Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wrong Again Scooter

Does anyone remember the constitutional crisis that occurred in Honduras in June? President Manuel Zelaya had decided to violate the constitution of Honduras and become the next dictator in South America. Both the Supreme Court and the Congress of Honduras acted to remove Zelaya from power. A remarkably peaceful action in a region known for violence and volatility. And what did our Obama administration do? They labeled the action a “coup” and took measures against the people and the government of Honduras.

It probably was a disturbing reminder to our new President that he too could be removed from office if he steers the path of Saul Alinsky rather than George Washington.

Did anyone see what the Honduran people did last Sunday? They elected the anti-Zelaya and conservative candidate to power with 56% of the vote.

I wonder if President Obama and Secretary Clinton keep hearing the mantra I keep hearing in the TV commercials for “Land of the Lost” – “Do you ever get tired of being wrong?”

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