Wednesday, December 7, 2011

335 Days

We are 335 days from Election Day 2012, facing a formidable opponent, and we are still flailing around.  A neighbor asked me if I really thought that we could beat Barack Obama and I confidently said that we could – but that’s not in the bag yet.  We still have to overcome our squabbling and back-shooting that weakens us all.  How could we loose you say?  This is how:

Bad Scenario #1:  Conservatives are working themselves into a frenzied froth over Mitt Romney.  Many are swearing not to support him if he becomes our nominee – really?  My current choices for President are (1) Rick Perry, (2) Anyone but Mitt Romney or Ron Paul, and (3) Mitt Romney.  I’ve held my nose before and I pledge I will do it again.  I love my country too much to allow Barack Obama a second term.  If you are painting yourself into a box about not voting for Romney – do yourself a favor and stop painting.  If the Senator Kelly Ayotte (Conservative – VT) and John Thune (Conservative – SD) Romney endorsements become a trend – you had better get ready to eat some harsh words or loose the White House again. 

Bad Scenario #2:  The TEA movement has been a blessing and a curse.  Their popularity is about even with that of Occupy Wall Street right now.  As regular visitors know, I have no ideological differences with the TEA movement, but rather my differences are with tactics and strategic vision.  Where Republican candidates have met the TEA litmus test they have been helpful (some might even say decisive).  However where a Republican didn’t meet such a test or where the TEA movement bubbled up their own candidate the effect has been catastrophic.  Going into the next election I doubt there will be as many people pandering to the TEA movement as there were in 2010.  In many areas a TEA endorsement may still be relevant; in Northern Virginia (and a host of other places) it will be toxic.  It will matter how the rank and file members take that.  If they return to wherever they were during the 2008 election cycle we could get similar results.  However if they band together with their natural allies in the Republican Party, it might have a dramatically different result than 2008. 

It is not too early to be working for a candidate.  I was at the Bolder-Fresher Tour in Richmond a week ago Friday and Ron Paul supporters were working the crowd.  Mitt Romney supporters have been gathering signatures to put Romney on the primary ballot for several months now in Virginia

The bottom line is (with apologies to Ben Franklin) “We must hang together or surely we will loose this election.”  


  1. CS,

    I'm getting the crap beat out of me down here in the front lines. I am four months down on my mortgage. My fourth hand pick-up has 280,000 miles on it, my wife's van needs new tires. The light bill is getting ready to double when the cold finally gets here. I am actually considering leaving my family and journeying to North Freakin' Dakota in search of work.

    I am getting overrun, and I am desperately calling for support. I need B-52's and your trying to tell me all the support available is two magazines of 5.56 and five gallons of bleach water. Its not enough, and I'm about to fix bayonets.

    Romney will not provide a boost to the economy. Romney will not overturn Obamacare. Romney will not ease the corporate tax burden, bringing capital back into the country. Romney is not as big a turd as Obama, but that does not mean he is not a turd.

    When the time comes, if the Republican party has no better concern for my country than to nominate a RINO like Romney, I will vote for him. But I will not sit here and be satisfied with "he's better than Obama" as the logic behind allowing him to get the nomination.

    In short, send me the 5.56 and the water, but you (the party) better find some bigger guns, or I won't be around for the election of 2016. Hell, I may not last another 335 days.

  2. Tenth,

    From Romney's Issues on his website (

    The economy: "Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation. His plan seeks to reduce taxes, spending, regulation, and government programs. It seeks to increase trade, energy production, human capital, and labor flexibility. It relinquishes power to the states instead of claiming to have the solution to every problem."

    Health care: "Our next president must repeal Obamacare and replace it with market-based reforms that empower states and individuals and reduce health care costs. States and private markets, not the federal government, hold the key to improving our health care system."

    Corporate Taxes: "Our system of corporate taxation is also in urgent need of an overhaul. Right now, with a top marginal rate of 35 percent, it vies for the developed world’s highest, placing our companies—indeed, our entire country—at a competitive disadvantage. That is the bad news. The good news is that with the rate set so high, there is a lot of room to bring it down.
    * Reduce corporate income tax rate to 25 percent
    * Pursue transition from “worldwide” to “territorial” system for corporate taxation"

    Romney isn't the nominee yet. The American people have to weigh in. We are organizing and we are working towards victory. If we can keep our friends from shooting us in the back, we can pull this off.

  3. CS,

    I think it is a given that Obama will lose. I also think Romney is a "promise breaker." I don't believe him when he is speaking. I don't believe he knows anything more about how the economy works than Obama does. At the time Romney was making his fortune, nearly anyone could have done what he did. His success is not due to something he did, but more to being in the right place and time.

    Obama will lose. If Romney wins, I believe I will also lose.

  4. TGP- You won't go anywhere. If you're looking for temp help, you tell your wife and girls you might be going to Chicago. I don't have much to say about the GOP, after-all,my MAN isn't running. But anyone is better, and I do mean anyone.

    BTW- According to Politifact, Obamacare and Romneycare are completely different.

  5. Amigo,
    You are indeed correct. However, "If we can keep our friends from shooting us in the back, we can pull this off" is a good question.

    We must ask ourselves WHY do we have such candidates and why would anyone but a masocist run for president?

    It is obvious that McCain was asked to step aside for GWB, then it was McCain's turn after Romney was asked to step aside. Now it's Mitt's turn. People recoil at that notion only becasue they feel betrayed by the process and by the elites in general.

    The infighting is not a result of the spectators (us) it originated by the candidates themselves. The only one who hasn't participated in the circular firing squad is Newt, to his credit. No small wonder that he is ahead in the polls.

    Conservatives want a Conservative candidate pure and simple. Conservatism sells in America. The 2010 elections proved it once again.

    The RNC doesn't help either with their proclamation not to attack Obama. That notion is absurd.

    As you, I remain in the Perry camp unless the country decides otherwise. Then I'll pull the lever for anyone but zero.

  6. Tenth,

    I pray that you are right - but it isn't a done deal. I see leftover Obama 2008 stickers on cars and more and more Obama 2012 stickers. It is going to take work to bring this one home. We gotta pull together.

  7. Johnny,

    Thanks for pointing that out - I'll cruise over and check it out.

  8. CS,

    The problem with the TEA partiers popularity versus the OWS scumbags is due to the fact that the news media has spent the last few years denouncing the TEA folks endlessly as racists, homophobes, and violent.

    Meanwhile the racist, violent anti-semites of OWS have been revered in the press and the government.

    The tea folks may have picked a few duds but, they put Alan West in office and, are solidly behind Marco Rubio...who are both constitutionalists.

    As far as the current field goes, I like how Perry has run Texas but, doubt he could out-slickster Obama in a debate.
    Gingrich doesent strike me as trustable but, he is savy enough to wipe a stage with Obama.
    Romney is Obama with gameshow host flair...their debate would be 90 minutes of 2 guys agreeing with each other.

  9. Hardnox,

    What I object to is the over-the-top assertions and the conspiracy theorists. You might recall that in both instances that you mention there was an election. The charge that it was this guy's turn or that guy's turn is quite frankly silly. That's Monday morning quarterbacking. If that is what pushed McCain over the top, then it was people in voting booths that thought that - not at the RNC.

    ALL of the various GOP contenders are attacking Obama's record no matter what someone might have heard on a conference call. All you have to do is watch the news for a few minutes and you will see that. The shade that you and others are missing is the avoidance of attacks on his character or person. That's a smart analysis of the battlefield. Obama's policies are exceptionally unpopular with the American people while he personally continues to be fairly popular. I don't understand it - but I would be foolish to ignore the reality.

    Again - all this angst against Republicans, the Republican Party, and the RNC is just misplaced anger. I want a conservative too - but I'm one vote. If . . . I say again, if you have to pull the lever for Romney on November 6th, 2012 it might hurt a little less if you don't get yourself overwrought about it now. I've largely been ignoring him outside the debate performances, but I find very little to be angry about. A trip to his website indicates that all of his positions seem to be in order.

  10. -Sepp,

    I don't disagree with your thoughts on the TEA movement - I didn't say it was fair - I was just reporting the reality. I find no ideological differences with the TEA movement - it is their tactics that are sapping our strength.

    I must point out that West and Rubio are Republicans who benefited from passing the TEA movement litmus test - not TEA candidates. Perhaps a small distinction - but an important one none-the-less as we face the next election.

    Our Virginia TEA folks were protesting a debate between Former Governors Allen and Kaine yesterday because they want to push forward their own candidate (Jamie Radtke) so we can loose that Senate seat too. Ludicrous. These folks better wise up and they don't have much time (my point in this post).

    I agree with your assessment of Perry and Gingrich as debaters, but as I've said before I find little evidence that Romney is even remotely close to being Obama-like. Not my first or second choice - but he's not what he's being painted as either. If we have to eat that nomination in November, then we better stiffen up the Congress to keep him guiding to the right.

  11. Sense,

    I hope you mind me dropping in unannounced. I've been looking for your blog, but being new to this; it took me a while.

    I completely agree with you(if I understand you correctly) that if need be; hold your nose and pull the GOP lever in 2012. There are many different opinion's on just the three blog's I frequent (before I could locate yours) on who would be the best GOP nominee. And a lot of sword rattling that people will shot themselves before they'd vote for Mitt.

    This is the season for debating and voting in the primaries to try and push whoever anyone believes would be the best GOP nominee. When the Bluegrass State has it's primary, I am starting to lean more and more toward Newt.

    Shall Newt not end up being the GOP nominee to take on Obama in 2012; I shall vote for the GOP candidate...holding my nose, if I must. I voted for McCain in 2008 and then went and got a shot of antibiotic's! When the final vote in the primaries is cast; it is then time to pull together as a PARTY and support the primary winner. It is not time to sit around and cry, because it wasn't your guy!

    Obama must go! No Republican in their right mind should think differently and the only way to try to make that happen is by voting for the GOP nominee. It's a rather simple formula granted; perhaps because I'm simple minded, but I follow it faithfully.

  12. Dave,

    You are welcome anytime. As you can see the discussion does get lively from time-to-time. I don't allow the personal attacks so some of the trolls that you see elsewhere aren't welcome here.

    You might scroll down and take in the six-part series from when a Marine buddy and I took in the Occupy DC demonstration. I think it's one of my better efforts.

  13. Sense,

    Thanks for your warm welcome and I will check the six-part series. And oops...I noticed I did not review my first comment very well and forgot to put the word: "don't" mind me dropping in unannounced.

    It's obvious you saw that as a simple typing error and I appreciate you giving me the benefit of the doubt. I enjoy getting lively from time-to-time myself (as Hardnox can probably testify to that fact..LOL), but it will be refreshing to exchange idea's politely and you not allowing others on here that may look to give me a particular "examination" that I don't even like my family Doctor doing; purely because they have a different opinion! I have already ran into those troll's elsewhere.

  14. Sense,

    The OWS post were awesome! The only part that disappointed me is I hadn't yet found your blog to participate! Also; I absolutely loved reading Ronald Reagan's great Thanksgiving speech that I remember all so well! I do so miss Ronald Reagen as a man and as our President.

  15. Cannot stress this enough.Dave mentioned it in his comment.Key here people,is GET TO THE POLLS on your primary day.And as many as you can drag kicking and screaming if need be.Vote for whomever is closest to YOUR beliefs. I don't give a hoot in hell for any of them,but they ARE better than the dickhead we have NOW.The primary is our ONLY chance to show the RNC powers-that-be WE want to pick the candidate. Not the damnable DC media punditry class. Not because it is so and so's turn.Numbers. THAT is what we NEED to have on primary day if we are to have ANY shot at a decent candidate.

  16. Recent Update: Donald Trump is moderating a GOP debate on Dec. 27th. At this time; Romney has said he will not attend. Renowned conservative Dick Morris stated, "When your 15 points behind; you debate!" Ron Paul has also declined the invitation. I guess we will see, if Romney pulls a Mitttheswitch and changes his mind.

  17. Amen Clyde......

    Dave- I disagree. 2 days after Christmas. And I truly believe Newt signed his (political) death warrant. I heard a radio excerpt where Newt states "Donald Trump is a wonderful businessman." Come on. The guy files for bankrupcy every chance he gets. I could think of alot more "wonderful" businessmen

  18. Dave,

    Thanks for the visit and your kind comments. Glad to have you aboard.

  19. Clyde,

    Amen brother. Less than 63% of Americans voted in the election of 2008. Given Barack Obama got just over 50% of the total votes cast (I know this is tortured but it's about 1/3 of potential votes) - that means that more people didn't vote in 2008 (37%) than the number that voted for Obama (33%). That's pitiful.

    I should point out that even includes all the dead people who voted for Obama.

  20. J.O.B.,

    I agree that Trump is not a good example of "wonderful" business man. I certainly did not mean to give that impression. However, he may be very cleaver taking advantage of the bankruptcy loophole every chance he gets; problem with the system. All he cares about is money and getting his face on TV as often as possible.

    I do believe Morris makes a valid point that when you're 15 down; you debate every chance you get. I'm more of an attack type person as oppose of sitting back and waiting to see, if my "opponent" will beat themselves up. I also believe people that avoid debates due so, because they don't want to answer the hard questions. I like fighter's!