making the talk circuit, the light shines brightly on Obama enforcer Rahm Emanuel. 
For all my friends who think that Democrats are just Republicans with a slightly different view of life – compare and contrast those two.   Rove was the target of vicious attacks from the left that haven’t ceased even long after he has left public service.  Investigated and harassed incessantly – it turns out that his only “crime” was that he was spectacularly successful in beating the opposition.   In person Rove is polite, soft spoken, and engaging.   His power to persuade comes from his intellect.
Now look at the vain, coarse, and arrogant Rahm Emanuel.  He is constantly in the news for strong-arming his allies and the ferocity directed at his enemies.  He gives new depth to the term “slimy politician.”  The tapes of the profanity laced tirade on the phone to then-Governor and all-time scumbag Rod Blagojevich would make a Marine Gunnery Sergeant blush.  His power to persuade is crude, blunt, after recent revelations one might say naked force.  Rahm should be vilified by the mainstream media – but he isn’t. 
While you might not agree with him, Karl Rove would be a polite and charming dinner guest in your home.  Anyone with any sense would shoot to kill if Rahm Emanuel ever set foot on their front porch. 
You might say that a more accurate comparison would be between Tom Delay and Rahm Emanuel and I could accept that – Delay is tough and aggressive but nothing like the brutal Rahmbo.  Advantage still goes to the Republican.    
There is a difference beyond the talking points between the parties that is found in the moral fabric that the talking points spring from. I picked up Rove's book yesterday and I'm going to read it. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 491
Days until we vote the Country back onto a moral path – 237
Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight 

Monday, March 8, 2010

My TEA Party Day

My wife and I attended an anti-tax rally at the Commonwealth Capitol in Richmond.  The protest was put on by the Virginia chapter of Americans for Prosperity.
The event was attended by more than three hundred persons who met on the lawn outside the Capitol building and then we visited our various legislators’ offices and watched them in session debating our fate.  A lunch followed where the organizers continued to pump up the crowd to oppose those in government who would squander our treasure and future.   
While I am very supportive of the TEA Party movement and its ideals – I remain exceptionally concerned about them looking or acting as a third party.  I was approached by one of the organizers of the Richmond TEA Party and we had a short discussion.  He seemed to be recruiting and I told him that I was uneasy about the future of the movement.  He asked why and I told him that I would support the TEA Party until the day that they put a candidate in a general election against a Republican.  He interjected, “What about getting rid of the RINOs?”  I invoked the Coulter principle (There are some bad Republicans; there are no good Democrats) to which he conceded the point.  Further I added that 40 good Republicans and eleven RINOs would mean that there would be no Harry Reid, and a mixed majority of good Republicans and RINOs in the House would mean no more Nancy Pelosi.  I don’t like RINOs, but Democrats have to be defeated – to do that I can live with Olympia Snow and Lindsey Graham.  I told him that the TEA Party did it right in Texas (their candidate entered the Republican primary) but they did it wrong in New York (a third party candidate split the Republican vote and the Democrat won).  TEA Partiers are going to have to accept the results of primary voters – if not – they will guarantee Democrat victory.  My new TEA Party friend excused himself – I think the recruiting interview was over. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 489
Days to combine for victory - 239

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Political Correctness Just Might Kill You

As reported in The Washington Times, 18 United State Senators including the ever Socialist Bernie Sanders and the ever ridiculous John Kerry are lobbying to remove the life-long ban on homosexual males giving blood.  Why you might ask?  Because it’s “discrimination.” See “Senators ask FDA to lift gay blood donor ban.” 
The useful idiots proposing this are listed in this article from The Hill: Senators: Lift ban on gay blood donors
Reminder to all homosexual men – Help is defined by the recipient.  Please don’t help me. 
The great apocalypse of HIV AIDS didn’t happen for two main reasons: (1)The behavior that leads to HIV AIDS transmission is unique to male homosexual practices, and (2) The FDA wisely restricted male homosexuals from giving blood.  Now because it makes male homosexuals feel bad, some elected morons want people who need blood transfusions to play a deadly game of good-blood, bad-blood Lotto.  Wouldn’t the world be a better place without Senator John Kerry (MA-D)?  Maybe he could be a blood quality tester? 
They also don’t want your blood if you have had Hepatitis B or C – should we drop that ban if it makes those people feel bad?  Didn’t I see in an ad that you can’t give blood if you take Avodart?  Is that fair?   What do you think it does to the self-esteem of those guys who already have male plumbing trouble to now restrict them from giving blood? 
For those who would say that there is no difference between political parties or that the two major parties are morally equivalent – please note that the name of every supporter is followed by a “D” except for the only honest Democrat Bernie Sanders who actually admits to being a socialist but packages himself as an “Independent.”  
Conservative Resistance – Day 488
Days until you can vote against your least favorite socialist out – 240

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Can’t It Happen Here?

I think that being Americans and being citizens of the greatest society that was ever created – we are handicapped when fighting the left.  I truly believe that people look at the catastrophes of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Greece, and Communist China and they assume that it can’t happen here.  Why not? 

We have been endlessly pummeled about Health Care and I have been in discussion, after discussion on the issue and people say “How can they possibly do this?”  The answer that I keep coming up with is – “Because they are going to make it happen here.” 

“They” in this case are the same people that have done this to countries from Argentina to Zambia – they are power-hungry socialists.  “They” are trying to lock us into a system that favors leftists.  Even if they suffer set backs in the short term, they will ultimately win.  People tell me that they think Nancy Pelosi is crazy to push her party off the cliff – I think they are right – but not in the way they think.  What lunatic would have thought that we would have ever had another Democrat in the White House after Jimmy Carter? or Bill Clinton?  What lunatic would have ever thought that we would ever allow Democrats back into power after the excesses of Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Truman, and Johnson?   But we did.  The seeds of many of our current disasters were sown by those people yet who could visualize an America today without Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Welfare, Unemployment Insurance, and Home Mortgage assistance from Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac?  It has become part of the fabric of the Nation and we can’t ever undo all of that.  Hell – there would be riots in the streets if we tried - just like in Greece

I am convinced that Nancy Pelosi is sure if she passes this Health Care atrocity even if they pay the price in November, eventually socialized medicine will become part of the fabric of the Nation just as it has in the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Sweden, Greece, etc. etc. etc. In socialist countries people hate their health care, but can’t imagine life without it.  In those countries everyone is mired at a common level of misery except for those that can afford to get treated here – but that won’t be available if Obama, Harry, Nancy and their merry band of socialists are successful. 

The point is that not only can it happen here – it has already happened here incrementally.  Democrats are on a winning streak that started when they overruled the Supreme Court with the Sixteenth Constitutional Amendment in 1913 that allowed an income tax to start funding all this foolishness.  The only way that we can reverse this is to starve the beast of money.  Fight any and all tax increases and roll back government.  Support candidates who are for American freedom from government with you time, effort, and money. 

Conservative Resistance – Day 487
Next Opportunity to roll back socialism – 241 Days

Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

A good friend with a sharp eye found this story about the new craze in purchasing reusable shopping bags, see. Reusable Shopping Bag Dangers

Go figure – yet another Left Wing fruity Environmental Nazis plan run aground. Remember we stopped using paper bags because we had to cut down trees to make them? We replaced them with plastic bags made of petroleum that we had to buy from someone else because the environmental Nazis won’t let us drill here. Then we found out that the plastic bags were not environmentally friendly. So now we create a new industry making bags that we can use over and over again until we get sick.

Personally – I miss paper bags. They sat up better in the car, you could put more stuff in them, and they fit perfectly in the recycle bin. I like the plastic bags too. My wife has one of those fabric cocoons hanging on the door in the mud-room that you put used plastic shopping bags in. If you ever need a plastic bag again – you have a tube full of them that falls off the door when you try to get one back out. They are useful for lining small wastebaskets and carrying wet waste so I like them. However I won’t buy those damn reusable bags. Every time I ended up with one it is always someplace other than where I need it. I also don’t want someone to think that I am some soft-headed watermelon (you remember “green on the outside and red on the inside”) if I were to be seen with an armload of them going into Shopper’s Food Warehouse. So if anyone wants to tempt fate with reusable shopping bags, I have one that you can have. A lady at the mall gave it to me – the tag says that it is “Made in China” – I hate watermelons.

After all these years what do you think the very best way to carry your groceries home is? You got it. Brown Paper Bags.

Liberal Watermelons should learn from this and all the other catastrophes that they cause. Remember all the hysteria they caused about bad drinking water? We have the finest drinking water in the world though I admit there are local anomalies from time-to-time. But what happened? The only bottled water that I can remember as a kid was distilled water that my mother bought to put in the steam iron. But Liberal hysteria exploded into an entirely new industry that took (in most cases) tap water and packaged it in pretty plastic bottles. They have catchy names like Dasani, Aquafina, Highland Spring, Sierra Spring, Evian (I won’t buy that one because it sounds French), and Fiji. What did that watermelon hoax cause? City and county tax revenues are down as millions of gallons of water are drunk from bottles shipped in from some other locality while the bottle along with other extraneous packaging ends up in the local dump. That doesn’t even include the explosion in water purification filters that are probably unnecessary in most places as well. I have one on the refrigerator that I have to try and remember when I changed last. The new one costs me $30 a pop. Now watermelons everywhere are trying to get us to buy reusable metal or plastic containers to fill with – you got it – tap water.

After all these years what do you think that the very best source of water is? Your kitchen tap.

Hey Watermelons – do you want to fix anything else for us? What is the next emergency?

Conservative Resistance – Day 485
Days until you can unleash your fury at the ballot box - 243

The Really Inconvenient Truths: Seven Environmental Catastrophes Liberals Don't Want You to Know About--Because They Helped Cause Them

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Know Your Enemy

Dear Glen Beck,

I watched your show on Tuesday (3/2/10) with great interest.  Americans who were brought up in the public school system have no idea how very close we came to destroying our nation in the 1930s through the late-1940s.  We have vilified the man most responsible for turning things around at the time – Senator Joseph McCarthy – that is truly sad.  I recommend that you read the excellent book: “Blacklisted by History; The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies” by M. Stanton Evans – it is superb.  It will also give you a window into the politics exercised by Democrats today.   

I do have to reel you in a bit on your characterization of Democrats and Republicans being equally responsible for the debacle.  I support Ann Coulter’s assertion that while there is such a thing as a bad Republican, there are no good Democrats.  While Republicans have been misguided in passing legislation that has contributed to our slide into socialism it has always been the Democrats who have worked overtime to move us inexorably to the left.  Therefore there is no moral equivalent between a misguided Republican like John McCain and a committed Democrat like Harry Reid.  One is foolish while the other is evil. 

Now as we struggle to prevent the unholy axis of Obama-Pelosi-Reid from flushing all our freedoms down the drain – you seem to need somehow to spread the blame around when the enemy is clearly identifiable.  All of the protagonists in this theatre of the absurd have one thing in common – they are members of the Democrat Party.  The only exception is Senator Bernie Sanders who might be the only honest Democrat because he accurately identifies himself as a socialist. 

It becomes even more absurd when people like Bill O’Reilly have far too much trouble associating these people with the political ideology that they most resemble – anyone who doubts that these people are socialist ideologues are  either ignorant, cowardly, or liars.  

You are trying far too hard to seem even handed at a time when nearly all the good guys are members of the Republican Party and all of the bad guys are members of the Democrat Party and Caucus. 

Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fair and Balanced?

I have caught a number of segments on Fox News lately where Bob Beckel was playing the part of the Liberal.  They have had him matched up against Kate Obenshain a former Chairman of the Republican Party and later conservative syndicated columnist Cal Thomas.  The inescapable conclusion is that Beckel is a boor with more in common with a pit bull than anything else.  I wish they would pit Beckel against Ann Coulter, she would rip him a new one. 
I do have some modicum of respect for some of the Liberals – most prominently Kirsten Powers who will actually speak her mind rather than spew the socialist propaganda that Beckel churns out as if he was mainlining Barack Obama’s teleprompter.  Beckel is your typical vicious and condescending Liberal who thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is a moron.  I think that the only people who Fox should pit against Beckel are Ann Coulter or Dick Cheney.  Coulter would surely verbally bitch slap Beckel while Cheney would freeze the blood in his veins.      
 There is absolutely no reason to be polite to people like Beckel and surely people like Obenshain or Thomas are way out of his league.   I guess the only good thing about Beckel is that he is more interesting than that dopey Alan Colmes. 
Conservative Resistance – Day 483