Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Earthquake

I spent much of my youth in California and was stationed there for three years as a Marine.  I remember earthquakes from that time.  I don’t recall ever feeling an earthquake in Virginia or North Carolina (where I have now spent more than half my life).  That changed on Tuesday.  Now we are expected to get a fairly substantial portion of hurricane Irene. 

I suppose that God doesn’t think that Obama hasn't been bad enough that we need these natural disasters as well.   If we start getting locusts, boils, and frogs then it’s really time for Pharaoh Obama and Queen Michelle to go. 

I do have to thank my bride though.  Her fear of aftershocks lead her to take things off some shelves to avoid further damage: 

That’s three of my antique beer steins nestled in the thick pile of our oriental carpet.  You gotta love of girl like that.  

Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink 


  1. Amigo,
    I must echo 10th's sentiments.

    To comment on the pestilence, I was hoping not to wait that long. Next Monday would be fine, and then fit them for orange jumpsuits.

  2. She was saving you the indignity of having to swig right from a bottle!
    What would the neighbors think?

  3. 10th and Hardnox - it was my bride that selected those for safe-keeping! Two of them are very old German regimental steins.

    -Sepp - I do prefer my beer bruised through pouring it into a glass. I fear I have become a bit of a beer snob. Life is too short to drink bad beer.

  4. But its too short not to, either. My two favorites, cold and free.

  5. Grab yourself a Bitburger if you want a decent German brew or, a Grolsch in the ceramic flip-top bottles for a smooth-full flavored taste.
    Great lakes brewing company makes a Dortmunder gold that will have you wiping out the 6 pack and bribing the wife to go get more for you.

    If you're into Weize beer, find a bottle of Fransiskaner hefe or, even better, Weihenstephaner that will knock your socks off.

  6. -Sepp,

    Good suggestions. I'm not much of a Wheat beer fan. I generally gravitate to darker beers, there are a variety of brown ales that I enjoy and there is something about a properly poured Black & Tan that brightens up any day.

    I have only spent a few days in Germany but was impressed by the fresh, clean beers.