Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why should government employment be at 100%?

I saw a short clip of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood grousing about the potential of 70,000 US Department of Transportation workers being sent home if Congress doesn’t pass a bill that the President will sign to increase the debt limit.  That brings to light a couple of questions:

Why the hell are we paying for 70,000 transportation workers?  The Army probably doesn’t have that many infantry soldiers. 

What in the hell do they plan to do with the $79 BILLION they asked for in 2011?  I’m seeing a huge opportunity for savings here. 

What the hell did they do with the $742.5 Million dollars in bogus Stimulus they got?  No doubt it all used up buying a bunch of highway signs proclaiming that work wasn’t actually being done.  Shovel Ready – remember?

Did it escape the notice of the Secretary of Transportation that 318,000 Americans filed for unemployment the same week?  I think that it would probably do everybody in the entire Department of Transportation some good to sit at home and contemplate how 14,100,000 of their fellow Americans who are out of work feel. 

Does your television set get Fox News Mr. Secretary or just the Communist News Network (CNN)?  If you were paying attention you would have noticed new unemployment claims that have been averaging more than 400,000 a week now that Barack the wonder Socialist has been running the show. 

Why pray tell should the Department of Transportation be staffed at 100% when 9.2% of Americans are out of work?   I think that the Department of Transportation – in fact staffing in all non-Defense departments of the United States government should immediately be reduced to 91.8% of their authorized strength (except the ATF that should be reduced to 0% of their authorized strength). 

This doesn’t have anything to do with Ray LaHood and only remotely deals with Transportation, but President Obama should cut his vacation time by 9.2% as well.  Given what he, Michelle, and the girls are spending in Spain, Hawaii, South Africa, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, Brazil, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Yellowstone, and the Grand Canyon --- shaving 9.2% should be a tidy sum.  

Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America 


  1. I think we should shave the Fed payroll by way more than 9.2%. How about we shave it right above the collarbone, a la Marie Antoinette.

  2. Amigo,
    I propose that we abolish congress. That would save a ton of money by itself. They don't listen to us anyway unless we are some fatcat donor.

    I was encouraged by the freshmen in this round. They got the memo from last November. The others need a refresher.

    We need to send zero on a permanent vacation.

  3. Ah - Amigo, Your comment goes to the very core of our Republic. The specific intent of the Constitution is to call the citizens to send the cream of the crop to Washington, DC where they are to govern in a mature and fair manner while exercising restraint.

    Where the formula breaks down is that none of the Founding Fathers ever envisioned that we the people would send hucksters and perverts to represent us.

    Can you imagine a discussion between Nathaniel Gorham (signed the Constitution for Massachusetts) and Barney Frank? Or Alexander Hamilton (signed for New York) and Charlie Rangel? Alex probably would have shot him.

    It isn't the institution - it's the people. If Congress was full of Rob Wittmans and Jeff Sessions - the debate would be more civil and the decisions more understandable to the average American.

  4. I would probably caution Alexander Hamilton from dueling someone like Rangel. Alex has a pretty poor record in dueling, and Rangel has some experience with shooting people.