Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going Green Kills

Just about the time that you think that you have heard it all, something new and even dumber comes along. File this under the unintended consequences of going green. The Washington Times reported today that in their zeal to save energy and subsequently money, municipalities have converted regular and reliable incandescent light bulbs to LED lights in their traffic signals. While that probably has no discernable effect beyond dimming the presentation of the signal in temperate climates, it has had disastrous results in colder climates. Read about it at LED traffic lights posing hazard in winter. At least one death has been blamed on the fact that snow and ice accumulate on the LED traffic signals where normal light bulbs would have kept the signal warm enough to melt that same snow and ice. Don’t worry though, the same rocket scientists who came up with the rush to change light fixtures (no doubt at great cost to you and I) are researching ways to melt snow and ice on the new signals. How much will that cost us? Any bets that electricity will be involved? Or perhaps some caustic fluid that melts ice?

Conservative Resistance – Day 408

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  1. I found your article interesting. This green thing has so many unintended consequences.

    The arrogance of the Left knows no bounds and as you pointed out they never see the irony. I found it funny that during the Copenhagen Climate Summit, where 193 nations were legislating the control of the weather, they were blessed with a blizzard. The first snowfall in Copenhagen in 14 years.

    Then Obama returns from Copenhagen, and yet another blizzard, this time on the mid-atlantic states breaking all historical records of snowfall for this time of year.

    I'm guessing that our Maker above doesn't care for the arrogance so he sends us little reminders. This no doubt will also be ignored by the Left.