Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another episode of you didn’t ask but . . . .

I am annoyed to be restacking the Republican declared field of Presidential candidates for Congressman Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan’s 11th District.  I’m not at all sure what makes “Thad” think that he is ready for a run at National office, but I will humor him and rack him and stack him with the rest of the gang. 

1.  Governor Tim Pawlenty – fading fast.  Tim just isn’t getting any traction with the American people.  I remain convinced that the best candidate will come from the ranks of our governors and of the declared governor candidates I assess Tim to be the most capable.  However he can’t seem to light a fire under his campaign. 

2.  Congresswoman Michele Bachmann – I wish she would run for governor of Minnesota first, but my only concern for her executive experience prevents her from moving up.  She has handled herself well with the variety of goofy questions that she gets from the ignorant press and she has the right position on all of the issues.  My biggest fear of anyone so closely aligned with the TEA movement is the “Sharon Angle effect.”  Essentially she will split the vote of more electable candidates as Angle did in the 2010 Nevada Senate race and then get blown away in the general election. 

3.  Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain – Cain won the recent Conservative Leadership Conference straw poll with 24% of the vote.  Those folks obviously see something that is not readily apparent to me. 

4.  Senator Rick Santorum – Hello, are you out there?  If you’re out there say something exciting to get in the news 

5.  Congressman Taddeus McCotter – Thad debuts at number five.  I don’t like the lawyer-legislator combination but he seems to be in the right area on the issues.  His anti-tax and anti-TARP votes paint him as a fiscal conservative.  He has supported the Iraqi and Afghan wars even against intense pressure at home.  He’s got guts, let’s see him in the arena. 

6.  Governor Mitt Romney – I caught part of Romney’s interview with Sean Hannity – not lighting me up Mitt. 

7.  Governor Jon Huntsman – It appears that his campaign lasted about as long as it took to get off Liberty Island.  Good riddance. 

8.  Speaker Newt Gingrich – Newt is coming dangerously close to falling into the ranks of the preposterous candidates like Congressman Ron Paul and Governor Gary Johnson. 

Warning – when Governor Perry throws his hat in the ring, you all move down a spot.  

Courage to Stand: An American Story     Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington 


  1. I have to say that both my wife and I find Congressman McCotter to be a very funny man who has a good grasp of whats wrong with liberals. I must also admit that I was a little shocked to find out that he is only 45.

    Having said all that, Governor Perry is going to be on the top of my list, too, as soon as he gets out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  2. When Perry announces the trolls will come out of the woodwork. I expect that he will suck the air out of the room and will be the clear frontrunner. My only concern about him is that he is a bit of a RINO from what I have learned about him.

  3. I'm still a Perry guy. Every time someone has lashed out at him, the barest of research has torn down the allegation. The "Illegal Alien Highway" proved to be a balanced plan for multi-use corridors through Texas that would have gotten my vote. The "mandatory" Gardasil injections proved to be optional. And on and on . . . he does appear to have some pretty frantic enemies - but I haven't found much to their allegations. The most frantic that I've run into seem to be die-hard libertarians - and they are all a little strange.

  4. True enough abot the Libertarians. I read about all the smear tactics against Perry. They don't hold any water.

    I like Perry sofar. I just want to be sure that he is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative and not some reach across the aisle political hack.

    We need statesmen not 8x10 glossy candidates. We need someone who has the guts to make tough decisions after the asshat is thrown out of office.

  5. Hardnox, I'm pretty libertarian in my thinking and have nothing so far bad to say about Perry.
    And I agree 100% with you about the 8x10 glossy types...we already have a cardboard cutout in charge who can't make a decision...look at how long it took him to name his own damned dog!
    3 months to name it after himself!

  6. Sepp,

    That's friggin' hilarious! BO in 2012! He can't f shit up any worse than his master, and if he goes to Buckingham Palace, at least he's house broke.