Friday, July 8, 2011

Please don’t help Mark

I received an e-mail from one of my Senators trumpeting his column in the Washington Post about increasing the debt ceiling.  It was from Senator Mark Warner (Idiot – VA).  Essentially he’s making two points:

(1)  Like most liberals (socialists, democrats, progressives, whatever) he says that it is inevitable that we must raise the debt ceiling.  You see we are all supposed to bow to the inevitability and stop fighting this ruinous action proposed by the morons that got us here.  This is the way these fascists speak – everyone agrees, all economists say, the science is settled, bla. bla, bla, bla.  Horsepuckey. 

(2)  According to Mark we have to both raise revenue and cut spending.  For those of you that don’t live in the Commonwealth of Virginia (I’m sorry for you – unless of course you live in Texas) you haven’t experienced the utter stupidity of Mark Warner.  What he proposes is like trying to save your boat from sinking by taking a bucket of water from the bow of the boat and pouring it into the stern.  If you cut spending it will have the effect of improving the economy but if you raise taxes it will retard the economy.  That’s economics 101. 

It is time for all Republicans to tell every one of these economically illiterate Democrats that we have been trying it their way since 2007 – it has broken the back of our economy.  Their way doesn’t work.  Democrats have proved it yet again.  Woodrow Wilson (D), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D), Lyndon Baines Johnson (D), Jimmy Carter (D), and Barack Obama (D) have all validated that Democrats don’t know jack about running a country, a government, or an economy.  I didn’t include John Fitzgerald Kennedy (D) because it was he who said “a rising tide lifts all boats” and he CUT TAXES.  I also didn’t include William Jefferson Clinton (D) because he did not have control of the government (or his libido) and he has no deeply held principles or convictions so he pretty much rolled with the punches. 

And the crowning achievement?  More “unexpected” bad economic news today.  The unemployment rate edged up again.  Senator Warner is part of that problem too.  

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  1. Is he married to one of Chesty's daughters? Or is that a different Senator from Virginia? I liked your analogy, but I think they are trying to flood the engine room to correct a list. It may keep us from sinking, but we'll be dead in the water.

  2. Everything with these jackasses is "unexpected". Sadly, we on the right forecasted the "unexpected" but were ignored by the left who believed that their socialist programs would actually work. Our evidence pointed common sense and to history where no socialist models ever worked. Europe is quickly abandoning their models and moving right but these asshats insist that they can still shine a turd and pick it up by the clean end.

    Sadly we are stuck with Warner until 2014 and Virginia will correct that mistake. Fortunately we will be rid of Webb next year. We can only hope that we get a senator with an R. Hopefully George Allan.

  3. 10th - Toddy Puller is the incumbent Senator of the 36th District in Virginia. She was the wife of Chesty's son. They were separated when he committed suicide. She still uses the Puller name and photos in her campaign ads - it's a bit shameless.

    George Allen is our best bet H-nox

  4. When you said "retard the economy", I think you used the word "retard" in the wrong sentence.

  5. Warner is an interesting character to be sure. As governor he raided our $900 million rainy day fund left by a Republican governor. Then he rammed through a $1.5 Billion tax increase when revenue projections had us on track to a balanced budget. He spent like crazy. His popularity defied all reason.