Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Surprise for Congressman Allen West

The Press is making much of retired Lieutenant Colonel and newly minted Congressman Allan West’s (R-FL) response to Congresswoman Debbie Wassermann-Shultz (Moron-FL) recently.  I think that you should at least consider West’s position before you jump to conclusions about whether he was justified or not.  . 

I think that West may be suffering from Post Traumatic Revelation Syndrome (TRS)*.  This hasn’t anything to do with his honorable service in war, but rather the shock of arriving in Congress to find someone like Debbie Wassermann-Schultz was there.  I mean who in their right mind would have thought that someone could actually vote for a person that contemptible?  To find the United States Congress populated by so many Democrats may have triggered TRS.  Have you ever seen so many liars, cheats, and scumbags in one place before? 

Consider for a moment that West arrived in the House chamber populated with vermin like Barney “The Pimp” Frank (Pervert- MA), Antony “Tony the Pole” Weiner (Pervert-NY), and Charlie “Catch me if you can” Rangel (Tax Cheat-NY).  You can rest assured that the American Army doesn’t coddle disgusting human beings like these or Wassermann-Schultz.  Again – consider that West had to arrive in Washington, DC with several gallons of Lysol to clean his seat and office of the filth left behind by the Democrat he replaced. 

Consider that the last time West met anyone as vile and disgusting as Wassermann-Schultz they were (as Wassermann-Schultz is) an enemy of the United States of America.    West is used to fighting people like well known liberal Saddam Hussein who at least admitted that he hated America

Personally I chalk this up to the same reaction that Congressman Joe “You Lie” Wilson (R-SC) had when the President stood in front of the US Congress.  Joe knew the President was lying, hell everyone with half a brain knew the President was lying – but no one was doing anything – well Joe did.  In the fallout that followed – the press never considered that the President was indeed lying – they just mercilessly attacked Joe Wilson who told the truth.  Similarly Debbie Wassermann-Schultz is everything that West’s words painted her to be – yet West is attacked for pointing it out. 

As I did at the time with Congressman Wilson – I’m going to head over to Allen West for Congress and make a contribution to West.  I recommend that you do the same. 

*Note:  That is satire; I made up Traumatic Revelation Syndrome (TRS).  I know that conservatives picked that up but Liberals have no sense of humor or irony.  

Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism        Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto


  1. Apparently, 76% of Democrats do have a sense of humor. They lied to pollsters claiming they think Obama's doing a "good job" on the economy. That can't be viewed as anything But a joke.

    As for Wasserman Schultz, I agree with the Colonel, but she is still my favorite Democrat. Her mouth has garnered more votes for the GOP than Willard's.

  2. The age-old saying of "you catch more flak when you are over the target" applies here.

    Congressman West has replied with the truth and the lib-vermin can't stand it.

    They scurry like cockroaches when exposed to the daylight of truth and instead of cleaning up their act, they attack the messenger. They never consider that their message may suck.

  3. Great writing. Lt. Col. West had the courage to willingly go to Congress and face America's real enemies and a few quislings that call themselves Republicans (I.N.O.). Now he is supposed to be criticized for describing Wasserman-Schultz in terms that are complimentary compared to the ones I would use?

  4. 10th - I think that Wassermann-Schultz is exactly where we need her. The only way to make the DNC less effective would be to bring Howard "AIEEEEEEEEEEAH" Dean back.

    H-Nox - so true, our most effective weapon is the truth.

    Ed - Thanks for the visit and the compliment. Please come back again.

  5. In the end times, what is right will seem wrong and what is wrong will be accepted as right. They don't hold those responsible for doing wrong, they shoot the messenger.

  6. R-is-R - I had toyed with the idea that Obama might be the Anti-Christ, but somehow I think that the Anti-Christ will be more . . . well, more manly.

  7. CS,

    That is funny. More manly. Ha! The best argument I have heard so far for ruling him out.

  8. West and I both come from the Army Artillery branch. When I left the Army and joined the corperate world, my co--workers, like West's were shocked that I didn't water down the truth to spare people's feelings / egos.

    Debbie is just going through the shock of dealing with a straight shooter who hasn't adapted to politispeak.

  9. Sepp - there but for the Grace of God . . . . . at The Basic School (USMC) I passed everything with flying colors except the first plotting board test - thankfully they made me a Grunt.

    Did you ever believe that was going to die down so fast? There is a lesson in that for all Republicans.