Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Cowboy Way

Listening to stories all day of the panty-bomber, I began to really, really miss George W. Bush. If I had to choose between the cowboy response and the gay response, I would choose the cowboy way every time. Say what you will about President Bush, but those stuck-in-the-tenth-century Al Qaeda cretins would have been laying low right now if W were still in charge. They are probably rolling in their caves laughing at the response from the Obama administration. To call it limp-wristed is certainly an understatement. Instead of making airline passengers miserable, why don’t we kill more terrorists?

Conservative Resistance – Day 421

1 comment:

  1. Amigo, I couldn't agree with you more. As John Wayne once said, "life's tough, even tougher if you're stupid".

    Bush was bashed for being a cowboy president, but we were safe nonetheless. No one would screw with Dick Cheney either.

    The cave-dwellers now have nothing to fear from an apologist. Analysts that study terror attacks expect this activity to increase. A gay response just invites more.

    We are the most powerful country on the face of the earth and we have trolls attacking us once again. Nice Mr. President! That bowing obviously didn't help much.