Friday, December 18, 2009

Federal Screening Required?

I had the misfortune recently to have to go North into the daily Washington, DC Metro area traffic scrum. It was a nightmare I hope not to repeat any time soon. I did run across an interesting character though. I maneuvered to try and record the various stickers and logos from the bumper and tailgate of his car while my wife pummeled me yelling “Stop that and pay attention!” Dear, we all must make sacrifices in the cause of liberty. I was successful in recording many of them and getting a good look at the driver of the dinky gas saving death-trap he was driving.

The occupant was bearded though well groomed, graying probably in his late fifties (certainly old enough to know better). We was wearing a coat and tie sporting the ubiquitous lanyard around his neck holding what looked like a Federal security badge (I not positive about that). He looked angry – as do most liberals, but it could have been caused by the stop and go traffic. Most revealing of his thought process was the back of his car which was covered with far-left bumper stickers:

Carol Moseley-Braun 2004” -The whack-job former Congresswoman who slapped the Federal security cop.
Dennis Kucinich 2010” – the perennial candidate and all around nut-job from Ohio.
Abolish the Death Penalty” I’m with Texas where comic Ron White said they installed an “express lane”
And the footprint of the American Chicken – a big ole peace sign

I might have captured a Karl Marx sticker but it was getting noisier in my SUV with my wife screaming about my driving-while writing and everything. That prevented me from maneuvering behind him to actually get a picture.

I sincerely hope that this guy wasn’t driving to a job in the Defense Department, but arrayed ahead of us were all the various branches of government and the myriad beltway-banditry that support our government. You have to hope that one look at this guy’s bumper would have invalidated him for any job within a democratic form of government. However he doubtless fits in with all the other nut-jobs in a variety of Federal staffs. He might have been one of the countless czars appointed by President Obama. I would have been more comfortable had he not had a badge and been wearing the uniform of a fast-food franchise. It just reminded me how harmful this administration is to our government. It will probably take years to get guys like this back to less harmful employment.

Conservative Resistance - 410

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