Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Orkin Guy

I was unable to win the war at my home with ants so a couple of years ago I hired Orkin to take over.  The guy that shows up at my house is from Ghana and he is a happy and friendly sort.  He shows up every other month and treats the inside and outside of the house and we usually chat while he does it.  His family is still in Ghana.  He will be able to apply for citizenship soon.  When he’s an American citizen his intent is to bring his family here. 

Today he arrived and wished me a "Happy Independence Day."  He is probably one generation removed from when his former country was dominated by the British.  He had celebrated the independence of his adopted country yesterday and told me that he had purchased a copy of the Declaration of Independence.  He said that he intended to frame his copy.  When he was treating the inside of the windows in my den I showed him my framed copy.  When we went up stairs I showed him my framed copy of the Constitution and also provided him a pocket copy of the Constitution.  He was thrilled. 

The time that we spent together was rich in lessons.  A man who is here legally, working hard to provide for his family.  His love of America and appreciation for the opportunity that it provides is obvious.  He bought and plans to frame a copy of the first document that freed a nation and a people.  When I explained the importance of the Declaration he was moved.  When I handed him his very own copy of the Constitution he treated it with reverence.  The Orkin guy could teach any liberal a great deal about America.  The Orkin guy loves America more than Barack Obama does – amazing.  

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  1. That was an inspiring essay. Thanks for writing it.

    I can only comment that the Orkin guy loves America because he earned the right to be here because it cost him something and he did it the right way with his head held high.

    Anyone that came here illegally will never know the true meaning of "I am an American".

  2. Our children should behave that way around the historical things they see. When you take a vacation you should take the kids to see Gettysburg, or colonial Williamsburg. You should stop at roadside markers and discuss the historical impact of whatever on the marker. When I was a kid, traveling through the midwest always brought stories of George Rogers Clark, the forgotten Clark brother. I bet our fans Mud and Jeff from Ohio don't even know who George Rogers Clark is.

    I'm glad your bug guy is here. He'll make a good citizen. And I bet he's learning to speak American, right?

  3. I love speaking with legal immigrants who are here for the right reasons and are intent on becoming Americans (as opposed to bringing the crap-hole they left behind and recreating it here). All this diversity crap is catching up with us and fracturing the Nation. There is an American culture and I welcome all who embrace it. For all the others - if you love your old country more than mine - go home.

    The official language of Ghana is English (I had to look that up) though he spoke in such a fashion that made me think that his native tongue might have been one of the several secondary tribal languages.