Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Wheels Just Keep Coming Off

In the train wreck that is the Global Warming Extremist movement – it does appear that the wheels continue to come off. The Washington Times reports that a CNN/Opinion Research Corp poll indicates that only 45% of adults agree that Global Warming is “a proven fact.” That is good news. (That’s from CNN! The Communist News Network!)

I have always thought that “Environmental Science” is to the greater body of Science what catchup or peanut butter is to fine French Cuisine.

It appears that the Global Warming Wackos would further their own cause more if they stayed at home and planted a tree instead of eating caviar after being delivered to Copenhagen in a fleet of more than 140 private aircraft and being squired around in more than 1200 limousines. Can you say “hypocrite?”

Amidst all this global whining about carbon dioxide levels, Leighton Steward of Speak Out America (http://speakoutforamerica.com/) points out that CO2 is essential to plant life and higher levels are responsible for an increase of as much as 12% in plant growth that is aiding in feeding the planet’s growing population.

Conservative Resistance – Day 400

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