Monday, August 8, 2011

MY Blog

I started blogging in the summer of 2007 on the Yahoo platform.  The thing that propelled me into the blogosphere was the fight put up by liberals (socialists, progressives, democrats, whatever) over the Rule of Law Resolution passed unanimously by our courageous County Board of Supervisors.  The first time I heard “Yes We Can!” only it was “Si Se Puede!”  (Liberals aren’t very original)

I had been toying with the idea of blogging at the time and that outrageous protest propelled me into blogging in order to express my views on that incident.  I have been throwing up a post about once every three or four days on average now for the last four years. 

I have met some very interesting characters during that time.  Some I don’t always agree with – you only have to scroll down a bit to see that my opinion doesn’t always meet with universal acclaim.  However it is my opinion and without being rude – I don’t really care what anyone thinks about it.  I think that I have proven a willingness to debate and to argue as well as air those comments on MY Blog. 

However I have also met a particularly vicious breed of coward that lurks out in the blogosphere, cloaked in anonymity who likes to throw rocks and name call yet refer to it as “debate.”  It is not a “debate” when I say “President Obama is responsible for our down-grade to a AA+ bond rating.” And they respond “You’re a stupid &#^$%#&.”  I know you liberals don’t get that – but that kind of response does not add anything to the National discussion on debt, wars, poverty, taxes, or anything else. 

James Delingpole remarked not long ago that his conservative opinion had attracted vicious attacks from the left.  He said (using a soccer metaphor) “They like to attack the player rather than the ball.”  That has certainly been my experience with your standard liberal encountered in the blogosphere.  Nothing you ever say is true – they deride your service, your education, your parentage, your employment history, and of course your intellect.  They also tend to swarm.  They mock, they deride, they insult, and ridicule.  When you have finally had enough and you wash your hands of them they say: “You are afraid to debate me. HA!”  One antagonist loves to insult and then when he detects anger in a response you get “I hit a nerve . . . “ as if he achieved some epic victory.  Childish you say – yes it is, and there is no reason for us to subject ourselves to it. 

You can almost see them in your mind’s eye, panting, sweating, disheveled, with spittle running down their chins, eyes glazed over as only in the truly mad – saturated in their phony victory.  I pity them, I hope they find peace, but you and I don’t have to wallow in the cesspool with them.  If that is the experience you want – you won’t get it here.  You always have MSLSD and Chris Matthews. 

So to all the various “Anonymouses” – yes I am a nasty old curmudgeon who won’t let you write dirty words on my blog.  And to my arch enemy Mud – you can’t communicate with my Mother through my blog – sorry - goodbye.  

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  1. Give 'em hell Colonel. You summed them (mainly Mud) up quite nicely.

    I will continue to allow everyone to comment on my blog, not out of any sense of "rightness" but because I find moderation to slow down the discussion.

    Besides, most of the time their antics are hilarious. They do cause me to have murderous thoughts on occasion, but so do bad drivers, so what are you gonna do?

  2. Most of the slanderous attacks do seem to be just one way. It has always been comforting to me when I think the reason they do it is because deep down, they know they are wrong and they see us as a threat when we are simply trying to preserve what our founding fathers started. Ecclesiastes 10:2 says "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left". They hate that!

  3. I refuse to be bothered with that crap anymore. When you attempt to use reason to drive a point home and it's turned into a juvenile pissing contest and kindergarten shouting match, it's pointless to continue.
    I can't even defend the guy anymore because he's become just as bipolar and delusional as the rest of his nutsquad over there.
    As I told you, it wasn't always this way but, it is what it is now.

  4. 10th - you have more patience than I - good luck.

    TV - funny that - huh? These guys hate Christians more than the hate Conservatives even though that doesn't seem possible. But they are reserving a special white, searing hot hatred for the TEA movement - it almost makes me want to pick up my Gadsden flag again.

    Sepp - my curiosity is fully satisfied, I'll let them stew in their own hateful juices. Visiting that site is like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer - it doesn't feel good until you stop.