Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knocking Doors

Virginia is having an election this year.  Walking neighborhoods and knocking on doors is very different than it has been in the past.  In 2010 people were pissed.  In 2011 people are furious.  One local politician pointed out that since we live in Northern Virginia and our “local” paper is The Washington Post – we can’t escape National politics.  I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’ve never seen anything like it. 

I think that this bodes well for 2012.  We need to pour it on though.  Get behind those Republicans now.  Remember a Republican might only make you happy 85% of the time – but a Democrat will never make you happy. 

The best news – it looks like Governor Rick Perry is indeed coming to the rescue.  

Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington     


  1. I think Perry may have some trouble with Bachman and Santorum. Santorum really impressed me tonight, and I like Bachman's stand on principle. Perry better be on fire, and he should hire Newt.

  2. C'mon now CS...democrats have made parasites very happy for almost 60 years now!

  3. I think there will be some big changes ahead because I do think people are indeed FED UP. What a great name for a conservative blog. Why didn't I think of that? I didn't watch much of the debate last night. I had a lot going on. Who was the guy who said "Just because Ron Paul is wrong most of the time doesn't mean he is wrong all the time"? I did see that part and the audience really didn't like it. I have to say that neither did I. Whoever that was is still caught in the "mudslinging" that the people of this country are FED UP with. Whoever that was is still acting like a politician. People don't want to hear that kind of crap anymore.

  4. 10th - Agreed, though I don't see that as a problem. He's got a record that over matches all the other governors in the race. I just worry about having the conservative vote split between several candidates and having the "moderate" vote congeal behind Romney. Could spell "M-c-C-a-i-n Part 2."

    Sepp - I've even had self-described "Liberals" tell me how pissed off they are. Smells like "Victory." We just can't afford to get over confident. We have to work hard - knocking doors, making phone calls, contributing to campaigns.

  5. Ted V - that was Rick Santorum that said that. I didn't like the entire tone of the debate but the Fox team appears to have wanted to orchestrate a donnybrook and they got it. Only Newt and Romney refused to play. Of the participants last night I thought Newt won the war of words, but by essentially walking out unscathed I fear Romney looked very Presidential.

  6. CS,
    Many of those "unhappy liberals" are unhappy only because Obama hasn't sped our country's demise fast enough for them.

    Even with Obama's list of failures, libs will still vote for him because he embodies everything they believe in...nanny government.

  7. I missed the debate but got all the media hype today on the radio.

    Agreed, no one on our side should get lazy.

    Check out my latest on the college kids. Their comments really surprised me.

  8. Sepp - no doubt you are right. Liberals won't be voting for Perry in 2012. Just had to deal with a rant from a couple of EMS persons at the Fair. They are keyed on one thing - their pensions and the fear that Virginia is going to walk away from the current State Pension Plan (we have to or die - just like everyone else). Public Sector Unions are the new Fifth Column. Like the nut-jobs in Wisconsin they spoke in Apocalyptic terms.

    H-Nox - Saw your post - that was my experience today. Generally friendly crowd at the County Fair. Disgust for Obama is palpable.

  9. CS,
    Libs know that voting for Obama is the same as shooting themselves in the foot yet, they'll vote for him in droves because they still think that he's going to give them something for nothing.

  10. Sepp,

    If they re-elect BECS I'll shoot them in the foot.