Friday, July 29, 2011

Consider it Done Mr. President

The Honorable Jim Webb, Mark Warner, and Rob Wittman,

In accordance with the direction of my President I am contacting you to tell you my desires about this debt ceiling issue. 

I do not want a solution that balances government spending cuts with increased taxes.  Cut spending – end of story.  Taxing us more is off the table. 

I do not want a compromise that melds Keynesian principles which have been proven wrong with Free Market Capitalist principles that work.  Let freedom reign and turn American businesses loose.    

I do not want some grand bargain that takes the pressure off you and your colleagues for any appreciable period of time.   I think that any increase in the debt ceiling should be on a diminishing scale such that eventually the ceiling really becomes a hard ceiling on spending.  Your immediate goal should be to reverse the trend and start paying down our debt.    

I don’t want you to aim at cutting spending in the future.  I want spending cuts now. 

Sincerely Yours,
Common Sense

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  1. Ditto. Quit being turds while you're at it.

  2. Amigo,
    Don't hold your breath as both are demmerhoids. One on the way out next year the other will be too in 2014. Both are angeling for high paid lobbyist jobs with the dim establishment.

    Both are married to the dims instead of doing what statesmen are supposed to do.

  3. Agreed - I don't really expect much from politicians in general - but Jim Webb has been a disappointment of colossal proportions. He must have had a lobotomy along the way. He really is like two different people.

    On the other hand - Rob Wittman is the very image of what a Congressman should be.

  4. Amigo,
    Spot on about Wittman. He's a relucant politician and the very best kind. We are lucky.