Sunday, December 13, 2009

Creating Free-Fire Zones

People continue to be stampeded toward creating free-fire zones for criminals, terrorists, and nut-jobs. The latest was Colorado State University where liberals were even successful in banning Nerf toy guns. Now the students and faculty there are virtually defenseless save for campus police officers. More madness of the loony left.

Has anyone ever heard of an NRA convention being attacked by gunmen? How about those loop-hole filled gun shows? I haven’t and I suspect that as long as we have an NRA and gun shows, we won’t. Everyone except a stone-cold whack job knows better than to charge into one of those venues with murder on his mind – why? Because the folks there might just be armed with a loaded weapon. I tried to make that point to our part-time governor Tim Kaine after the Virginia Tech shooting. Liberals don’t get it.

At Virginia Tech one of the victims was an Air Force ROTC student. Honestly I don’t know how far along he was, but within days of reporting for duty as a Navy ROTC student I had a weapon in my hands. Even though my father had taught me how to shoot, I was trained how to handle a weapon, how to care for it, and how to shoot rifles and pistols. That Air Force ROTC student probably had a similar experience. He might have been a year or two away from flying an ordnance laden jet. My point is that were there more guns at Virginia Tech in the hands of people competent to use them, that madman might have been stopped sooner. It wouldn’t be hard to find competent people willing to carry a gun. There would be former military members, hunters, and law enforcement people all over most campuses. Let them carry guns – concealed or not. Those people understand safe handling of weapons, rules of engagement, and how hit a target.

The “Wild West” was much less wild than most people think largely because nearly everyone was armed. Many of the most notorious outlaws were stopped by bands of citizens. It still happens today. Pick up any issue of American Riflemen and you can read stories taken from the news about brave people who stop crimes because they are armed – exactly the way our Founding Fathers intended.

Conservative Resistance – Day 405

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  1. Well said. Remember...when mere seconds count the police are just minutes away.

    I will also bet that in a life threatening emergency liberals will gladly stand behind us as we defend their miserable lives. Afterwards, once the dust has settled, they will blame us for using deadly force.