Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reagan-Gorbachev New Year's Day Messages, 1987

It is far too easy now to forget how much the world changed with the right man at the helm.  Ronald Reagan entered the presidency with America nearly flat on her back.  Four years of democrat (socialist, progressive, liberals whatever) rule had ruined our economy and emasculated us in the eyes of friends and enemies alike.  For those of us who lived through it, Barack Hussein Obama is déjà vu all over again.  Seven years later that period of decline was a distant memory.  On December 31, 1987 President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev gave a joint New Year’s message.  Reagan spoke to the people of the Soviet Union and Gorbachev to us. 

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had gone from a towering bear of a state to a financial ruin.  Rather than threatening us, they were hoping we wouldn’t kick their ass.  That’s what happens when you have a real President.  We can have a real American success story again when we create real change on November 6, 2012. 

Happy New Year. 


  1. Good post and Happy New Year to you and yours. The video reminds me of a time when we had leaders.

    We will correct that in November.

    Pundits always claim that every election cycle is the most "important in our lifetimes" and most are regulated to the dustbin of history. This November is different. We have a choice of whether or not we continue to march towards socialism or if we change course and return to the path of freedom which was America's original design.

    The contrast of choices cannot be more plain.

  2. CS- I really have nothing poignant to say about Reagan. I was way to young when he was President.
    I would just like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year.
    Oh, Reagan was the only President, born in Illinois. 2012 will bring alot of challenges, but I think we can all rise above.

  3. Hardnox,

    Amen brother - we have a lot of work to do.

  4. Johnny,

    Thank you for your kind wishes. I wish you and yours a great New Year as well.

    I think that the real shame about people not knowing or remembering Reagan is that they can't imagine how quickly we can turn things around. By every objective measure the country was in worse shape when Reagan took over than we were in January 2009 and three years later we were cooking with gas.

    The only real difference that a Republican President will face in 2013 that Reagan didn't face was this huge debt. We have to reverse that.

    The reason that our foils from the left never want to talk about history is that history doesn't support their lunatic ideas. We've tried it their way - it just doesn't work.

  5. You watch that and you can feel something genuine with those two leaders as opposed to the stageprops we see nowadays.

    2012 is the year we've been waiting for since 2008.

  6. Reagan, may he rest in peace and may I meet him when I show up on God's duty roster for guarding the streets of Heaven.

  7. Talk about a study in contrasts. Whew. Thanx for the reminder, Harnox. May 2012 see all your election wishes come true!!

  8. Drats ... did I address you as Hardnox? If I did, CS, please forgive this bubble-head!!!!!

  9. -Sepp,

    When Reagan came onto the International stage everyone was trying to figure out how we could possibly win in a dust-up with the big bad Soviet Union. The French were stockpiling white flags. Half of Europe was behind the Iron Curtain. Everyone was counseling Reagan to be nice. Seven years later Gorby stops by to wish us all a Happy New Year on his way to the ash heap of history.

    One guy can make a difference.

  10. Gunny,

    Amen brother - but keep hanging with us for awhile. Don't rush the meeting.

  11. Mrs. AL,

    That's why I shaved my mustache off - so people wouldn't confuse the two of us.