Monday, December 12, 2011

A President of Honor

Wouldn't it be great if we had a President who loved America again?  We can. 

Me too - I support Governor Rick Perry for President of the United States.


  1. The only real problem I see with Perry is his tendency to make "Bushisms". I worry that he'll stir up all that hate for Bush just cause he sounds like him. I personally like Bushisms, and I use them all the time. But too many stupid people think they are smarter than a man who says misremember.

    If he could out-debate Obama, I'd be all for him.

  2. Speaking of honor, though, it's looking like Obama stepped on his dick on this drone deal. Not to be stereotyping him, but he sure steps on his dick alot.

  3. While I'm not enamored with any of the crop running,I do believe they at least do not HATE this nation as founded like the BECS does. Aside to TGP,how can he step on something he does not have?

  4. Tenth,

    Personally I hope that the left keeps hammering Perry as being dumb - that was their tactic with Reagan and GW Bush - look how well it worked.

    The President's member is getting walked on a great deal.

  5. I cannot find fault with a hopeful nominee following in the steps of another person what won back to back presidential elections. Of course, the left hated Bush, but based on him getting voted in for two terms; that got enough people off their dead asses to go outvote the morons. Perry's approach sounds very logical to me. And let's make note of how the ultralib, commie, muslim has grabbed hold of the Bush tax cuts and makes it sound like they were his idea!

  6. I have sent my money to Perry for his campaign. Him, Santorum, and Bachmann are the only REAL choices for.


    Obonehead forgot to say "pretty please with a suicide vest on top" to the terrorists.

    President Gunny G would have said: "that drone better be in our hands in the next 8 hours or you're gonna find out what carpet bombing means."

  7. Amigo,
    It's no secret that I have supported Rick Perry from the beginning before he announced, actually since he brought up states rights in 2009. That said, when looking at his resume' and his life's work, he is THE MAN!

    I hope that he can gain some momentum in the coming days and weeks. We need a man like him in the White House.

  8. Dave,

    If the left hates him - he's got to be good.

  9. Gunny,

    Me too - he's the only Presidential candidate who has gotten any of my cash.

  10. Hardnox,

    It probably doesn't hurt in your eyes that he wears cowboy boots.

  11. Perry doesent seem like a bad guy, he has a plan and no really bad skeletons he's dodging and, he'd probably do a good job.

    But, he's going to come off looking like a bumpkin going up against Obama and, the DNC will exploit that endlessly.

    Record be damned, all the good things he's done in Texas be damned.
    The voters are going to be deluged with "Perry is an idiot" and, "Perry is the same as Bush" rhetoric while Perry is busy NOT tearing Obama a second asshole by reminding voters that "hope and change" wasn't a plan and that, trying to use it as one has dug America into a deeper hole.

    In my oppinion, Perry needs to ditch his religous tactic (because those folks are already going to vote for him anyways) and focus on how he's put Texans back to work while the Obama-controlled USA has been stuck on foodstamps.

    He needs to explain that he doesent want to make everyone equal by tearing down a certain segment but, how he wants us to be equal by building up the other segments and stating how he plans to do it while also explaining that the Obama pattern of creating an "enemy of the week" (insurance companies, then oil companies, then banks, then it was wall street and now it's just the rich in general) hasn't created one job for anyone.
    We can't tax our way to prosperity and, we can't envy our way there either.

  12. I have had enough of "Compassionate Conservatism".
    From Bush XLIII
    Perry saying I have no heart if I don't let ILLEGALS have in-state tuition.
    Hey, Governor Perry!
    No, thank you.
    Funny. Of all the debates the illegal problem has not been explored beyond the surface.
    By any of the GOP hopefuls.
    That scares me!

  13. -Sepp,

    I've seen him in person and heard him this evening on Hannity's show. I don't have as much of a problem with him. Of course I live in the South.

    I do agree that he has to hone in more on Obama as the enemy - of course he finds himself now in a pretty tough GOP primary.

    I'm eager to see how he comes out of the Iowa contest. If he doesn't do well there, then gets beat up in Vermont, it all might be a moot point.

  14. Buck,

    Perry has said that it was an unfortunate use of words. I think he gets the illegal problem, but as he points out - until you shut off the flow at the border all the rest of the discussion is just and academic exercise that doesn't mean squat.

    That leaves leadership at every level with the dilemma of how to deal with a population that we can't get rid of.

  15. CS,
    We can easily get rid of them...cut off the freebie tap!
    They keep comming here because "in search of a better life" has morphed into "Hell, they're giving money away in that country!"

    Stop the freebies and those who no longer get them might leave and, it certainly kills the incentive to come over.

  16. Common Sense:

    I disagree. If there were no jobs here the illegals would quit coming.
    If you started at the workplace.
    If you made E-Verify compulsory.
    If you fined employers of illegals. And not just a slap on the wrist.
    There would be no jobs here.
    Then you wouldn't have to worry about deporting the millions of illegals. They'd deport themselves.
    But the Dems don't want to do it.
    Illegals represent ballots.
    And the 'Pubs don't want to do it.
    Employers represent $$.
    Because of illegal gangs drugs and violence are already in the barrios.
    If action is not taken soon you will see violence in YOUR neighborhood.

  17. Scanning on down the blog list but had to come back.

    Perry might have said that it was an unfortunate use of words, yeah.
    But what he meant was his unfortunate use of words revealed his real feelings about illegals.
    I'm from Texas and I don't trust the man.
    Look farther back in his resume.
    He was also for the Trans whatchamallit Corridor and letting uninspected Mexican trucks on our highways.

  18. I have a solution for Texas' illegal immigrant solution. Build a 6' mote on the Texas side of the Rio Grande. Then fill that river with some crocodiles from Africa.

    I think that would be a good deterent.

  19. -Sepp,

    In my county in Virginia the Board of Supervisors passed a law in 2007 restricting some services to illegals. We were vilified by neighboring "Blue" (Democrat, Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, whatever) counties. But it was funny that the following year, enrollment in "English as a Second Language" programs in our schools dropped dramatically while it ramped up by an identical number in the schools of our liberal neighbor to the North.

    As an aside, over crowding housing complaints virtually evaporated, crime figures in all categories dropped by double digits, and traffic accidents plunged as well. A University of Virginia study pointed to the statute as the only plausible change in the county that created a substantial rise in quality of life.

    What you say is true - though if we don't act Nationally, we will just be pushing the problem around. Our gains are fragile and the population effected only moved a few miles.

  20. Buck,

    I agree with you in principle. As I laid out in a comment above we acted locally to make substantive changes that effected the illegal population and improved our quality of life. We need the kind of leadership in Washington that will stop punishing States for making the changes that you mention or better yet create a National program to apply increasing pressure on the illegal population.

    All of the measures you list (I would add make English the official language of government) are required and would lead a substantial number of the illegal underground to self-deport (the very best solution).

    As for trust - I don't trust any of them totally which is why we need to stop our squabbling as soon as possible, unite behind one candidate, and create the kind of wave election that will set up a new Reagan-like Revolution in the country. If the next Republican President sweeps in with a House and Senate that matches his conservative credentials then we have a better chance of keeping our next President on the straight and narrow.

    In my personal opinion several of our candidates can do that though I think that Perry is the best of the crop.

  21. CS,
    One main reason that the tap remains on is due to the Obama (and other) administration's pandering to voter blocks as opposed to pandering to the law.
    Instead, any state, county or, municipality that actually tries to enforce the law...faces an imediate lawsuit from a justice department that is supposed to be enforcing the same law at the damned border where the problem starts.

    The Bush administration did little to stop the problem and now we have the Obama administration that seems to not only encourage the problem but, throws lawsuits at anyone who tries to stop it.
    My brother had a nest of illegals living on his street in south Toledo. The Mexican-American homeowners who were born here were harboring about 12 of them in their house.
    They spoke English...until the cops showed up to drug raid the house then, suddenly nobody could even remember english or, anything else for that matter.
    I was told by a cop...who is of Mexican decent that illegals are harbored for 2 reasons.
    Racial reasons being the first.
    And, by American Mexicans who exploit the illegals for some "undocumented" money to stay in their homes..."safehouses".

    See a Mexican flag flying in front of a house 1000 miles away from the border?

    It's a tell-tale sign that an illegal has nothing to fear when he needs information, shelter or, leads to a place where he won't get caught.
    I think "insurrection" may be the proper term for that.

  22. -Sepp,

    Sounds like it's about time for a change in Washington, DC.

  23. Sense,

    I got REALLY bored today and ventured over to BrianR's blog just to see, if what everyone says is true; it is!

    I have never in my life seen more pissing, moaning and bitching about EVERY hopeful GOP nominee. And BrianR states he is a conservative; no...he is a radical nut!

    Everyone over there hate's every single President we've had back to Reagen. Apparently; even both Bush's were liberal's...something new I learned today! You want to see Repub's tearing each other apart, go check out that blog brother! One thing for sure; 99.99% of his loyal follower's don't even have a clue of the process of becoming the GOP presidential nominee. They are 100% typical of what's wrong with the GOP today! There is zero Common Snse over there...

  24. Dave,

    I hear ya - most of this grousing is a bunch of BS. Comparing "Conservative" credentials is getting to be an absurd cottage industry in the press as well as the blogosphere.

  25. I support Rick Perry. He and Obama hate one another and that means a lot to me.

    I like his ideas and he is not dumb. That is just the media trying to get him out of the race.

    I will not support Bachmann ever.She's a liar, I've caught her in so many lies that I could never trust her and she is not a conservative protecting the Constitution. She voted for the Patriot act which has taken our 4th Amendment rights away. She's a bitch.

  26. CS- The one thing I don't like about Perry, is he doesn't seem to perform well at debates. At least the ones I've seen. I'm afraid Obama would make him look silly. Alot of people would view that as Obama being a better leader, instead of Obama being a better bulls##t artist, salesman, politician.

    The number one goal should be replacing our current President.

  27. Pepperhawk,

    Obviously I agree on Perry. I don't have the same reaction on Bachmann but oddly enough Mrs. CS is pretty harsh in her assessment of the Congresswoman.

  28. Johnny,

    Agreed - but he is getting better. Job one is getting rid of Obama and providing the kind of landslide that washes the Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever) out of all elected offices.

  29. CS,

    I hate to do this, but I disagree that the number one priority is to landslide. We need a landslide, but if all we have after it is a big mess, we aren't doing ourselves any favors. We need to have the best guy for the job in place at the end of the landslide. Romney is not it. Romney will be different than Obama, but he won't be better. That will leave an opening for Democrats in 2016. We need a guy who will fix shit so well that we never vote for a Democrat again. We probably don't have a guy like that, but we have at least three that are head and shoulders above Romney in Gingrich, Perry and Santorum.

  30. Tenth,

    Actually we need both. The Reagan revolution was stalled initially by a hostile Congress and didn't kick in until he got help or the very real threat of help. Similarly if we get rid of Obama but don't sweep in significant assistance in the House and retake the Senate in a big way - we still might have a weak President who needs to negotiate everything to please a handful of Democrat (Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, whatever) Senators.

    If you get President Conservative, but he doesn't have fairly long coat tails, it might be a hollow victory. Similarly if you get a President Romney, but he has a conservative Congress, he'll find it easier to stay to the right of center. I'm not pushing Romney, I'm just saying that the Founding Fathers expected their to be compromise, the Constitution virtually requires it. But the kind of compromise you want in 2013 is Boehner having to kow-tow to an Allen West and not a Nancy Pelosi to get enough votes. Similiarly in the Senate, you want Leader McConnell working to convince Jim DeMint not Harry Reid.

    The make up of the electorate at the polls in 2012 will determine that. If angry Conservatives stay home for some foolish anti-Romney pledge then they (and not the enemy) will doom the Romney administration to failure. Likewise Candidate Conservative - if the left is successful in spreading fear such that our natural allies (conservative independents) stay home, will still face Congressional gridlock.

  31. CS,

    For the record, I consider staying home treason. Go vote, period. Who you vote for is your business, but not voting should be all of our business.