Sunday, July 17, 2011

History Will Treat Bush Well

President G.W. Bush survived the greatest assault on the truth by a conspiratorial media who sought to destroy his reputation and the record of his administration.  The seething hate for George Bush in liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, leftists, whatever) was so demented that it always said more about the Bush haters than it ever said about GW.  Similarly President Bush’s activities after leaving office say much about him as well.  If you watch this video and still hate GW – you have a clinically diagnosable psychiatric problem – go get help: 

God Bless you President George W. Bush and thank you for your service to this country.  

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  1. Thanks. That is something I'll remember forever. I'm sure history will treat W better than he's been treated in the now.

  2. Amigo,
    Thanks for posting this. Yes, I agree GW will be well remembered by historians but especially by veterans. His secret trips to Bethesda Naval Hospital without the press to visit our wounded are emblematic of the man.

    I do not recall our current CIC going anywhere to visit our troops without a full entourage and a teleprompter.

    GW may not have been the brighest bulb but he outshines zero by mega watts.

  3. You know I served under five Presidents starting with Ford and ending with Clinton. We loved Reagan and Bush 41. We were disgusted by Carter and felt betrayed by Clinton. I can only think of one service person that I have ever spoken to who didn't like Bush 43. Most revere him much as we did Reagan. I wish that my retirement papers were signed by George W. Bush rather than being stained by Bill Clinton.