Monday, December 21, 2009

In the dark of night – they did it

Senator Harry Reid and the remainder of his criminal conspirators passed The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act this morning. How can they possibly get away with this? Why would they put their jobs and their legacies in jeopardy? I think I know. The most severe tilt into socialism was taken under cover of the “emergency” of the Great Depression. Then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt followed a program that kept the Nation in depression, yet he was able to layer government program on top of government program while adding government agencies until the Republic of our Founding Fathers was mired in a morass of government. The seeds of our most recent disaster (the housing collapse) were sown by FDR in the creation of the Federal National Mortgage Association known today as Freddie Mac as well as the Security Exchange Commission that failed to stop the collapse it caused. The nearly bankrupt Ponzi scheme ironically named Social Security was passed during that time. The American people must have felt very much like we do today as a flurry of bills were passed one after another that ultimately had no effect on and little relation to the emergency that was the excuse for their passage. The Supreme Court succeeded in reversing some bills, but they were threatened into irrelevance by FDR and his cronies.

What Democrats know is that FDR today is venerated as a hero to everyone who depends solely on a public school education for their history. Further, Americans don’t remember the bad (perhaps they are too charitable?) like President Jimmy Carter who until recently was the worst President in modern history. So I am sure that Senator Ben Nelson and Speaker Nancy Pelosi believe in their heart that Americans will forget their treachery and forgive their deceit in the years to come and revel in the misery of socialism and taxation that will be their legacy.

The other thing that democrats know is that their march to socialism has been inexorable, unstoppable, and irreversible. The entirely disastrous programs trumpeted as the “New Deal” or the “Great Society” have crippled the Nation yet become as addictive to some as crack cocaine. We have been completely incapable of rolling them back even though they are straggling the life out of our Nation and the magic that freedom and capitalism has created. What will become of the rest of the world once this engine of wealth and prosperity grounds to a halt? I don’t know but if democrats succeed in passing “Health Care Reform” we might find out.

I regret this fatalistic diatribe during this season of joy, but sitting here ass-deep in snow, I am reminded that a lot of people still believe in global warming. As George Carlin said – “You know how stupid the average guy is? Now imagine – half of the people are dumber than him.” I also just watched our rookie President tell everyone what a great and historic piece of legislation The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act is – how “!984” is that?

Conservative Resistance – Day 413

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