Monday, July 25, 2011

A Balanced Approach

As the American debt Armageddon approaches the Left (Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, whatever) lead by our President are harping about a “balanced approach.”  Americans seem to be vulnerable to arguments about “compromise” and “balance” and the Left is attempting to capitalize on that naiveté. 

What exactly does “balanced” mean to the rest of us?  The simple answer is that the President and his Party want to mix solutions that absolutely do not work with solutions that Speaker Boehner and his Party are proposing that do work.  After reading that statement if you brand me a “partisan” then consider for a moment what liberal inspired program ever worked.  Can you name one?

The way Liberals flip this around is by demanding to be judged on their intent rather than by the results of their programs.  Social Security, Welfare, Medicaid, Income Taxes, Unemployment, and all Government employee retirement plans are all spectacular failures.  We are broke and our situation can be directly tied to the misuse of power by Democrats.  What is “balanced” about listening to the children who got us into this problem in the first place?  It’s absurd.  

Stealing You Blind: How Government Fat Cats Are Getting Rich Off of You 


  1. Yes, and we can thank the 52% of the asswipes that voted for this clown. Had he been properly vetted for the job our present situation would be different.

    I find it interesting that only the Repubs want to cut anything whereas the Dims want to increase spending as their form of compromise. WTF!

    The dims are absolutely braindead.

  2. They need to raise the debt limit because everytime they set a limit for their spending...they feel obligated to to reach it.

    Raise taxes...sorry I mean REVENUE in order to do what? Meet financial committments or, to simply increase those financial committments?

    If you give it to them, they will spend it and then demand we sacrifice a little more the next time and comprimise what we spend on our own families.

    But, wait! They only want to tax those evil businesses and their owners with the private jets a little more right?

    In the liberal fantasyland, you CAN demand higher taxes from businesses and add increased costs to them...and they will NEVER try to recoup the loss via passing it down to the consumer, laying off more employees or, simply relocating to someplace where they won't be ripped off to pay for demicult pet programs.

    In reality, things are a bit different.

  3. Can you believe the asswipe-in-chief wants the people to let their reps know what the people want? He is obviously stupid, or intends to flood Congress with fake emails. He has to be removed.

  4. Sepp and 10th - You know that of the two possible explanations for Obama's behavior (economic illiteracy or intentional socialist sabotage) I'm starting to lean more to the latter than the former. It's getting harder and harder to chalk this up to pure stupidity.

  5. He isn't stupid and has exhibited a resentment toward America thoughout his, I go with option B, intentional sabotage.

  6. That makes him guilty of treason and we can hang him for that. Somebody get a rope while I go find a good tree.