Friday, December 4, 2009

Global Scamming Redux

Last year G. Gordon Liddy announced on his radio show that 2008 was the year that the wheels were going to come off the runaway train called “Global Warming.” He might have been a bit premature, but he was certainly right that the wheels are coming off.

The phony science that has given birth to a movement is on full display with the leaks from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia. From the very beginning there were plenty of voices speaking out against this ridiculous proposition. No one was arguing for pollution, but rather they were arguing against destroying our economy to prevent a fantasy.

I have never understood why anyone would trust these folks anyway. Today (12/4/09) the weather reports are all a buzz over whether or not the Washington DC metro area will get snow tomorrow. They don’t know for sure, certainly I would not risk the future of the free world on their predictions. Yet we are going to listen to people who predict with great certainty what the temperature will be in 2110. We are going to bet the World economy on these hysterical ninnies.

For anyone who still has confidence in these modern day Chicken Littles I recommend that you watch “Little Ice Age: The Big Chill” the next time they play it on the History Channel. While I found the effects of that weather on history fascinating that isn’t what I walked away with. Even though it happened during recorded history (1300-1850) these climate geniuses don’t have a clue as to WHY it happened. There are plenty of theories about why there was a mini Ice Age but no consensus on why it started and why it stopped.

In my lifetime we have allowed industries to be crippled and untold billions of dollars to be added to the cost of our modern day conveniences – all to satisfy these chattering knuckleheads screaming about planet destruction. Now these same geniuses are going to gather in Copenhagen next week to plot the continued destruction of our economy and our lives. Madness.

You can preview the insanity at: Go ahead and take a look, your tax dollars probably paid for it. Then bounce over to the Heartland Institute ( where they have been fighting this foolishness with facts.

Conservative Resistance – Day 396

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  1. Insane is correct. The lunatics are loose and running the asylum. We can only hope that the exposed charade derails the Copenhagen Conference and lends some clarity (and some nads) to those that questioned the whole GW issue for what it is...a scam.