Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I’m Glad You're Dead; You Sorry Little Bastard

Kim Jong-Il died yesterday and I am good with that.  I wish the little bastard had died many years ago.  I was in South Korea when his Father Kim Il-Sung headed off to Hell.  It’s a funny story. 

I had left Seoul early that morning headed down to Chinhae in the South.  I had been listening to cassette tapes the entire way as I don’t speak or understand Korean so radio was out.  As I pulled into the town of Chinhae I went into a gas station to refuel and was greeted by the happiest Korean I had ever seen.  I thought that he was happy to see that big American (Mi-guk) car pull in for gas.  He was jumping up and down jabbering in Korean.  I tried to explain that I didn’t understand him – but he just got more animated.  The only Korean I knew (Sang mekju too-se yo) would get me a draft beer in Seoul, but wasn’t going to help in this situation. 

I was trying to get some damn gas, but my new ecstatic friend grabbed my arm and was trying to pull me into his station.  I dutifully followed.  I think (I’ll never know for sure) that he wanted me to hear the radio.  Of course the announcer was speaking - Korean – I’m not sure why Mr. Gas Station thought that would help.  What did get my attention though was that Mrs. Gas Station was sitting in front of a deep sink. 

I must digress.  I had been in Korea at this point for nearly a year.  I was scrupulously careful to drink water only from a bottle in Korea.  I had endured a bout or two with Kim Il Sung’s revenge, but had generally enjoyed good health even though I often ate and drank on the economy.  So imagine my surprise to see Mrs. Gas Station perched on a stool in front of the deep sink next to a mountain of empty water bottles which she was cycling under the tap and then affixing a tamper-proof cap.  (Note to International travelers:  Don’t trust the cap) 

Anyway, still clueless as to why everyone but me was happy, I paid for my gas and extracted myself.  With a fill-up I could get either a roll of paper towels or a bottle of water – I took the towels. 

When I got to the base at Chinhae security was tighter than I had remembered even though everyone seemed very happy.  When I got to my ultimate destination I was told that the Great Leader Kim Il Sung was dead.  I’m pretty sure that was what Mr. Gas Station was trying to convey to me. 

Kim Jong-Il – now that you are finally at room temperature yourself, good riddance.  I for one am glad you are dead.  Say “Hi” to your Dad for me you little communist prick.  Imagine a world without Communists - how wonderful would that be?


  1. I agree. Death and confusion to our enemies.

  2. Good post. I,as well,am glad the little pot-bellied dog eater has assumed his well-deserved spot in the 9th level of hell,along with his daddy AND sycophants. Don't know much about his son,we shall see if that nut fell close to the tree. For the people of North Korea,it can't fall away far enough.

  3. Do you suppose they have our guys on alert for stupidity? I say we send all the recently returned Iraq vets to Korea, and get that damn war finished.

  4. Gunny - Thanks. I think you'll agree, the only good communist is a dead communist.

  5. Clyde,

    We need to stop propping them up and let the government collapse. It will be scary, but I think that's the ultimate solution.

  6. Tenth,

    Having been there during such an event, I suspect that everyone is on guard. They need to stop sending dependents in there - pull them all out so that our troops have a free hand. That alone would scare the crap out of the North.

  7. Amigo,
    "I’m Glad You're Dead; You Sorry Little Bastard".

    Those were my EXACT words when I heard the news.

  8. One less Commie in the world but too many others to take his place.

  9. I was on leave in Japan in '68 and hopped a ride to Seoul and stayed in the R&R on ...Walker Hill,..I think. Hit the casinos in Inchon, checked out the tide. Yep. Large as it was when I was there aboard a cruiser.
    But I digress. That R&R compound had everything... I mean EVERYTHING...

  10. Hardnox,

    More often than not we are on the same wave length.

  11. Right,

    Yes, we seem to have more than our fair share all of a sudden.

  12. Buck,

    A few years before my time I'm afraid. My first trip there was in 1984.

  13. CS- I was amazed at what I saw on a Nat. Geo. special years ago. The way this guy lived, while starving "His" people, was appalling.

  14. Johnny,

    It's always been like that wherever communists are. They go to Hawaii on separate planes than their wife because deep down, they really don't care about you and me. We are just "workers."

    I heard today that George Bush stayed in Washington, DC during Christmas so his security detail could spend Christmas time with their families. I haven't figured out yet how to verify that - but it's believable.

  15. CS,

    "I heard today that George Bush stayed in Washington, DC during Christmas so his security detail could spend Christmas time with their families. I haven't figured out yet how to verify that - but it's believable."

    And admirable. Bush will go down in history much closer to the top of the list than the bottom.

  16. Tenth,

    I agree - that is if we can keep the academics from rewriting history.

  17. LOL... love the title to this post

    succinct and accurate! ;)