Monday, August 29, 2011

The Left is Coming Unhinged

Remember the stony and comatose Al Gore (Watermelon - TN) from the old days?  No more – now if you don’t believe in his Global Warming hoax – you’re as bad as Democrat Sherriff Bull Connor – in other words – you’re a racist.  Hell – you’re as bad as Al’s father Senator Albert Gore Senior (Democrat – TN) who voted against Civil Rights.  I do wonder if Al ever had that talk with dad about being “gross and evil.”  The last card unscrupulous liberals have to play is the “race card.” 

You may recall his rant from the other day about us global warming deniers (Rated PG-13):

You have to feel bad for old Al Gore – he came so close so many times.  He could have been president had Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever) voted to convict Bawdy Bill Clinton of perjury.  Clinton was guilty - but Democrats have no honor – so Al had to continue playing second fiddle and attending funerals. 

Then he came so close to being elected – he could smell it.  All they had to do was recount votes until Florida flipped – you know, sneak in a few votes here, a few there, hell Democrats do it all the time.  But the Constitution and the Supreme Court stood in his way.  He was REALLY pissed about that. 

More indignity as Global Warming has been blown away.  His scam to break the backs of businesses, turn a useless by-product into gold (carbon exhaust), and profit handsomely by inventing an industry no one needs – came to a standstill.  They even had Mr. Charisma (Obama) head over to the final showdown on Copenhagen.  Their hope was that even though America wasn’t buying that crap any more, they could win internationally with the United Nations.  Of course Obama he fell right on his face. 

Even Tipper left him.  She must have finally come to the same conclusion about Al as the rest of us.  Game over Al – take your useless Oscar and go home.  We all know that what you’ve been hawking for all this time is bulls**t.      

Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them        The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism)


  1. CS- Are you sure Clinton was guilty of perjury.
    Define "WAS"..............LOL

  2. J.O.B.,

    You coulda been a lawyer!


    Global warming is a hoax? But what about all that CO2 that the plants breath in?

  3. J.O.B. - personally I think you found your niche as a liquor salesman (someone we need) rather than a lawyer (a group we have too many of).

    Tenth, Earth is an amazing system, the increase in CO2 has actually been good for growing things (Watermelons usually forget that part). Having already lived through two imminent and impending global disasters (The Population Bomb and Global Cooling) - I'm not holding my breath for warming.

  4. The left's screams are music to my ears. The higher the volumne the bigger my smile.

    The douchebags have 18 months left to plunder and complain. January 2013 the gravy train is OVER.

  5. J.O.B.,

    I apologize for missing your vocation - as a craftsman, you are still more valuable than a lawyer.

    H-Nox, I hope that President Perry plows up Michelle's phony garden and puts in a horse shoe pit.

  6. It's funny watching them falling apart at the warming...hope -n- change...they're shitting frisbees trying to figure out why their credibility is gone.

    See the movie Der untergang (downfall in English) which details Hitler's last 10 days in the bunker and, how unstable he and his entourage became when their little world fell apart on them...very close to the meltdowns we're seeing from the left right now.

    I'm sure we'll be seeing even bigger fits from them over the next year when they begin to see that Obama is on his way to the unemployment line.