Monday, December 7, 2009

Government as Terrorist

I realized yesterday just how far my government has gone to terrorize its own citizens. The lady in front of me had a half-pint dispenser bottle of Purell and a large container-dispenser of Clorox wipes in the pew beside her. The first Sunday of the month is Communion at our church and there was a large bottle of Purell on the altar where the Pastor and his assistants would be touching the bread and the canisters holding the little glasses of juice. There were other bottles of Purell strategically placed throughout the building. Early in the scare the church had purchased (no doubt at great cost) several hundred individual self-contained Communion portions – little sealed plastic cups with a wafer on the top of an individual serving of grape juice. The congregation complained so much about having to peel back the little tab to expose the wafer (my wife dropped one so I shared mine with her) and then peel back a second tab to expose the grape juice (thus the stains in the carpet at the altar) – that the church leadership abandoned the idea.

No doubt this irresponsible public terrorizing has been a great boon to Purell, Clorox, and individual Communion portion makers – but it has done little to help the general public. Oh – we are probably all a little bit cleaner and no doubt some avoided the flu who might otherwise have caught it – but at what cost? There is a financial cost in things unnecessarily purchased and a cultural cost of replacing hugging and handshakes with “fist bumping.”

In the governing-by-emergency of President Obama, the swine flu made for perfect theater. Scare the daylights out of everyone in order to do things that would otherwise be impossible and spend, spend, spend. How did the government manage the emergency? Abysmally. No doubt the swine flu is out of the news for that reason – why continue to trumpet a non-existent danger when they are hopelessly behind in the production and delivery of vaccines? While production has a biological problem (the egg production method was unpredictably slow) the distribution methodology selected (individual syringes vice bottled vaccine you fill syringes from) slowed delivery and added untold expense to the process.

Another example of President Obama’s self-licking-ice-cream-cone. Create an emergency then propose yourself as the only solution. Healthcare, Housing, Swine Flu, Jobs, and the list will go on. Democrats are completely unsuited to governing – let’s vote the bums out.

Conservative Resistance – Day 399

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