Thursday, December 10, 2009

He Talks Too Damn Much

I watched the President’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway this morning. After a short time I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I get during many of Obama’s speeches – “Is this ever gonna end?” I mean what is wrong with just saying “Thank you?”

Every opportunity to speak isn’t a platform to try and nail some new and deeply profound statement of world shattering significance. Hell, I don’t even count on him telling the truth anymore.

We don’t need our President to be swinging for the bleachers every single time he gets up to read from the teleprompter. We also don’t need him to continue to attack our former President, the CIA, and our military every time he speaks to nitwits from a foreign country. President Obama didn’t have to ban torture in the United States as we have not ever condoned such behavior. All President Obama did was weaken our reputation among nations. As for closing Gitmo – even he has to see how stupid that was by now.

President Obama – I learned once in business that a valid mission statement fits on a T-shirt – so should your message. I can’t wait until February 2013 when the fawning press starts telling everyone what a great ex-president you are.

Conservative Resistance – Day 402

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