Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Labor Day Exclusion

The “Big Tent” people have struck again as the Marathon County (Wisconsin) Labor Council (AFL-CIO) of Wausau will not allow Republicans to participate in the Labor Day Parade this year.  It does beg the question however, why are labor leaders allowed to participate in Labor Day events?  In my experience unions generally aren’t about “labor” but rather time off, feather bedding, and putting up any number of road blocks to prevent members from doing productive work. 

We on the Right should retaliate.  Why should we allow Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever) to march in or participate in 4th of July Parades?  The 4th of July celebrates the Declaration of Independence and Democrats don’t believe in either the sprit or the letter of that document.  And don’t even mention the Constitution – they hate that.  We should have Liberal unique holidays instead.  While the rest of us are exhibiting our love of country on July 4th, liberals could celebrate “I don’t give a S**t about anyone but me day” on the 5th.  We could call it “Me Day” for short. 

Veterans Day originated as a celebration of the end of World War I but has morphed into a celebration of all veterans of all our various wars (even the Libyan Kinetic Operation I suppose).  It is a bit messy for liberals as it celebrates sacrifice, patriotism, and military service (concepts foreign to most liberals).  Therefore I propose that they celebrate “Prostrate for Peace Day” and they can all practice bowing to foreign dictators, kings, sheiks, and other fascists. 

Thanksgiving Day is also difficult for your typical leftist theophobe as it links not only to a Republican President (Abraham Lincoln) but also has deep Christian undertones.  Personally I think that liberals should take one for the team and work that holiday so that the rest of us can enjoy the day without their oppressive and simpering presence.  I suggest that they pick a different weekend in November and celebrate “I hate God and Republicans Day.”  We already know that’s the way they feel – why not be honest about it? 

Memorial Day is another holiday focused on military sacrifice and uncomfortable for liberals in general.  Real Americans celebrate Memorial Day by visiting military cemeteries or memorials.  We don’t need to make a separate holiday for leftists, but rather they should stay at home and watch MSLSD (The Best of Chris Matthews specials). 

I was thinking that we should have a “Homosexuals Day” but we already have two cities that celebrate that 365 days a year – Seattle and San Francisco.  So doing it nationally would be over-kill.  

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  1. CS- SIR:) I'm gonna have to disagree with you here. Unions are about LABOR, the problem is that they have become to politically oriented over the last 60 years or so.

    Now, I can't speak intelligently on the Wis. labor situation, but in Chicago, the unions look at Republicans as the enemy. And the Republicans look at the unions as the enemy. I just wish each party could come 'to the table' and realize that we can work together.

    Whether you realize it or not, Unions help this country. We are more highly trained, in most cases more highly educated. All we ask is that we get compensated for our knowledge, training, and productivity.

    The fact that unions in Wis. refuse letting Republicans march in a Labor Day parade is disgusting................ But so is taking away there collective bargaining rights.

    Now I will admit, alot of union members don't believe in shit. They just want a bigger paycheck. They don't believe in safety, education, and they especially don't believe in Brotherhood.

    But they're not the majority. Most of us believe in the 'Brotherhood'. Just like a Marine will support another Marine, I will support my Union Brothers.

    If McCain came out in '08, and supported unions the same way he supported illegal immigrants, you would not have all these posts regarding Pres. Obama.

    I make $40/hr.....$58/hr with benefits. I know that makes alot of you sick. But what makes me sick, is the fact that I make my Sub-contractors the equivilent of $8/ft. Which equals out, to roughly $450/hr.....Alot of people think I MAKE too much money? My education, skills, and knowledge allow my sub-contractor to make a shit-load of money...............But I'm making too much?

    The Unions did not start out as a political party. They started out as a bunch of skilled craftsmen that were sick of getting shit on. WE ARE LABOR. I believe in the constitution, and I stand behind my Brothers, no matter how wrong they may be........They Are MY BROTHERS & SISTERS.....

    The biggest mistake is that unions won't sit down with Republicans, and openly discuss there case...But if Wisconsin proved anything, neither will Republicans...................

  2. Amigo,
    It appears that the "Big Tent" party has morphed into nothing more than a pup tent crowed with only fruits & nuts.

    I run into more and more older dims that are disgusted with their party. I ask them why they still root for that loser team and they always shrug and reply that they should probably support a different team.

    The shine has worn off and it is exposed as a turd.

  3. J.O.B.,
    I understand your passion about your union Brothers and Sisters. I feel that your opinion may be from what you understand locally.

    My experience was much different when I worked as a union carpenter while working through college.

    Day 1: Take a break says the foreman. I took my break and drank my coffee and 5 minutes later was back at it. TAKE your break says the foreman again and hands me a newspaper. I sit around for another 1/2 hour waiting for everyone else to get to work.

    This is repeated 4 times that day.

    Day 2: Same as day one.

    Day 3: Foreman says "hey college boy, slow down, take a break". Me: why? Foreman: "you work too hard". Me: "that's what I'm getting paid for". Foreman: "Slow-down, you are making the rest of us look bad". Me: "I quit"

    So my union carpenter experience lasted 2.5 days.

    After that I worked as a stevedore on the docks, also union. The theft that I witnessed was incredible. Add to that the personel on the payroll that just layed around all the time. It was disgusting.

    I can add to that the hundreds of stories that I have been told from my buddies that are union, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.... I don't buy into that kumbaya shit one bit about union brotherhood.

    The unions have morphed into politcal extortion rackets utilized to suck money out of employers. I have seen first hand several viable companies go bankrupt because of unions.

    I don't doubt that organized labor was needed to protect workers long ago but that ship has left the pier. Unions don't represent the workers, they represent the unions, and union power.

    Case in point: Zero managed to get the UAW 48% of GM. Mind you the UAW workers didn't get shit. Not one dime. The union owns the shares.

    A portion of your compensation gets taken as a tax from the union known as dues, then that money is used for union overhead and compaign contributions to democrats. It's a circle that uses labor for votes all the while the circle gets smaller and smaller.

    Brotherhood my ass.

    JOB, I don't begrudge you for being pro-union. When in Rome do as the Romans.

  4. Hold on JOB, lemme throw something at you.

    Wisconsin didn't limit or, eliminate CB rights for any other union other than the government workers unions. Your local pipefitter's and carpenters union aren't being touched at all.

    Now here is the sticky point in this. The unions are all in the pockets of the democrats who when they hold office they reward the support the unions give them by making the state union contracts into a givaway program where there is little "bargaining" involved on behalf of the state and the taxpayers.

    The democrats stack the bargainers for the state with pro union idiots who simply give the unions whatever they want...as long as that support keeps comming in November.

    The state unions and the state bargaining committee have been running with a conflict of interest for years.
    The taxpayer has zero say in how the money is spent and the unions perpetually vote for their own raises via the democrats.

    My main axe to grind with unions is that when things are going good, they want more and usually get it.
    When things are going bad, they'll demand more even if it's obvious the company that employs them could fail.
    The UAW is a prime example of a union that regularly pisses in it's own drinking water.

    When unions were first forming, the goals were to get an honest wage for honest work and have a safe workplace to do it in.

    They're a far cry from those ideals now.

  5. J.O.B.,

    I can't speak to your local union or the condition of your employment. I only know my experience of being a union member and dealing with union red tape and obstruction in the work place later. A union creates an adversarial relationship between an employee and the guy who provides the job and paycheck. That is particularly true with public sector unions who are now pitted against the people who pay their salaries - you and me.

    There is no such thing as "collective bargaining rights." People fall too easily into claiming nonexistent "rights" to things that they want.

    Democrats (Progressives, Liberals, Socialists) have repaid union largess with laws that advantage unions against the very companies that provide jobs, wealth, and are the engine of prosperity in this country. That's wrong and the results can be seen in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, Indiana, and Illinois. Entire industries, states, and communities have been crippled or destroyed by unions.

    Compare a union's desire to guarantee certain benefits to their members with my hourly rate of $0.00. My paycheck is completely dependent on my ability to perform and manage my business, pay taxes and fees, and pay bills. The last check I write every pay period is my own paycheck. You can certainly say that I chose that vocation - and you would be right. However that is true of every union member as well. A union member is free to do anything, anywhere they want - that is the principle "right" that they possess.

    I have worked in a union shop though I have worked primarily in non-union shops. The sense of camaraderie, purpose, and accomplishment can be every bit as strong in a non-union company that is properly run and it is more rewarding. What good does union brotherhood do if union bosses are successful in shutting down the goose that lays the golden egg (the company that employs you)?

    Your dues are a tax on your paycheck and drain on productivity that fuels the life style of people who attack the very fabric of the economy. Union members might be feathering their nest in the near term - but the long term effect is to cut their own throats. From the American Institute for Economic Research:

    "Since 1990, labor unions have contributed over $667 million in election campaigns in the United States, of which $614 million or 92 percent went to support Democratic candidates. In 2008, unions spent $74.5 million in campaign contributions, with $68.3 million going to the Democratic Party."

    Unions materially helped Barack Obama ascend to power. Thanks AFL-CIO.

  6. J.O.B.,

    I will first say that as a carpenter, I will stake my entire life savings, currently valued at $12.47, that less than 5% of all carpenters can out-carpenter me.

    Having said that, it is a very odd circumstance that I earn $50/hr. Usually, when I make that kind of money, it is for cutting trees or operating equipment of some type. It is my understanding that in union controlled areas, I'd have to be a member of three different unions in order to do all those things.

    I also pour and finish concrete, hang and finish drywall, run shingles, lay carpets, do ductwork, run tractors and bulldozers, etc. And if I can get $20/hr., I think I'm making good money. With all of these "talents" you'd think I never sit around waiting for work, which I don't. Cause if I can't get any work with all these skills, I go out and clean gutters, or even put up Christmas decorations. I find something to do, and if I've never done it before, I figure it out.

    I once saw some fellows arguing over moving a truck. No one was in the right union to move the truck, so instead of getting it out of the way so they could do whatever it was they were in the right union to do, they stood around doing nothing and getting paid for it. I find that repulsive, and I would have fired all of them had they been working for me. But alas, I was only eight years old, and the guilty slackers were in Mundelein, Il. It made a lasting impression on me.

    I don't think everyone in a union is a bad guy. You said yourself that to make the money you make, you have to make the contractor big money. If you get rid of unions, you learn to do the whole job, you get the big money and Mr. Contractor has to go out and get a job.

    Just my opinion.

  7. Nox- Thanks for not begrudging me, but do not lump me in with a mindless mammal that just goes with the flow. I was raised by a Teamster that taught me first and foremost, stand by your brother 'til they no longer stand by you. And ALWAYS think for yourself.

    The theft and laziness you spoke of is disgusting, but do you really think that only occurs with Union vocations?

    If unions have caused companies to go out of business, then that is the union memberships problem, and they will be dealing with the consequences when they are unemployed.

    All unions have their flaws. I am personally trying to fix mine one by one. It doesn't always make me the popular Union member, but I will always live my life by what my Father taught me. And I will always support my union brothers, at least 'til they stop supporting me.

    Sepp- When the government of Wisconsin negated the collective bargaining rights of the public sector unions, they set a dangerous presedence.

    Now I don't know the particulars of the Wiscosin Teacher's Union, but ours recently took a hit here in Illinois. I do know that in Wis. public sector unions did not pay into their Health or retirement. That was up to the members to make consessions, and renegotiate. I do not know why that didn't happen, I wish I could have attended some of those meetings.

    Here in IL., teachers are now rewarded on a performance basis. It sounds like a great idea, but read between the lines. You can lose your job, or your tenure, based on a bunch of kids whose parent(s) may very well not give two S##ts in regards to their child's education. Alot of Parents use the school system as a glorified daycare center. By the way, the person responsible for these changes is our Govenor.........Who is a Democrat!

    As far as the axe you are grinding, when things are going good for management and they're making a great deal of money, yes let's dispurse some of that to the members who are making you that money. When things are bad, concessions need to be made. That's up to the membership to decide what needs to be done. If union members are allowing their elected officials to negotiate on their behalf blindly, then I guess they get what they deserve.

    CS- Since 1990, how much money did corporations donate to the republican party? Especially, openly anti-union corporations such as Wal-mart.

  8. TGP,
    I'll tell you why those guys were standing around arguing about moving a truck...because if any of them DID move it, they or, their union would likely get a bill from the teamsters for taking work away from one of their members.

    I once worked at a jobsite where if you saw litter on the ground, you couldn't pick it up and toss it in the trash...even if it was next to a trashcan because, the local laborer's union had folks making $20+ an hour walking around picking up litter.
    I guess that the union must have invested years of training teaching it's "journeymen" to bend over and, properly handle debris and safely deposit it into the designated holding bin.

  9. J.O.B.,

    I was a little surprised that this became a union issue - but so be it. There are a number of issues here.

    But first - there is no such thing as a "collective bargaining right." It simply does not exist. Unions have been advantaged by bad, unconstitutional laws in some areas (like Wisconsin) but that doesn't constitute a "right." I think that it isn't coincidental that 8 or the 9 hottest State economies are in Right-to-Work States that are considered "Red States."

    Public sector unions are a flat out bad idea and result is the kind of money laundering that we see with tax payer money fueling these organizations who then feed money right back into the Democrat (Progressive, Socialist, Liberal) Party. It is "Pay-To-Play" taken to the absurd degree. Public sector paychecks are now out of control with any number of studies showing that in both pay and benefits they outstrip those of private sector workers who pay all the bills. Public sector unions are breaking the back of national, state, and local governments.

    Private sector unions are an entirely different thing as the corporation provides balance by opposing unfair or out of control demands by unions. But the way they fight back is corrosive to the economy when they move job overseas or shut their doors. If private sector unions weren't advantaged by the government they would probably go away. Unions represent an ever decreasing portion of private workers as they are (like it or not) leeches that eventually kill the host.

    Unions have targeted WalMart - but like it or not it is a great American success story that pays a person a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. That's what everyone should strive for.

    As for corporate giving - I can't for the life of me figure out why any company would give any money to a Democrat, but the record shows that corporate giving is actually pretty evenly split. From the Wall Street Journal:


    Compare that description of a roughly 50-50 split with unions giving that has always shown them funneling more than 90% of YOUR dues to a Party that is destroying your country.

    If you lived in Virginia (and you are welcome here) you could decide whether or not to join a union or pay dues. There isn't an organized effort to undermine non-union industries or workers here. Our economy is healthy, taxes low, unemployment well below the National average (6% vs. 9.1%), and Virginia just announced a $544 million budget surplus. That doesn't happen by accident - it happens when Republicans are in charge.

  10. "As for corporate giving - I can't for the life of me figure out why any company would give any money to a Democrat, but the record shows that corporate giving is actually pretty evenly split. "

    Isn't it obvious? It assures that the winner of a given election -- regardless of party -- is in that company's pocket. It's been a problem for some time, but I fear the Supreme Court exacerbated it with their campaign finance ruling last year.

  11. Anon -

    This isn't a problem that can be legislated away. My personal opinion is that there should be no limits on anyone - freedom as the Founders intended. It is after all the only fair way.

    My problem with unions is when the State REQUIRES as a condition of employment that you join a union and then funnels taxpayer money in the form of payroll deductions for dues directly to a union that then donates that money to democratic candidates who then complete the circle by advantaging unions and braking the bank. This has to be dealt with - it is a problem everywhere - the "Blue" States are in general the worst off and they will break first - but the rest won't be far behind.

    It isn't hard to understand why trial lawyers contribute to Democrats and why Lockheed Martin contributes to Republicans. Even in the case of Democrats that doesn't imply or guarantee anything untoward.

    The only answer is to get government out of advantaging business or unions through regulation and tax advantage.