Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gene Simmons predicts Perry victory in 2012

The Washington Times reported today that KISS rocker Gene Simmons in two Tweets predicted that Governor Rick Perry would win the 2012 election and be our next President

Before you laugh - Simmons reports that he has an uncanny record in selecting presidents in the past.  I had been pretty sure that Governor Rick Perry was our guy - this kind of seals it. 

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  1. Gene voted for Obama so, I wouldn't count on his in-depth research as being too thorough.

  2. Yeah, before he made a gazillion dollars with mediocre music, he was a public school teacher, English, I believe. He also won a million dollars on Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He's not stupid.

  3. Sepp - I posted that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Though to save America - I'm willing to enlist all possible friends and allies.

    10th - I only have a remote idea of who Simmons is as my music taste runs more to Toby Keith and Reba - but I welcome him to our tent.

  4. Gene Simmons? Where is he going to launch the campagn---Detroit Rock City? I was a KISS fan during the 70s--(WOW now THAT really reveals my age don'nt it??Simmons also supports Israel--that is a BIG plus in my book!

  5. I'm not knocking the guy for having his eyes opened finally, I'm bashing the guy because he IS smart enough to know better and voted for Obama anyways for reasons that had nothing to do with leadership ability or, a deeply grounded platform.
    The guy has a lot of influence over his fans. I'm glad he isn't leading them over a cliff this time.

  6. Sepp,

    Excellent point. Sometimes egg-headed geniuses have very little common sense.

  7. All I can say is I hope Gene Simmons is not leading us down the rabbit hole. I didn't even know he was still alive.

    If he's being truthful he needs to convince some of his other Hollyweird libtards to NOT vote and NOT go to $38,000 a plate dinners for the traitor. Tom Hanks was there? Now I can't look at him or watch another film of his. He is obviously one of the stupid and clueless ones.


  8. Tom Hanks has been at the medical marijuana. He has lost his mind.