Saturday, July 2, 2011

Much to do about Private Airplanes

I watched part of the President’s news conference the other day. You might recall that I tried very hard to see nearly all of his speeches over the last two plus years – but I turned this one off very quickly. Three reasons: (1) Obama was obviously lying; (2) When he wasn’t lying he was engaging in shameless class warfare; and (3) Mark Halperin was right – he was acting like a “dick.”

This does provide a situation dripping with irony, falsehoods, and lessons on democrat double-speak. Most importantly this illustrates why we need a flat-tax and why government has to stop screwing around with the tax code.

Obama’s cronies put an accelerated depreciation schedule in his “stimulus bill” to encourage businesses to buy corporate jets. Obama signed that into law. It is not a “tax cut” as he calls it but rather accelerates the rate at which businesses can take the cost of these planes off their taxes. Same net tax avoidance to the business, it just happens faster. This is one of many of the ways that democrats lie and Obama as liar-in-chief is the best liar they have.

None of these things would be happening if we had a flat tax. We wouldn’t be arguing about whether businesses deserve to depreciate their airplanes or not under a flat tax scenario. This ridiculous method of government interference in business through tax advantages creates the environment for scams, patronage, pay-to-play, and plunder by government. Do away with all this meddling and the result would be stability in capital markets which would finally shake off the Obama depression and produce jobs, wealth, and a booming economy that would accelerate revenue for the government.

Why are we castigating businesses for buying airplanes when at the same time we are paying people to take food and convert it to bad gasoline? It boggles the mind. Why are businesses that receive tax cuts for buying airplanes any more evil than Farmers who get paid to deliver corn to be brewed into ethanol that takes more energy to produce than it provides? Even most the obtuse liberal must see how ludicrous that scenario is.

January 2013 can not come fast enough.

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  1. Obama is a dick, and so are all his followers. I'm getting very tired of them.

  2. This is nothing but class warfare and an attempt to create yet again another wedge issue.

    Comrade zero is hell bent to raise taxes while talking about cutting spending but has refused to cut any program. See a problem here?

    Indeed, zero is a dick.