Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Stop this wretched Bill

The Honorable James Webb and Mark Warner,
You can’t imagine my disappointment when I saw the headlines on Monday morning about the reckless actions of the democrat majority in the Senate. The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act is possibly the worst piece of legislation to be passed by the Senate in my lifetime. That covers a lot of territory given that I was born in 1953. I would like for you to answer some questions for the Virginians you claim to serve:
Didn’t it feel just a little bit larcenous to be voting on such a bill in the middle of the night?
Did you bring home any goodies for Virginians like Senator Nelson did for Nebraskans and Landrieu secured for Louisianans? Or do Virginians just get to pay their tab?
Don’t you feel just a little bit dirty standing there listening to Harry Reid lie to Virginia and the rest of the Nation?
Does it bother you even a little bit that in every major poll Americans oppose what you did by wide margins?
Does it bother you that fewer than 28% of Americans approve of the performance of Congress?
Americans when given the choice between doing nothing and eating the bill that you passed picked “nothing” by an overwhelming majority. Did that occur to you when you cast this vote?
Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to have Fox News do a special bit on how Virginia’s Senators had violated their election promises?
You still have time to vote against this horribly misguided bill. Virginians demand it.
Sincerely Yours,

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