Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Obama and Afghanistan

I think that I know what is wrong with all of what the President says in his speeches, press conferences, and answers to questions. He talks too damn much. I get accused of being verbose all the time – but I can’t hold a candle to President Obama. If he really believed what he was saying, if his teleprompter feeders understood what they were doing, and if there was any chance of us synching up with him – then he could deliver his message in short meaningful phrases. Remember Ronald Reagan? “Here’s my strategy for the Cold War. We win, they lose.”

The other thing that President Obama is consistently guilty of is that he is constantly seeking approval. If I was a psychiatrist I would probably say it was because his no good Commie Muslim father dumped him and ran off. He strung together a sickening list of excuses, revisionist history, and platitudes that are standard Obama fare. “I didn’t do it, it’s not my fault, and the dog ate my homework.” If you are in an army Stryker Brigade or a Marine Infantry battalion and you watched your President dither for 94 days about a subject he should have been totally immersed in, what would your opinion be? Our Excuse-Maker-in-Chief said that no plan that he was presented deployed any troops until 2010 – he said that on 1 December 2009. Doesn’t that make 2010 only 30 days away? It was over 4 months away when he got the plan that his general was asked to provide.

Lastly, even when President Obama does something good – he ruins it. He decided to give his general 75% of the combat power that he asked for and then told our enemies when they can expect relief. At the end of the speech he looked very determined, even presidential as he looked into the camera and said precisely . . . . . . nothing. With the whole world watching to include our enemies, why not say “We will defeat you?” What is wrong with victory?

Congratulations stud – you made a decision. Guess what? This is the big leagues, you can’t dodge decisions anymore.

Conservative Resistance – Day 394
Finally, a Commander-in-Chief . . . . . . . sort of.

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