Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ready, Fire, Aim

I’m getting more than a little irritated at some of the rock throwers who have decided that everyone in Washington is the problem.  Where have all these critics been?  And who the hell are they looking at?

I can tell you that I have an utterly splendid Congressman.  They don’t make them any better than Congressman Rob Wittman of Virginia’s First Congressional District.  He is pretty much what the Founding Fathers had in mind for a representative of “We the People.”  There are more like him, all you have to do is a modicum of research.  Please tell me what’s wrong with Congresswoman Kristi Noem from South Dakota.  Look over Congressman Allen West of Florida

We have good people in Congress – quit bitching and get behind them.  If you don’t like your Congress-person start working now.  Communicate with him/her.  If that doesn’t work find someone you can support and work for them.  I don’t mean just vote for them, I mean walk your neighborhood, work in his/her campaign headquarters, and contribute to their campaign.  If you don’t – to paraphrase Joe Biden “You’re on your own Jack.”
We are in a great deal of trouble and we need a sea change in government to turn things around.  Speaker John Boehner and Governor John Kasich played golf with the current temporary occupant of the White House and his side-kick.  I find that hard to condemn.  I don’t like golf but I’m not sure that I would pass up the opportunity to speak in private with President Barack Hussein Obama.  He probably would only put up with me for three or four holes – but I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. 

Big problems require big solutions and I think that people like Boehner know that we need bi-partisan support.  When Democrats say “bi-partisan” they mean that they peeled off one of the goofy Senators from Maine.  However Republicans mean bi-partisan as in when they passed the Civil Rights legislation with 80% of the Republicans and 60% of the Democrats voting in favor to break the filibuster against Civil Rights by Democrats. 

All you rock throwers need to visualize a rational and possible path to success.  I might not have picked John Boehner to run this thing, but this is the way the system works.  He’s our guy and he’s the best shot we have at a near term comprehensive solution.  We have three paths to cracking this nut: (1) Be part of the Republican solution; (2) Support the Democrat destruction of our way of life; or (3) Be irrelevant.  Remember the Art of the Possible

This is a simple target acquisition problem.  Boehner is not the problem.  Republicans are not the problem.  There are plenty of bad guys and gals to go around – just look for the (D).  Nothing would please Obama more than for everyone to hang the problem Obama caused around Boehner's neck.  

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  1. Amigo,
    Good points all.

    And yes, Rob Wittman is first rate. We are lucky.

  2. Thanks - it is looking like we might be ready to form a Republican circular firing squad.

  3. Our side is REALLY good at that.

    Wait until Perry announces then the left will go ape and our circular firing squad will begin in earnest.